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Todays “Readers’ Poll” question is: Do you feel that Student loan origination fees are nothing more than a hidden tax that burdens students?

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  1. Well, according to John Solomon: The Mueller Report did not include facts that would be beneficial to Trump . .
    Mueller has been a dis-serve to our country. Why, well the radical dems’ base demands Impeachment. Mueller has provided the fuel or manufactured fuel . . .so, Nancy is not stupid and realizes the consequences the Republicans encountered by impeaching Bill Clinton . . .but Shiff and Nadler have usurped Nancy . . .they are in a drunken stupor, ie. TDS (Trump Deranged Syndrome) . . this will increasingly become out of control for the Dems . . final conclusion: Trump Re-elected and Nancy is OUT.

    • Sure hope Trump is re-elected, see no reason to interrupt progress in making America great. I think that when Trump is re-elected democrats will become so enraged and dangerous that gun sales will reach an all time high. Need to closely watch democrats during the election, we all know how they are, they try to win fair and square but when that doesn’t work for them they Lie, Cheat and Steal. All veterans need to remember their oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. The democrats are trying to bring down an elected president, which identifies them as domestic enemies.

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