We hope that today’s “READERS FORUM” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.


Todays “Readers’ Poll” question is: DO You feel that Evansville is in financial trouble?

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  1. As it seems, the saga continues. Perhaps what the American people witnessed yesterday concerning Bob Mueller’s comment that President Trump is guilty but we have no evidence, essentially placing Trump in the negative, i.e. proof that you did not comment a crime. So, the question might be “does the 5th Amendment exist”? Apparently, we have a class of folks who feel that if they can’t win with established rules, then we need to change the rules. How so? Well, let’s pack the Supreme Court . . .let’s eliminate the electoral college . . . let’s eliminate borders (future voters) . . .let’s eliminate the 5th Amendment . . .

    The deep state is highly cunning. They know perfectly well that Trump’s declassification means trouble. Perhaps one concern Meuller may have? Remember, it was he who was the FBI Director during the infamous Uranium One deal. If Trump is willing to declass intelligence surrounding the so-called Russian Hoax, according to Mueller, he could go even further off the rails and declass other deep state secrets.

    So, reasonably expect an all-out assault against Barr. Folks, we now have a race to the down . . .and of course should any counter attach against Mueller by Barr or others concerning Uranium One, the deep state and their allies on the media will assert a false narrative . . .the games on and on . . .

  2. Feeling is a childish or liberals way of making decisions, thinking is an adult or conservative method of decision making. I don’t feel or think Evansville is in a financial crunch, we know it is. When your annual income runs out in 9 months and you can’t pay your medical expenses you have a problem. Winnecke is about as conservative as Bernie Sanders so that explains why Evansville is in a financial crunch. When the liberal county commissioners get the jail built and hire all the new employees the county will fully understand how high maintenance democrats really are. I guess we need a new jail or some place to warehouse all those democrats who just can’t follow commonsense rules. Why is it that the more democrats you have in a community a bigger jail is needed?

  3. I applaud Connie Robinson going independent…………the demoncrat party stands for killing babies if they survive a brutal abortion…………pandering to our Black brothers and Sisters then throwing them over board after they are elected………….not to mention spending over 40 million hoping to get rid of MAGA…………I believe Connie Robinson… nothing worst than a bunch of westside phony drunk racist………God bless Connie………………….

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