We hope that today’s “READERS FORUM” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.


 It has been well documented that the Weinzapfel Administration saddled the incoming Winnecke Administration with an unholy trilogy of unfinished business.   In a couple of days, we will re-publish some classic “IS IT TRUE” that will prove to be particularly on point on how many problems that former Mayor Weinzapfel created for Mr. Winnecke when he became Mayor of Evansville.  


Todays “Readers’ Poll” question is: Should City Council have known who’s paying the $3 million dollar costs to dismantle the dock at Marina Pointe before approving the move of the LST to the Tropicana area?
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  1. Why is it that Evansville (politicians) believe that in order to get experts we have to go out of town. The most recent city council meeting approved expenditures of $47,000 to an outfit out of Florida to determine out to increase revenues at our public golf courses. Now, apparently, the pros at the public courses were not engaged in this process. Considering our City has impressive golf talent. For instances, Jeff Overton, Brian Tennison, Brinkers, Hamiltons, all well-known golf professionals but yet we seek out of town so-called professionals. What does somebody from Florida know about our local golfers’ habits and desires. Just more payola? Perhaps increasing the golf budget would be a starting point, i.e. the cart paths ridiculous.

    • If anyone from Evansville knew how to do this they would have done so already. When the leadership and their cronies are a bunch of dopes the only option is to ask someone who has done it and that is usually someone from somewhere else.

  2. Again with the LST. It is another smokin mirrors plan from the city administration. I think if we travel back in time a bit, we will see a majority of the good people of Evansville complaining about, moving the LST, building a new spot to park it and the money to dispose of the old spot. In a city plagued with debt, attractions that do nothing but circle the drain, why would the city plan to move an old LST. Let it sail to Peoria. While I am a history buff and the mobilization of Evansville industry for the war was nothing short of amazing, it is not an Evansville built LST. Youth of today and the spoiled generation of young adults could care less about a LST. That, the zoo, Fraud Center, hotel, med school,city employee insurance, N Main Street make an entire list of shortfalls that are bankrupting the city. And, Dances makes a great point on the golf courses. $47,000.00 to pay an outfit that will tell the city that to improve courses and increase interest in golf, you have to spend money on those very courses, is a waste. Golf has become a rich man’s game and today’s public could care less about golf. For those of us who do play golf, make the courses worth playing. Maybe close some of them and make the remaining courses worth playing. This is not just a problem here. Courses all over are closing due to dwindling numbers and the price of maintaining a course.

    • And I thought I was the only one who thought the rusty bucket of bolts should be cut loose to sail to Peoria, or points south. I have never been on the LST, nor do I plan to ever. If it were actually built in Evansville, I might take one tour. Somehow, Bob Jorglen (sp) and his crew were able to convince Weinzaphel that this monstrosity would be the salvation of tourism in Evansville. It wan not! Do not even think about the cost to hastily construct the Marina Point dock. And now the present administration wants to put it on display in the heart of the riverfront, at a cost to the taxpayers that will never be repaid. Let us not forget that this boat is privately owned, and can sail away any time. And that cannot be soon enough for me

  3. Here is my questions. Is golf really that popular as it once was? How much money does the golf courses generate for the city? Could we sell some of the golf courses and put housing in there to generate more property taxes for the city? Could we make one of the golf courses an outdoor shooting range?

  4. I wasn’t aware the City was looking at dismantling the existing docking facilities for the LST after it is moved. I thought those docking/mooring facilitiesxwere being looked at as a potential place for riverboats to dock (since Dress Plaza can’t be used for such purposes anymore).
    Of course that would mean some major upgrades to Rieken’s butt ugly property as that wouldn’t be a welcoming sight to visitors disembarking from the American Queen and being greeted by the trash and garbage (campers, motor homes, dredges, etc.) that is stored on that parking lot.

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