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Todays “Readers Poll’ question is: Who was the most or is the most effective “First Lady” of Evansville?

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  1. Doesn’t seem to be any special topic to comment on, so decided to create one. Robert Dion, professor at U of E and a high ranking member of the Vanderburgh County Human Relations Commission, appointed by our mayor apparently has problems with Christian street ministers. Dion allegedly made an obscene gesture at a local African American, it was reported to the City Council. City council person Adams stated that Dion was only exercising his first Amend rights. If Dion actually made an obscene gesture toward this young man for any reason it should eliminate him from any position in city government. It’s actually unbecoming for anyone to make such a gesture and should be removed from the HRC based on immaturity. He is also a left wing political activist which cast doubts on the reasoning for his selection to this position by a pseudo conservative mayor. Councilman Adam, what were you thinking?

    • Dion merely expressing the liberal opinion of Christianity. And addressing it toward a black minister places him clearly as a member of Evansville’s HR Commission.

  2. Major fast pitch softball tournament in town over the weekend.
    Large motorcycle rally in Sturgis, KY.
    2400 Amway people in town for their big rah-rah pep talk rally/convention over the weekend.
    No hotel/motel rooms available locally. People drivi gvto Vincennes, Princeton, Owensboro, and Madisonville for rooms.
    Overheard at the local Tropicana casino hotel lobby: “You’re charging me $169 a night for a room plus taxes PLUS $15 for a ‘Resort Fee’ and this place doesn’t even have a swimming pool? And the only place to get breakfast is some overpriced crackerbox deli next to the casino? Your buffet isn’t even open for breakfast and you don’t have a continental breakfast available? Welcome to Hicksville.”
    It’s amazing that the General Manager of the local casino is also the President of the local Visitor and Convention Bureau. Way to go John Chaszer. You’ve made Evansville look good!

    • Resort fee? Resort? There is no resort in Evansville period and certainly not at the casino by the river. There is nothing to do but gamble or eat and that is by design. If they called it a Gambling Fee that would be accurate but Resort is a joke.

      • Even in Vegas and Reno all casino hotels charge a resort fee. As far as the room rate, the market dictates the rate. Evidently, there was no vacancy in any local hotels, hence, the increased rate. I am betting people paid it. Much like the exits in Alabama on spring break. More importantly, a casino hotel could be defined as a gaming facility with rooms; not a hotel with games.

  3. I’m sure local democrats are disappointed that Scott Danks is giving up his position in the local democrat party. The new person will be the fifth member of the squad, sorry to see the party go further in the tank. Scott Danks doesn’t know me but I have observed him in court for many years, if I had a criminal charge pending and I couldn’t get Danks as an attorney, I’d throw myself at the mercy of the court and hope for the best. I know there are a lot of people running around Evansville with felony charges that would be misdemeanor charges if they had of had Danks as a lawyer. Danks works hard for his clients, is a patriot and a great American. There is nothing about him that should be democrat, what gives? Come on over to the conservative side and join the people you identify with, all of us have made mistakes, here’s a chance for redemption. Get on the right side.

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