Princeton Couple Arrested for Cultivating Marijuana



Gibson County – Wednesday afternoon, June 5, Indiana State Police arrested a Princeton couple after an indoor grow marijuana operation was discovered in their residence located at 145 South C.R. 180 East, Princeton.

Indiana State Police had received information regarding the illegal drug activity and was able to obtain a search warrant for the residence. At approximately 2:30 p.m., troopers executed the search warrant and discovered an indoor marijuana grow operation in the basement. Troopers seized 22 marijuana plants that were approximately two-feet tall. The marijuana plants would have had a street value of approximately $20,000. The homeowners, Robert Spore, 45, and Sheila Spore, 44, were arrested and taken to the Gibson County Jail where they are currently being held without bond.

• Robert Spore, 45, 145 South C.R. 180 East, Princeton, IN
• Sheila Spore, 44, 145 South C.R. 180 East, Princeton, IN
1. Cultivating Marijuana, Class D Felony
2. Possession of Marijuana, Class D Felony
3. Maintaining a Common Nuisance, Class D Felony
4. Possession of Paraphernalia, Class A Misdemeanor


  1. Legalize it now. This morality police crap is so silly. MJ was originally made illegal because congress was convinced it would make white women sleep with black men. Now it’s still illegal because of lobbyists for big pharma, for profit prisons, law enforcement, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Your congress doesn’t work for you, they work for big business. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of Corporations.”

  2. I almost tried marijuana once but fortunately I was way to drunk and I couldn’t find a vein to shoot it in

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