Daisy is a 2-year-old cat who has been at the VHS longer than ANY of our other cats. (She arrived here in FEBRUARY!) Daisy lives in the cageless cat room (so she gets along with other cats!) and since she’s so relaxed and used to it, she can often be found lounging around quietly when visitors come. She’s been here so long that she shouldn’t have to wear a paper collar with her name anymore, so hers is pink and patterned. All of these things, plus her classic tabby color, means that she is OVERLOOKED five days a week by visitors! She deserves so much better than to spend the holidays in the shelter. Her $30 adoption fee includes her spay, microchip, vaccines, and a bag of food. Daisy is also one of our 12 Pets of Christmas, so you get an extra bag of goodies with her adoption! She is a wonderful, healthy cat who cannot help her circumstances. By seeking her out in the Cat Lounge or asking our staff for her, you will be saving her life. If you’re even considering it, hoping someone else will come get her – they haven’t. She’s waiting for YOU! 812-426-2563, Tuesday through Saturday 12-6 pm.