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  1. Anybody, ever find a few cents of the 29 million dollar phopah that phantom city audit plug presented? Coppers worth something.

    The COMEX rose $0.0545 and closed at $3.1365 per pound.

    • There is word on the street that a few “Lincolns” were found in the “grease pit” of the new phantom hotel across from the Ford Center. It is said that City officials were quick to retrieve them for the next audit!

    • Rusty plugged the $ 29,000,000 with our gold, not our copper.

      How could a practicing CPA like Friend allow Rusty to send $ 29 MM of folly off to a year which was disclaimed (2011) , and thus SBOA had no obligation to audit the 2011 numbers ?

      A brief plug, go to Evansville Transparency and look at the photo of Rusty in a chef’s garb stirring a pot. Precious !

  2. Did anyone read Evansville Water & Sewer item in yesterday’s C&P re: them making ‘on line payments’ available.
    As usual, they butchered it. EWSU will charge $ 2.88 to handle your online payment. They currently charge $ 2.95 for a credit card payment, and were citing “the savings”. They had Jenny Collins commenting on how they intended to ride this new system hard, and that the $ 2.88 would encourage people to “pay online”.

    Really ? I can just scratch out a check and tuck it in the envelope, at a cost of $ 55 cents counting envelope.

    Also, article called Jenny the “controller” (with a small ‘c’). Hmmmm, a well-deserved demotion ?

  3. Was having a drink with one of my union friends, the high snot kind, a skilled craftsman. I discovered how sheepish union folks are, they receive a letter from the union bosses or should I say konrad, that tells them where, how, when and who to vote for. Unions are truly necessary for the less astute of our species.

    • It’s too bad you have such a low opinion of the people you describe as “friends”. Do they know how you feel about them?

      • EKB,

        Consider the source! All organizations, including the chamber of commerce endorse candidates that will likely look out for their best of interest. Newspapers do to, and fortunately this site started to leaned that way too until confronted. An endorsement is not a mandate on how you vote. The union is a assembly of thinking people. It appears some think unions are a dictatorship with members toeing the line. Maybe the “accusing” listens to AM political stations with that “babbling” over the same things weeks on end. Funny how the poll has republican straight ticket 250% over straight democrat ticket. Again EKB, consider the source.

      • Not really a problem, high snot union members, electricians, operators and others with marketable skills look down on the low snots. The low snots are teamsters, assemble line workers, janitors and others with low market skills and workers who use unions to rob taxpayers and run small businesses to other countries. Most high snots are aware that PLA’s are subsidized payments for votes. They are smart enough to see through liberal politics but see no reason to not ride the gravy train to the end.

    • A Union can officially endorse any candidate they wish. However individual members are alone in the voting booth, just like everyone else. They can choose to vote for whomever they wish, just like you and I.

  4. Luke Bryan coming to Evansville (again).

    C & P was so excited their original post was ‘sometime in 2015, date unknown’. Later changed it to provide a date.

    Wow, all country acts. Where is Metallica, Rush, Rolling Stones, that needed that added bracing in the roof ??

    • Evansville parks are missing some opportunity , you used to have some beautiful gathering places there. Need some modern lighting LED type and alternative renewables power supplies, enough for some band presentations that do not require so much set up. The “heritage traditional evolved” mix always works in most towns with a student mix looking for a weekend afternoon amongst the foliage tint casted down through the hardwoods as they sport the seasons color, a crisp breeze, good company and some musical performances. Cool stuff, and a good mix what ever cultural trending is presented. In the parks where this should be supported and maintained.
      How its done, Say, one song made popular by the cinema, this is just one song presented throughout a themed heritage mix. 1 song. “The Gael”

  5. If EPD wants to save a lil money, they could stop the officer that lives between new harmony and Mt Vernon from driving his cruiser home everyday

  6. Does anyone know what company/business has been buying up the property on the west side of First Ave. north of Diamond Ave. I understand that it’s to give the old Hill’s/Venture lot at the corner of First Ave. and Diamond additional egress for whatever store (Menard’s?) is planning on building on that vacant lot.

  7. I didn’t know anything about it, but a Menard’s would be a real asset for the area. Something would definitely need to be done about ingress/egress, though. That was a big problem for the businesses that were there.

    • I think it will take more than a banner ad on CCO to shine up Commodore Nobody’s Friend’s reputation here in the fifth ward. I hope he just decides not to run again and exits gracefully, but grace doesn’t seem to be his style.

    • Well played, BB.

      Friend fooled me for several years, and his recent inactions on the Ford Center and the City Audit told me all I needed to know.

      I wonder if Captain Friend is piloting the S.S. Hypocrisy this weekend (thank you, evansville transparency).

    • You know that I support the right of any individual to marry any other human being as they wish but the idea of our government forcing an ordained minister to perform a ceremony that violates their own faith is just disgusting. The article is so anti-American that I would first question the accuracy. If it is true then I tip my hat to you for you prophesy.

      • From what I can tell it is true,, but it is not prophecy.

        When the definition of marriage was changed from the state licensing the unique attributes of male and female relationships to consent and commitment, then incidents like this one were bound to arise. It is why I have said that states should grandfather traditional marriage laws and offer domestic partnerships, or get out of the marriage business altogether

        Now Idaho, along with other states are forcing businesses to service same sex weddings against the religious convictions of these owners, is not in the marriage business but are now de facto agents in the wedding business. What else can the state do if it is writing poor anti discrimination laws other than legalize discrimination by exempting ministers?

        Further more, this so called marriage equality is not equal because it denies state sanctification to other unions who have the same qualifications of consent and commitment We will see polygamy and consanguineous unions sanctioned by the government. How can the courts deny these unions based on their rulings favoring same sex marriage?

        We will also soon see the federal government dictating marriage laws to states.

        Bad laws based on emotions produce bad results. Indiana should take the lead and get out marriage business before it is also forced into the wedding business.

  8. Front page article on Bruce U.’s fundraising for his County Commissioner race.

    I am pissed at Bruce for taking campaign donations from the likes of Wayne Parke and Winnecke for Mayor Committee. Bruce does a great job with CORE in getting the consolidation defeated, thus depriving the Mayor of his power grab; then he turns around and accepts money from the Mayor.

    I voted for Bruce in the primary, but will never vote for him again unless he publicly announces that he has returned all of the Machine donations he has received. I thought he was above this.

    • Very, Very disappointed in this turn to “Kissing the Ring” by B. U.—- Pitiful!

    • Politics makes strange bedfellows. Bothers me some too, but there is likely more to it. They are in the republican party, fur flown in the primary, but must unite for the fall election. Merger issue has been two years ago and does not figure in this election. Had Bruce except “YES” money, then we all be down his throat. But again, nothing says the money from Parks, winny, or republican party could not had been left over funds from the “Yes” committee. Maybe Bruce needs to shine light on this?

      This brings up a question. Does anybody miss the old windbag that thought “Marsha” hung the moon this spring? *It’s my money(the parties), I can do what I want to with it* *Be a stand up person, use your real name, don’t hide behind your screen name, ect. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Bedfellows?– Winnecke and Parke have changed their spots? I hardly think so! This move by B.U. looks more like sleeping with the Devil to me, And for what –a Cookie and Cash?

        • Bingo, Crash, you nailed it !

          Armstrongres: Bruce could have quietly told the Machine donors ‘hell no’, and it would have never made the paper (remember: it IS the C&P). But he took the money, which will taint him from this point forward. You can’t beat an opponent (Winnecke & ‘YES’), and their appointed lackey (Abell), and then turn around and accept their money. You can call it whatever you like, I call it ” I want mine . . . .”.

          Along with SBR, Bruce U. was a great hope for the ethical among us. Not so much now.

  9. Crash and you others have forgotten what B.U. did
    he helped defeat consolidation,how in the hell is he supposed to run if he doesn’t have cash
    remember S.Greer worked for asswipe weinzapfel,so now yous want to vote for weinzapfel toadie
    sometimes you gotta get cash from the devil himself to gain the advantage
    Just my opinion

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