Dixie is a 1-year-old female Beagle/pitbull mix! She was one of the Pike County rescue dogs. Her personality is very friendly & outgoing. She’s also treat-motivated, which will help her learn new tricks! Her $100 adoption fee includes her microchip & vaccines. Best of all, she’s already spayed, so she can go home TODAY!


  1. This pet is at Vanderburgh Humane Society. Please CCO provide this info in the title, example: “VHS Pet of the Week” or “Adopt a Pet from Vanderburgh Humane Society”.

    And thank you VHS for rescuing these 33 Pike County dogs from the deplorable conditions in which they were living. VHS not only serves Vanderburgh Co. but all the surrounding counties in the tri-state area as well.

  2. I think humane societies or other animal related organizations would save money in the long run by offering spaying or neutering free of charge. It would take some foresight and money, but imagine all the strays that could be prevented from ever existing. It’s kind of like health care reform. Spend some money up front that will pay off down the road. Not everyone is patient.

    • Ghost –
      All animals who are adopted from VHS are spayed/neutered and VHS also provides these services for other animal welfare organizations.

      Big problem though — animal welfare oranizations are very strapped for money!!! Do you realized that the Vectren bill for VHS every month runs about $8000.00? How much do you personally donate per year to animal welfare in Evansville?

      Please remember that the employees of these shelters not only work their jobs daily in the kennels, intake, clinic etc but then also work on getting donations to keep the shelter and the clinic for spay/neuter going. In other words they work to do their job and then work to get the money to pay for the job they do. This is true even though volunteers are very supportive and do great work at these organizations. It is always easy to tell people how to spend money they do not have.

      What you say is true. Spay/neuter is the answer. But in an area like ours it is sadly a far way away. The mentality of this area is very poor when it comes to animal welfare.

  3. Martha, thank you so much for all you are doing for our local animals in need. One of the main things I’d like to accomplish here is to make Evansville no kill. Animal control over the years has been one of the worst managed dept in all of the city. I haven’t been there since the new admin has come in so hopefully things are better because I wasn’t impressed the least bit with the one before. Same thing with vhs. Haven’t been there since a new admin but wasn’t satisfied with the previous one. We have a lot of groups that become cliche , territorial, and naysay any idea outside of their own group. Sound familiar? Hopefully Todd Roberson is fighting for change. He’s an honest man who puts in a honest days work for a honest living.

    Something that has always soured me on this city is the fact that we got animals dying over nothing more than money, yet you go onto this site, the CP, or anywhere else and it always ends up with a bunch of people whining about their five million pennies not being shiny while convincing themselves that they aren’t getting as much money as they should be getting.

    I don’t really care how much it costs. We need to build a much bigger animal control on the Greenway next to the existing one and then let completely level the current dump.

    • Rails: We’ve gotta make some contact, Concerning a facility we’ve designed and set forward,its a model site concerning everything the animal recovery groups right there are struggling with.
      We do seem to have the same construction and post construction operational service businesses in your local to provide a similar plan agreement in the metro service area there.
      The confidentiality agreement would have to meet approval with our model site partners for a template design for your local. What this is runs more along the line of a Animal recovery and life management facility with some onsite adoption skills training,as well.
      The location we’re presently prototyping this model is in the southwest. They have some serious problems with abandonment and neglect driven from nearby metro urban populations,which more or less dump animals,into their smaller community due its rural or Agricultural ranch type basic living infrastructures.
      The persons who just leave their animals there somehow have a notion those people can better afford to handle the critters than the more enforcement type approach the urban centers must use.
      So, they have a burdensome problem on their hands. The methodology we developed for them is driven by what we do,planet balanced environmental sciences. The plan actually was developed from a Ideation one of my coastal relatives and I discussed long ago.
      He’s a zoologist and curator of one of the most accredited large metropolitan zoos in the nation. Now with resources we possess today,his vision and planning is very doable.
      The partners out there just recently defined a need for us to expand our model plan to also include Larger species animal grouping responsibilities,seems they are going to adapt the plan to accommodate Ranch animals abandoned now due to overburden conditions caused by drought and income loss from direct result of that.
      I had no idea there was such a problem with abuse and abandonment in Private Horse populations,they are getting pounded by that.
      The pet recovery facility we consulted, developed and modeled has really exceeded all the expectations we set as objectives and has brought revolutionary change to the funding and that management process for them to
      move forward for more sustainable growth. They are turning in positive operational cost numbers,making funding, for sustainable operating balances.

      We’ll contact you Jordan,after we speak with the partners out there,probably through your private site,this plan and model blend is very “effective”. I’d say worthy of some confidentiality,especially, in your metro.

      I’d really have to hash over this a couple of times before we would offer this in Vanderburgh,maybe even Indiana,it requires some utility structuring. I fear isn’t to available due your service area.
      Across one of the local rivers might be way easier to develop site balance in utility planning.

      That evansville metro is proven to be kinda “Dog eat Dog” so too speak,on new innovative business planning,even for accredited humanitarian applications.

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