Putin Knocks Obama from Top of Forbes’ “Most Influential People” List


Forbes Magazine’s annual list of the world’s most influential people has Russian President Vladimir Putin knocking US President Barack Obama from the top spot. Putin was #3 on the 2012 list. Among the reasons given by Forbes for this leapfrog in influence by the Russian President are his solidified control over his country’s politics and his besting of the US President in the diplomatic chess match over Syria.

President Obama favored military intervention in Syria while Putin urged diplomacy and caution. Putin’s side eventually won when first the British Parliament, then the American Congress voted against military action. These events were widely viewed by politicos as a misstep by Obama who as a candidate championed peace and diplomacy.
Among the other reasons given by Forbes for Obama’s drop to the #2 spot in world influence is the widespread dissatisfaction with his signature healthcare legislation and questions over ongoing NSA surveillance programs.

Rounding out this year’s top five are Xi Jinping of China, Pope Frances, and Germany’s Angela Merkel.



  1. Anyone else love the irony of tea party folks and their love affair with Putin, a supposed pinko commie socialist? They don’t even realize how stupid they are.

    • I don’t think anyone likes him. I just think people find many of his positions on world affairs more reasonable and palatable than those of our own President, which is indicative of how far we have sunk.

  2. What’s really sad is that the pinko commie looks stronger than Obama. That’s not a good sign for the good ol’ USA.

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