Pence plans to appoint new state auditor on Monday


images-5By Jacie Shoaf

INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mike Pence said he plans to announce the state’s new auditor on Monday.

Pence said he plans to offer the position to the chosen candidate Friday afternoon and that there will likely be an interim auditor to help facilitate the transition.

“We have a number of qualified men and women and I have been very grateful for the willingness of those individuals to be considered for that appointment,” Pence said.

The previous auditor, Dwayne Sawyer, announced his resignation last month – effective Sunday – after just three months on the job. He said he needed to take care of “family and personal concerns.”

Pence had appointed Sawyer to the position in August after the elected auditor – Tim Berry – left to become the chairman of the Indiana Republican Party.

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  1. Looks like Crouch is the chosen one for State Auditor. She got out when the getting was good. My Spencer and Warrick County friends were ready to cause her major problems if she decided to run for re-election. Crouch was nothing more than a Vectren puppet. She was the main reason why the proposed Rockport Natural Gas project was halted.

    • Suzanne Crouch was a very good State Representative and with her background/experience she will make a great State Auditor.

      She definitely would have run for HD 78 re-election and would have easily won.

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