Questions For Three Public Officials From City County Observer



Russ Lloyd Jr.
Russ Lloyd Jr.

These questions are directed at Mayor Winnecke, City Controller and Past Mayor Russ Lloyd Jr. and Evansville HR Director Mr. Fithian. The answers would be appreciated.  Please blog your answers on this page.

1. When did you learn that the US Department of Labor laws limit comp time accruals to 480 hours for fire and police and 240 hours for other public employees?

2. When did you learn that there were 110,000 hours on the books of the City of Evansville for comp time?

3. Do you think it is appropriate to withhold such information from the City Council during a budget hearing?

4. Who on the city payroll is responsible for knowing federal labor laws?


CCO Editor-Joe Wallace


  1. Can’t wait to hear how they answer these questions. Can’t wait to hear the past Mayor and now City Controller answers to the above questions. Sleepless nights H R Director Fithian?

  2. And the aberration called Evansville Politics continues to motor right on down the byway of life unimpeded nor seriously challenged, destination infinity. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  3. To the editor:

    Why have you not included Frank,Jr and 2 termer Weinzapfel, along with their administrative heads, in this questioning? Are we to believe this has all come about in the less than six years of non-Democrat control of the city in the last 36 years?

    • We are confident as you are that this is another legacy of failure that goes at least as far back as the two you mentioned. Our questions are aimed at the three with the immediate ability to repair the damages and to out the people who were in charge before them. This administration was really dealt a terrible hand by the previous administration with non reconciled books, financial software that was not integrated, McCurdy, the hotel, the Greyhound Station, and now this violation of federal labor laws. It is up to the Winnecke Administration to out their predecessors for things like this. Winnecke owns the problem now though.

      • How about asking how on earth the Indiana State Board of Accounts has missed this in EVERY AUDIT THEY HAVE PERFORMED FOR THE LAST (INSERT # HERE) YEARS!

        See if they will tell you it is not their responsibility. If they do so, then we can find out who ultimately is responsible for enforcing the limits.


        • “…we can find out who ultimately is responsible for enforcing the limits.”

          Its the Feds, give them a call and ask them to come clean up the mess. Might have to act quickly because they seem to have so many other messes to clean up.

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