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  1. I hope Obama nominates a black Muslim transgender to the SCOTUS just to piss off right wing radicals. Then once Trump or Cruz loses by a landslide, Bernie or Hillary appoints Obama and millions of teabagger heads explode simultaneously. I also hope Cliven Bundy has access to a television in his prison cell to see this all transpire. The end.

    • Great comment! Perfect choice for the first comment on this new feature. In you unique way you have shown the difference between a conservative and a progressive. Conservative understand the loss of Judge Scallia and seek an intelligent original constitutionalist to replace him because we know it is good for all of the nation. Liberals like you just see an oppertunity to piss off someone even if it is bad for the nation because you are perpetually pissed off yourself. Even worse, you don’t see your own racism.

      • You don’t have any room at all to call others racist. None at all. Polybigots really can’t throw stones and get away with it. You check all the boxes, blacks, women, gays, Muslims and probably some you haven’t disclosed yet. I sort of wish it wasn’t true but it is, proven by your own words.

        Now go ahead and tell me about my ‘latent racism’ or whatever other lie you want to offer to prop up your hateful response to Bob. You wouldn’t know an ‘intelligent original constitutionalist’ if one popped off your lathe, or jumped off one of the Teabagger Constitutionalist websites that ‘inform’ you. You Teabaggers had your day and it was short. The movement, such that it was, imploded through stupidity.

        • Like I care what your lies. They use to matter when I had some respect for you. Now I just see the hate behind them.

          So I guess Bob’s choice of”a black Muslim transgender” was because he thinks it was a good choice?

          I don’t know Bill-dana, do you think following the constitution is important for a judge, or do we need another justice who can magically change a fine to tax or find federal rights where only states had rights before?

          • *…about your lies.”. Sorry, I don’t have time to proof read when I am jumping off my lathe.

      • I think a comment based on satirical humor is an excellent way to kick off a great feature on CCO. You take yourself far too seriously.

        I love Bob’s idea. If Scalia were here, he’d really be in a pickle. He would either have to abandon his originalist stance or the wealthy Repubs, to whom he sold his soul 30 years ago. I understand that the trip he was on was a “gift” from a wealthy “friend” who has business pending before SCOTUS.

        • The new normal;

          “Roberts issued his report at the end of a year in which more than 100 law professors nationwide asked Congress to give the Supreme Court an ethical code of conduct after it emerged that Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas had attended private political meetings sponsored by billionaire conservative donors David and Charles Koch. That same year, Kagan was called on to recuse herself from hearing challenges to health-care reform, and a watchdog group said Thomas had failed to report his wife’s income from a conservative think tank before he amended his financial forms.”

          Nothing says a black Muslim transgender wouldn’t be more honest….

          • I’d put my fate in the hands of the black Muslim transgender before I would Justice Thomas, for many reasons.

          • NYT
            “Still unknown, for instance, is exactly when Justices Scalia and Thomas appeared before the group for its invitation-only retreat, which is aimed at C, or whether they were reimbursed for their expenses.”

            * * * * * * * * * *
            If it came down to attending an event “promoting political strategies for economic freedom”, or attending an event promoting a socialist state, I personally, would attend the one on economic freedom.

          • “promoting political strategies for economic freedom” is what should have appeared where the “C” is in the above post.

            Sorry for the flub.

        • Oh, it was satire. I wonder how a black Muslim Transgender judge would feel about that satire. I mean the idea of just pissing of conservatives was hilarious. It really elevated the debate. Who couldn’t find the fun in that? Guess I just have a different sense of humor in thinking more of the Constitution than pissing off people.

          BTW, here is an article by a west coast liberal lawyer who actually worked with Scalia. Must be a different one than the one you knew.

          • I suspect that the judge you describe would get a good chuckle out of it. Most intelligent people have a good enough sense of humor to understand that the far-right crazies are the point of the joke. It must be awful to not be able to laugh at yourself.

            I think your tendency to project your own least desirable traits on to others is taking over again.

          • I make no claim of knowing Scalia personally, and I believe it is quite possible to like someone personally with whom you disagree vehemently. What is your point?

          • Kanye West and the rest of the Kardouchian’s are pimping Kaitlyn to replace Scalia on the SCOTUS. After all, look at his/her credentials; an ESPY really means something…

          • LKB, you didn’t read the article.
            And the part about you knowing Scalia was actually satire.

          • Most intelligent people understand that making any group of people the point of a joke is bullying not humor.

      • IE, you weaken your position with sentences like this:

        “Conservative understand the loss of Judge Scallia and seek an intelligent original constitutionalist to replace him because we know it is good for all of the nation. ”

        What you MEAN is this:

        “Conservative understand the loss of Judge Scallia [is a blow to the conservative cause] and seek [a person of similar political views] to replace him because we know it is good [for the advancement of our preferred political policies].”

        Both sides of the political spectrum favor judicial activisim – – when it advances their causes. U.S. v. Heller was a landmark ‘win’ for coservatives, a prime case of judicial activism trumping locally enacted gun control. Roe v. Wade was a landmark ‘win’ for liberals. Etc., etc., etc….

        So, just own that you want a justice appointed who will advance your politics, because the whole ‘original constitutionalist’ thing is smoke and mirrors to try and elevate you desire from simply being a selfish desire. Just admit it. It doesn’t make you a bad person. Bandana wants a person appointed who will advance his/her politics, and his/her argument will be that judicial interpretation in light of changing times is a necessary part of our ‘living constitution’. Different smoke and mirrors, but still window dressing.

        Both sides want a justice appointed who will bat for their team. Pure and simple. Lance that boil, and we can perhaps eliminate some of the name-calling on this board.

        • No, I said what I meant and if you had read the article I shared you would understand while. Scalia was a constitutionalist even when it went against his personal convictions. He said that the constitution was not a “living document” but a written one. It says what it says not what you want it to say.

          Likewise my words are not living words where you can change them to what I “meant” to say. If you liten to what I say rather than what you want me to say, then you will actually hear what I am saying. I am rather disappointed in that you didn’t because I find you a reasonable person.

          Bandana is flirting with liability if his character attacks cause me financial harm. The CCO needs to be reeling in his false accusations of racism against me.

          • Your threats don’t scare me Enoch. When you arrogate to yourself the absolute, unrepentant right to call a black person the ‘N’ word in anger, even throwing a Coke can at him while hurling your vile insults, that’s good enough for me. You bragged about it, refusing to admit, through some truly crazed rationales, that you’d done anything wrong. Viewed in light of your own words about gay folks, women (‘must be your time of the month’) and other groups you don’t like or understand, I’d say you’re a poly-bigot. Wanna cracker? You insult people regularly here and on every other forum you’ve haunted, as you did this morning when you called Bob a racist. You are, as someone else said, projecting your worst facets onto others. You are a crybaby and when your words are met in kind you try to get the response taken down or the person who wrote it banned. You wore out several site monitors at the CP with your constant phone calls to that effect.

            As far as your threats about me ‘flirting with liability’, I don’t even know her. As for your suggestions to the CCO about ‘reeling me in’, I didn’t make any false accusations and the truth is always a good defense against something like you. I write the truth whether you like it or not.

            I will not be supporting you anytime soon, or ever. I remember a while back you worked yourself into a strange rage and said you’d ‘own my office’ and use it for storage. That one was a Jim Dandy. You made up some crazy story about coming home early and seeing me in a ‘black Cadillac’ on your street. It must be awful. If your business isn’t doing well I’d suggest you get a second job, I cannot help the hand you were dealt. Believe it or not, I do wish you the best. I’ve spent many hours helping people like you for free. In fact, (when you asked) I once gave you some free advice that you sorely needed, you thanked me and a while later publicly said you ‘tricked me’ into doing it. What a guy.

            Delta gave you some good suggestions, he/she usually writes words worth reading and instead of spending your time threatening me and insulting others maybe you could learn from him/her.

          • It is not uncommon for an abuser like you to declare the good and kind things he has done for the one he abuses.

            It’s wearing that with every oppertunity you crank up your organ of lies about me being a bigot and twist things I have said into an intent that is not true. I am not going to defend my motivations to the likes of you.

            I have tried to like you and at times have but your attack as Bill Jennings on LKB’s FB page was the end. You are a destructive person who has no boundaries and I do not need that in my life.

            I operate a respectable business, and if your lies about me being a bigot causes me financial harm, you will pay. Keep your OCD file on everything Enoch said. A judge or Jesus may need it someday.

          • Oh I see. You started this thread calling someone a racist. I’ve never seen Bob write a thing that would indicate he’s a racist. Then things didn’t go your way so you start crying and making threats. Hiding behind your business now just like you used to do your family. If you can’t make a go of your business, and you seem to be having trouble by what you’ve written here and elsewhere, maybe you should get a job.

            I’m glad you brought up Laura’s Facebook page. As far as I know you’re still barred from there for misbehavior and attacking innocent people, like me. In fact your wrote this, among other things, about me: ‘You low life belly crawling hater! You are a disgusting little man with the brain of an acorn and the mouth of a mad man. Learn some boundaries if you want to play with the big boys’. And that is just a sample, big boy, you actually got worse from there. Just because you weren’t allowed to take that page over.

            If people think you’re a bigot, it’s probably because of the things you write. You bully people and then when it goes south you turn to threats. You threatened to sue a buddy of mine, claimed he sent you a letter or something that infuriated you. I don’t believe a word of it. The famed Enoch Archive that you bleat about was to keep you honest, it has failed in that, you are without shame.

            Your threats are meaningless and I am growing weary of them. Be careful what you hope for.

          • Alrighty. I just dropped. Chased it with a slug of Johnnie Walker Blacklabel. Have a good weekend Enoch.

          • Thanks you. Putting the past behind and moving forward. I’ll chase mine with a glass of French Lick red. Enjoy your weekend. Peace.

    • Man, some crazy negative vibes here by Bob and others. Try Colorado brownies to chill out. Don’t be haters

  2. Perhaps the next fact finding trip our local officials take to learn from another city should not be to a failed city like Detroit or a party city but a growing vibrant city. Owensboro is a day trip, but we could put our people up for a night in one of their downtown hotels.

  3. You do realize that Evansville does also have 3 downtown hotels already without the new addition or additions? The 2 Tropicana hotels and the Econolodge on First Avenue by Hacienda.

    • Then why do we need another one? My point was that Owensboro is actually accomplishing what our leaders have failed at or overspent to get. I hear Owensboro will be expanding their center to about the same size as the Ford center. Wonder how much they have invested?

      Now we are spending$1million a block for a bike path? What’s the ROI on that? Would we not be better off to correct the mistake of cutting off main street first?

      • We clearly don’t need another one, IE. We surely don’t need the tacky mess this one will be, after the old “bait-and-switch” was pulled on us. The ROI on the bike lanes will be zero for the public, but at least the Winnecke donors with interests on North Main are getting their rewards.

        • If we needed one, John Dunn would build it. I was downtown yesterday and remembering what it use to be. I watched the cars swerving down the use to be walkway that use to be a two way street before it was a whatever one calls it now. It just seemd silly to me and I was glad to get back to the Westside.

      • That is not going to happen, unless they can come up with the money to build a new civic center and court building. That will probably come up if they can find a way. That ought to break the city for sure.

      • IE

        City of Owensboro CAFR
        Page 134 “debt limits” of this .pdf shows what is happening to Owensboro that started in 2009.

        The reality is that spending in Owensboro and Evansville is ridiculously out of whack, and if you continue to live in either city you will wind up paying for all that debt. They only leave you ONE alternative, and that is to move away. They realize that the majority of people are tied there for any number of reasons, job, elderly parents, you name it, and can not easily extricate themselves from an increasing drain on their finances.


        White Pop %: 90….Black% 7.3….per capita income $22,963….average home value $110,500.


        White Pop %: 82….Black%12.6…per capita income $20,984….average home value $90,000.

        • Yes, I realize that Owensboro’s spending, like must boros, is out of whack. But they are still getting more bang for the dollar. From what I have heard they well have a facility comparable to our Ford center for tens of millions less.

          • They need to be doing things for less, a lot less, because they do not have the same tax base. In 7 years, starting with 2009, they went from 7% of allowable debt based on NAV, to 24% of allowable debt based on NAV. That is one hell of an increase in 7 years, and it will continue to head northeast.

            I might add that according to the revenue v. expenses graphs in the CAFR, Owensboro’s expenses are far exceeding their revenue for all areas of the city’s operations.

          • I wonder if any similar size city is not following suit? How about Clarksville TN, or Paducah KY?

          • No, Ron Geary was given the Sportscenter for $1, provided he puts $4-$6million into it for renovations. He claims he can raise the seating from 4500 to around 7K with this amount. There is no way putting $6 million into the Sportscenter will render it anything other than a dump. It might work for Geary, but it certainly doesn’t work as anything comparable to the Ford, or even what Roberts was. It is also downtown.

            As far as bang for the buck, Owensboro has spent a lot of money on a nice riverfront park. A park that brings day visitors, with kids, who don’t spend a lot of money. I think the $50million that Tropicana is investing in downtown Evansville will generate far more dollars back into the community than a glorified playground.

    • It seems like people in Evansville forget that downtown development CAN be privately financed. Plenty of private financing for business is happening where there is a need for more business, on the East side, near the county line.

  4. What is on my mind today is Jay Ambrose’s column in today’s C&P. If you have ever watch the documentary [Three Billion and Counting] and watched that good doctor swallow his cocktail of DDT, you will have no doubt that we have been sold a bill of goods. In 2015 there were 438,000 deaths worldwide from malaria. Evidently that is not enough to motivate people. But along comes the Zika virus in the western hemisphere and information like the following has people calling for DDT to be used in the eradication of the threat.

    [As of February 2016, three reported cases indicate that Zika virus could possibly be sexually transmitted. In 2014, Zika virus capable of reproducing itself was found in the semen of a man at least two weeks (and possibly up to 10 weeks) after he fell ill with Zika fever.]

    [The second report is of a United States biologist who had been bitten many times while studying mosquitoes in Senegal. Six days after returning home in August 2008, he fell ill with symptoms of Zika fever but not before having unprotected intercourse with his wife, who had not been outside the US in 2008. She subsequently developed symptoms of Zika fever, and Zika antibodies in both the biologist’s and his wife’s blood confirmed the diagnosis.]

    [In the third case, in early February 2016 the Dallas County Health and Human Services department reported that a person contracted Zika fever after sexual contact with an ill person who had recently returned from a high risk country. This case is still under investigation.]


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