Quit Mortgaging Our Future, Dang It!


Of course we need to cut taxes. But we already know this game. Politicians say that “government is too big,” but then make it bigger. They trumpet the need to cut spending, but then spend more.

And, of course, they cut taxes (just a little) without fixing the first two things; meaning that they’ll later raise taxes and cut promised benefits.

Nobody likes to pay taxes; but taxes are a symptom, not the disease itself. The disease is ungoverned, unregulated, out-of-control politics and all the cost and violence that entails.

Every single one of the other announced 2018 candidates for Indiana’s US Senate seat are promising more government. Every one of the othercandidates promise more fear-aggression-syndrome foreign policy, more domestic militarization, more intrusions into our privacy, trade and personal interactions.

I’m the only candidate promising less. A lot less.

I have a plan for Peace, prosperity, Security and Freedom in eight steps. But the summary is that I mean to cut the cost, intrusiveness, abusiveness and ineffectiveness of our central government by actually cutting powers, programs, agencies…and people, from that government. I propose establishing a truly federal (instead of our increasingly unitary) government as defined by the authorizing compact.

That is how this is supposed to work. That is still the law, as written and amended. And I’m the only candidate who’s all about that.