Public invited to USI’s Historic Pathways annual meeting


USI’s Historic Southern Indiana and Indiana’s Historic Pathways National Scenic Byway invites the public to attend Indiana’s Historic Pathways annual meeting from 4 to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 29 at the Lawrence County Museum of History located at 929 15th Street in Bedford, Indiana. The byway is in the process of installing roadway signs and securing 501(c)(3) status and will be meeting to plan future projects.

Indiana’s Historic Pathway is a Y-shaped route that stretches 250 miles across the southern half of Indiana, along U.S. 50/U.S. 150 from Vincennes to the town of Shoals. At that point, it forks and continues along U.S. 50 to Lawrenceburg and along U.S. 150 to the Falls of the Ohio. The byway tells the story of early settlement, westward migration, and transportation in Indiana. It was designated a state scenic byway in 2004 and to America’s Byways collection in 2009.

“As a nationally designated scenic byway, Indiana’s Historic Pathways is a great asset to southern Indiana,” saidLeslie Townsend,director of Historic Southern Indiana. “We are moving ahead with our signage project so people will know they are traveling along the byway and we are securing our nonprofit status, which will allow us to raise money and seek grants for special projects. We are excited about hearing from people along the byway and welcome their involvement so we can help attract more visitors and educate residents about these historic routes.”

Historic Southern Indiana was created in 1986 to serve the southernmost 26 counties of Indiana. Its goals are to identify, preserve, protect, enhance, and promote the historical, natural, and recreational resources of the region. It seeks to implement those goals through programs in historic preservation, history education, heritage tourism, community development, and scenic byways. Its office is a part of the Division of Outreach and Engagement.