We hope that todays “Readers Forum” will provoke “…honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”
Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the not-for-profit City of Evansville Redevelopment Commission and ECHO Housing should use taxpayers money to fund a grocery venture on North Main?
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  1. The white nationalist movement, at least its presence in the White House and any national political power, it got killed this past 2 weeks. Those guys who cheered the Charlottesville marchers, they are over.
    All of it got killed by the actual conservative Republican Establishment. We won. You lost.
    Trump has acceded to Mitch McConnell. When Trump says, “Just get it done, I’ll sign it,” its admitting that those guys won. And he’s proven, he will sign what they want. The last tax bill? Bought and paid for by the Republican Establishment and its lobbyists – and Trump signed it. Trump is saying one thing in his tweets, but he’s signing bills that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan want signed.
    They put Bannon’s head on a stake.
    Breitbart? It bought in that the Republican Establishment is its future.
    Bannon? He is the evidence its over.
    JoeBiden, the DannCoulter guy, Al Sharpie? Gonna talk tough, but no one is backing them up anymore.
    Trying to claim you’re conservatives, but you’re not.
    You been fighting like there’s no tomorrow. And you are right. There’s no tomorrow for you anymore.

          • no one has any idea what you are talking about

            what’s all the question marks?

            say what you mean dann

      • with a name like “DannCoulter,” you are anything but smart buddy. You’re a follower, a fat kid from the playground. I mean, at least be original D. (I’m a Republican who is wining big time because of the tax cut. All of it, on your back too. These clueless Breitbart fans DO NOT get it they’re getting reamed.)

        • Wow! Amazing that such a mental giant would waste their time on little ole’ me.

    • 100%. When Breitbart takes orders from the RNC to fire Bannon, the freakin reason it’s even popular…that is castration. Humiliation.

      Game over.

  2. Would be interesting to see a list of funding sources for ERC and ECHO, to include amounts from each source. Any money listed from Jacobsville TIF should be viewed as “dubious”, at best.

    • Just get an Evansville phone book or more specifically a roster of property owners. That is who funds ERC and Echo. We working or property owning people do.

      • True. Partly. But I suspect State and Federal monies are what enables them to pursue these harebrained boondoggles.

  3. south side chicago……….st louis…… baltimore………south side evansville all nothing more nothing less than a shit hole………………………………………………..

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