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Earlier this week the newly hired media relations person for the Evansville Water And Sewer Department, Ella Johnson-Watson issued an “Water Boil Advisory” news-release to select members of the media.  This  “Water Boil Order Advisory” covered parts of the Green River Road and Lynch Road area.  Is also covered parts of the Warrick County area. if you would like to see detailed information or a map of the effected areas we are sorry we can’t help you because the CCO didn’t receive  a copy of the “Water Boil Advisory” news-release from Ella Jonhson-Watson for us to post.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the water main breaks result in more than dirt and discoloration in your tap water.  Water from broken lines may contain dangerous contamination even if it looks clear, .that possible problems found in water following water main breaks include microbial contaminants, pathogens capable of causing disease outbreaks and gastroenteritis disorders, unsafe chemicals and E coli.

The “Water Boil Advisory” area serves several medical facilities, dental offices, schools, senior citizens facilities, numerous businesses, major shopping centers, restaurants and in highly populated neighborhoods.  We are thankful that so far no-one has contracted a serious illness from our water source before or during the time of the water main line breakage in the East Lincoln Avenue area of Evansville.

We hope that the next time a water main breaks happens within the service area of the Evansville Water And Sewer Department thier public relation gal will send news-releases to all members of the area media.

We can guarantee this will be the last time that the CCO and their readers will be snubbed or discriminated against by any official of the Evansville Water And Sewer Department.


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  1. When you hire amateurs don’t expect professional results. Just another political hire. Personally think most politicians and public employees feel no responsibility to local citizens.

    • Thanks Bandana

      Look like the Evansville Water and Serer may have found a new Media Relation person.


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