Putting international travel experience and MPA skills to work for others



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Wendy Bredhold

After earning an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Indiana, Amanda Kloeppel’s interest in international development took her around the world and back.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in economics, Kloeppel ‘09 spent a summer with an African mission program and a year teaching English on the island of Saipan. Her quest for new challenges, however, has brought her back to USI where she is pursuing a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree.

“I liked living overseas, but didn’t like teaching, and wanted to pursue a master’s degree. I chose the MPA program because I have a strong tendency toward administration and, in the long-term, want to be involved in some kind of philanthropic endeavor.”

The skills she’s developed through the MPA program have allowed her to help a nonprofit organization with which she traveled to Myanmar in January plan its first annual fundraiser—a gala event set for this fall.

Since returning to Evansville, Kloeppel has been involved with the Jacobsville neighborhood revitalization initiative, which is working on a quality of life plan to improve the area. She chairs the group’s employment committee and serves on the business corridors committee.

“The goal of both is to increase and retain businesses and employment in that community,” she says. “Whether it’s Jacobsville or Africa, if you can show people how to start a business or gain meaningful employment, you give them the skills to lift themselves out of poverty.”

Kloeppel is currently employed by Vectren Corporation as an analyst in regulatory affairs. She plans to graduate from USI in December, and hopes to work for a corporate or community foundation.