We hope that today’s “Readers Forum” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?


In the private sector when a person is accused of illegally taking funds from an existing business to pay personal debts, your arrested for misappropriation of funds.

In Evansville when a person is working at a non-profit business and is accused of illegally taking funds from an existing non-profit business to pay personal debts you’re let go and the former employer wishes you well.


Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Are you disappointed that only 11% of registered voted in Vanderburgh County showed up to vote in Tuesday primary election?

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  1. U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration — less than a year and a half into its tenure — has helped secure the release of at least 14 Americans, including three children born in captivity to an American woman and her Canadian husband held by the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani Network.

    Marking the latest in a series of victories by the Trump administration in winning the release of Americans held abroad are the three U.S. citizens liberated this week by the murderous and oppressive North Korean regime.


  2. Hello EVSC?? More E for everyone stickers is not enhanced school security:
    More Georgia schools may authorize armed teachers by month’s end….

    Fannin County schools will also vote on a measure to allow teachers to carry guns on May 10.

    In a letter last month to parents, Superintendent Michael Gwatney appeared to endorse the policy.

    “Safety is the top priority,” he wrote. “We do not wait for emergency professionals but instead take immediate action during fires, injuries, and heart attacks; likewise, we should never have to wait for outside help to begin a swift and appropriate response to an attack on our school community.”


    • stupid. ignorant.
      arming teachers? dumb as hell.
      get the body bags ready for the EVSC schools
      the students take their teacher’s guns and start shooting.
      dumber than hell, the guns nuts dont have the slightest idea about education.
      “student kills half of class with teacher’s gun!” headline in the C&P

  3. What’s on my mind today? This:
    Congress is set to vote on a bill granting amnesty to 3,000,000 so called “dreamers”, even though dreamers is simply a term invented by dems to elicit sympathy for granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Obama arbitrarily, as he was wont to do, granted temporary reprieves to to them and their lawbreaking families who brought them here illegally.
    Where does Buschon stand on this issue? I fear he will follow Paul Ryan and vote for it.

  4. Here’s what happens when you replace a Community Organizer-in-Chief with a Commander-in-Chief:

    BAGHDAD — Five senior Islamic State officials have been captured, including a top aide to the group’s leader, in a complex cross-border sting carried out by Iraqi and American intelligence, two Iraqi officials said Wednesday.

    The three-month operation, which tracked a group of senior Islamic State leaders who had been hiding in Syria and Turkey, represents a significant intelligence victory for the American-led coalition fighting the extremist group and underscores the strengthening relationship between Washington and Baghdad.


    • Um. Joe.
      Who was President when the
      #1 terrorist in the world, UBL, was caught and killed by the US Armed Forces?

      • Trump may bring him back to life so the one small accomplishment of Obama will be nullified. If Trump had of been president the Paki’s would have turned Osama over to us in 2008. Obama risked the seal team because he was too weak to act presidential.

  5. Joe i am worried about our friend regTator………….I have under good sources been told regTator spends his whole day in a dark rm staring @ a couple of hillary 2016 party balloons……………a barry hussein bobble head doll in his right hand………..a remote in his left hand switching from stormy daniels movies to cnn……………………….

    • Been frying fish this evening so haven’t been able to compete with my main bro shar pie.

      But must say when I walked into the fish market, the first thing that hit my mind was Trump, Stormy and shar pie all having sex together, for some smelly reason.

      Now don’t get me wrong, shar pie didn’t stink, Stormy didn’t stink, but Mop Head was Putin.

      I mean putrid.

      Believe me….

  6. Presidents have zero responsibility when it comes to tracking, capturing or killing terrorists. Dem or Rep President, who cares. The hard work of our covert operators and military are the ones who are responsible. Politicians blow smoke and these heroes kick ass. And yet the liberal legislators now are wringing their hands over the CIA choice, even though her work post 9-11 was approved by the DOJ and these same obstructionists. NSA, CIA, SEALS, DELTA, Green Berets, Airforce pilots and Para-Jumpers, Rangers, Marine Force Recon and any other members of our military are the tip of the sword and they operate in places you would not dare!!! So to Hell with the leaders, put your thoughts and prayers to those doing the work of keeping us safe.

    • Don’t think for a minute if Osama Bin Ladin was killed during Trump’s presidency that he would not try to take credit for it, and a whole lot if idiots would believe him.


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