Pence declares energy emergency, steps to ease propane shortage


By Ryanne Wise

INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Mike Pence declared an energy emergency Wednesday as he discussed his plans to help Hoosiers during the state’s propane shortage.

Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann addresses the effect on agriculture during the statewide propane shortage at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Lt. Gov. Sue Ellspermann addresses the effect on agriculture during the statewide propane shortage at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Pence suspended limits on loads for propane suppliers and directed state agencies to work with the Indiana Motor Truck Association to expedite permit applications and waive fees on overweight loads carrying propane.

“These actions will help propane suppliers run at full capacity,” Pence said.

The announcement was followed by the release of $5 million of Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program funds. The funds will go to local service providers. The LIHEAP benefits for those in need will also increase from $400 to $550 through the end of March.

Pence also extended an emergency proclamation he made at the beginning of this month that lifts some restriction on the number of hours propane transporters can work. The extension will last until March 1.

The governor recently ordered roughly 575 light-duty Department of Transportation trucks to begin using alternate fuel to help conserve propane.

“They have been using unleaded gasoline since last week,” Pence said. “With the expectation of more winter weather around the corner, let me note that this change has no impact on our ability to keep our roads passable and clear snow as this difficult winter continues.”

Pence said that he was still looking to see if anything else could be done to help Hoosiers.

“Our administration is going to continue to pursue every avenue available to us to help Hoosiers through this severe shortage in propane during this difficult winter,” he said.

Pence also urged residents and businesses to do what they could to preserve propane, including turning down thermostats when they leave homes and buildings and using alternative fuel sources if possible. Pence asked for residents to help others when they could.

“I’m going to urge Hoosiers to do what Hoosiers do best. This is just the right time for us to come alongside our neighbors and friends who might be struggling with the high-energy costs or the shortages precipitated by the circumstances in the propane market,” Pence said.

Hoosiers concerned about price gouging by propane companies or broken contracts should call the attorney general’s office at 317-232-6201. Those in need of resources during the shortage can call 211.

Ryanne Wise is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.


  1. Oh boy,this IS a good move,but, having a balanced plan to prevent the shortage through sustained supply chain sourcings might be the answer.

    Again incremental to the transportation logistics and that roadmap.

    Look,one thing is for sure,I know working farmers,I know working agribusiness investors. How this plays out in the futures pricing is the primary business driver for all concerned.

    Better pathways to the global trade market incrementally controls grain demand,and thus overall production per/acre planted,for the forecast.

    Believe it or not,I have heard really viable solutions to the problem actually discussed,and probably solved,in of all places “Duck blinds”.

    No pun intended,the most viable solution to grain drying expenses and storage timing was worked out by a group of farmers and their grain company seed suppliers and a “thermodynamics guy” sitting in a Delta Duck blind back during the early 90s.
    Huge delta grain dealers there.absolutely global world trade exports,huge,set the price with a put or a take,huge.

    Wet weather and impending lingering spring planting cold across the plains drove the discussion that day,as a thermodynamics fella,I was all ears.

    The 1991 Mississippi river record flood event after a monster basin snow melt with monster rain incursions in the spring set up the discussion due to commodities reactions to the previous record flooding,in the delta.
    Every incremental cost expense to be incurred was pretty much discussed by the guys who were in fact, the guys and companies thereof, holding the contracts on pretty much on the Midwestern United states puts &,and takes. Amazing stuff to hear,and pretty plain darn simple to solve.

    You’re talking corn,all the numbers,wheat,Beans all those numbers, Rice and cotton,good grief come to think of it, tobacco,as well.

    I’ve thought of the solution with the grain dryers per/propane BTUs/per bushel,it always was somewhat of a extra cost to build the system I designed,as having propane was just more economical kind of “land O plenty” situation,however,today,with inclimate weather demand supply shortages,carbon sequestration maybe,not so much.

    A sustainable balanced farm grain management system* that can easily be converted to another actually more efficient and carbon friendlier grain drying method and the system would in fact relieve supply point infrastructure pressures at times like these.

    Not a total replacement,by no means,due to operating expenses,however a reliable incremental back up to keep energy supplies balanced managed during situations that require time spans of uninterrupted hydrocarbon energy for other uses such as the farmhouse or shop heating.
    The systems key resource is something Indiana has an surplus in out in the rural regionals,kinda an nicely supplied Hoosier available resource blend,somewhat.
    And no,its not bovine manure/scatolgy,I’d go to you’re House districts,and Senate chambers and they’re ridiculous preoccupation of spending time on scooter incursions, and who should marry who,when,what, or how,if I needed reliable supply with that stuff.
    If I could harness the sensible heat put forth in that waste time,I might be able to go fast enough to blast off circle the sun and warp time and return about 100 years from now and see how it all worked out.

    You all would probably be lining up to be dishing on creating fees and licenses on the poor fellas stuck on the jet skis though,darn jerks zipping in and outta traffic in the rice fields and waterways down along the grand inland midwestern gulf where you all used to raise corn.and dry it with propane,so it can be sold,without being “docked” 🙂

    I think back to my Grandfather the ole Indiana dairy farmer,geez if he had the system he would have used it for sure. Independent sort that guy.

    “pro di immortales”

    “good heavens”

  2. What? What’s this capitalist blasphemy? Let em freeze to death you commie liberals!

  3. Give Mrs. Thermodynamics my regards.

    Jesus Christ Visitor, you’re interesting to read but sometimes I miss taking my medicine because your “explanation” is so long.

    Condense it so you can smoke it.

    Better yet, quit smoking it.

  4. Solution:
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    “All religions,arts and sciences are branches of the same tree” ,and “an empty stomach,is not a good political adviser”. (Albert Einstein)

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