Preschool Legislation Passes House




STATEHOUSE—House Bill (HB) 1004, authored by House Education Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Behning (R-Indianapolis) and co-authored by House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis), passed out of the House today with a 87-9 vote. HB 1004 provides the opportunity for a high quality preschool option to more low-income families.

“I am very pleased that HB 1004 passed out of the House,” said Rep. Behning. “This legislation will help pave a bright future for Hoosier children of poverty and allow parents the opportunity to provide their children with a quality education. Right now children of poverty start almost a year and a half behind their middle-income peers, and HB 1004 aims to change that.”

HB 1004 creates a preschool pilot program. Eligible students must be 4 years old with a family income of no more than 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. Indiana is currently one of 10 states that does not offer state-funded preschool programs.

“It is encouraging to see HB 1004 moving through the General Assembly with bipartisan support,” said Speaker Bosma. “A preschool program of this nature will provide high quality education opportunities to Hoosier children and their families which will help prepare them for future success.”

HB 1004 will now be heard in the Senate. To track this bill’s progress, visit




    I am not sure that we should be increasing the funding for preschool programs when one looks at these studies.

    If preschool worked we should have the data proving that in the Head Start program which has been in force for years and is funded at:


    “The 2011 federal budget for Head Start is $8.1 billion. 85% is devoted to direct services and no more than 15% is to be spent on administration. In addition to the $8.1 billion of federal support, local grantees must provide a 20% cash or in-kind match.[citation needed] Each local grantee is required to have an annual financial audit, if it receives more than $500,000 of federal support.


    There is now a great deal of money on the table for for preschool and it seems the Indiana Legislature is heading in the direction of putting even more tax revenue on the table for preschool.

    Considering the third-grade equalization, it suggests to me another motive in play here and that is taxpayer funded day care for children in the 3 to 5 age group, and it also serves to placate those who want to get the children away from their home environment as soon and as often as possible.


  2. Hopefully, the Senate will stop this Big Government Republican chichanery in it’s tracks. The party of smaller government? Blah, blah, blah.

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