Posey County Tour Of Opportunity With High School Students


Thursday, Sept. 19, 9 a.m.-10:30 a.m. at Ivy Tech Community College Evansville Campus at 3501 N. First Avenue

Begins in Room 120, Rotates through Labs located in Rooms 305, 315, and 309

Thirty high school students from Posey County’s Mt. Vernon High School, and North Posey Senior High School interested in healthcare careers will be visiting Ivy Tech tomorrow morning and touring the Medical Assisting Lab, Surgical Technology Lab, and EMT Lab, seeing students in action in these hands-on spaces and learning about the many programs available in the Frank L. Hilton MD School of Health Sciences at Ivy Tech. As an aside, this is Surgical Technology Week! Please feel free to cover this event. The event has been organized by the Posey County Economic Development Partnership.

Ivy Tech Contact at the Event:  Cindy Moore, dean, Frank L. Hilton MD School of Health Sciences

Posey County Economic Development Partnership Contact: Jenna Alka, Executive Director (jenna.alka@pcedp.com)




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