Pedestrian Bridge over S.R. 66 (Lloyd Expressway) near Vann Avenue


Project Scope: The project will provide safe pedestrian passage and link recreational facilities around the Evansville State Hospital grounds on the south side of S.R. 66 (Lloyd Expressway) to those recreational facilities (Wesselman Park and Wesselman Nature Preserve) on the north side of the Lloyd Expressway
Timeline: It is currently anticipated that construction will begin by early 2015 if not before.
Status Update: During a subsurface investigation for the construction of a pedestrian bridge over the Lloyd Expressway near Vann Avenue on the former State Hospital Grounds, remnants of an unmarked cemetery were found. The City of Evansville is currently working with archaeologists, environmental scientists, INDOT and the State Historic Preservation Officer to determine the appropriate steps to handle these findings.
For more information, contact City Engineer Pat Keepes at 436-4990.


  1. “Remnants of an unmarked cemetery…”

    Oh the irony. Let me guess- John West was in charge of maintaining it? Or did Winnecke decide to meet with the City Council behind closed doors about placing it there and forgot to tell the rest of the city?

    And besides, why build a bridge to what is now nowhere?

  2. The Courier & Press is reporting the finding of the unmarked cemetery along the Lloyd Expressway as news. They way I remember it, the cemetery was uncovered during the construction of the Lloyd two decades ago when excavators were using the rise on the south side of Division to acquire fill for the new roadbed between Boeke and Vann.

    When the unmarked graves were exposed, a new borrow site farther east had to be used, escalating the cost of hauling fill. I cannot swear to it, but I think this is what caused the lowering of the finished grade on the Expressway between Boeke and Vann, eventually resulting in frequent flooding of the roadway during heavy rain.

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