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  1. Well I’m thinking that the data from the past IIT articles is gone for good. I was hoping that it would be put back in the IIT articles. I’d like to see the last few IIT articles that were published right before the site went down.

    Did the CCO figure out if the site crashed on it’s own or was there fowl play going on? That does not seem to be addressed to my knowledge?

    Also I hope that the people running for political office tell their associates to remove all the temporay campaign signs from the public right of ways along the Interstates and State Highways or anywhere else that they should not be placed.

    • We are trying to recover them. If we do we will repost them backdated to the original publication date. This was not a random site crash.

        • If that were the case it would have far surpassed all the other local pretend media outlets like the Courier and Press which is nothing more than the Mayor’s and his cronies mouth piece. Is it true that Tim Ethridge, Editor of the Courier and Press has little integrity and is biased?

          While the Courier and Press is spiraling downhill (Scripts Howard their former owner sold them off) the CCO continues to grow bigger, bolder and better.

    • Yes, I heard that a rogue group of chickens pecked the CCO website. Fowl play, indeed.

  2. Does anybody else think that the red “FOP endorsed” strip that has been added to Kirk Byram’s yard signs are misleading? The truth is that the FOP found BOTH candidates to be “worthy”, but the addition to the signs implies that Byram was chosen over Wedding. I have only seen one Wedding sign with a blue sticker of the same type on it. At best, I think the practice is confusing to those who do not follow local politics closely.

    • Learned something new today. I was not aware that a red strip meant that the GOP formally endorsed a yard sign.

  3. I’ve seen a ton of wedding signs with the FOP endorsement on them. as a lifelong Democrat I hate to say I gotta vote for Byram .

  4. Considering the last office holders performance anything starting with a W. is a hard sell for me.

      • Which ones worse? I’ve met people in the county that are actually afraid to allow any yard signs for either on their property or revenue functionally based device, such as a vehicle.
        That’s real bad, We ask one young hard working fellow this question about your local politics. We ask many but his answer struck the balance.
        What would you tell the candidates face to face, simply as possible? Stared us right in the “eye” said this…. “Hear Us”.
        Suggested voting, young Man said “sure”. again, with straight “eye to eye” contact.
        That’s our global consortiums analysis, as well. Its the “core of the main problem” in southwestern Indiana. Period.

        • I would not allow or put a political sign or sticker in my yard or on my car. I vote mostly conservative and GOP and consider it dangerous for conservatives to advertise it. The intolerance and violence directed toward Christians and conservatives by liberal democrats is similar to what happened to the Jews by the Nazi’s. We tend to dismiss or deny that most crime and criminal acts in this country come from democrats. If there were no democrats in this country we would not need the 2nd amendment or the first for that matter. Of course when you’re dependent on the government for your living you tend to sell your soul.

          • Yes, those poor persecuted Christians who seem to still manage to have a chapter on every block. How ironic you’re playing the victim card. Moron!

          • That is so much BS that it’s not even believable at all. Shame on you. Did you ever hear of white water crimes? What about Irangate? Or the war in Iraq and the weapons of mass destruction that were not there. Sorry but the major crime that occurs seems to be from the Conservatives. They are just more sneak in their criminal activity. They call it snealgal on here.

  5. Leading C & P hypocrite Tim Ethridge was in rare form this morning (C&P, 10-12-14), crowing about the paper’s victory in its lawsuit to permit the printing of a person’s cause of death.

    Mensa member Ethridge talks about how ‘public access’ is a fundamental right of newspapers. However, when it comes time to providing public access to the reasons behind the changed Audit Opinion on the hijacked 2012 Audit; or even disclosing to the public that $ 29 Million of adjustments were plugged to the opening balances for 2012–I guess Ethridge would say “the public doesn’t have a right to access that public information; newspapers do have the right to access that public information, but we can choose not to publish it”.

  6. I dined at Backstage Bar on Main St. this past Thursday evening (fish tacos–pretty good ).

    Stepping out to leave, I was confronted by that atrocious piece of public “art” hanging on the side of the Fraud Center, titled ‘Vibrant River’.

    Are you serious ? I have relatives who are artists, and they all think it sucks, and especially for $ 200,000.

    As a non-artist, please tell me I am not alone in my disdain for this piece of crap !

    • Isn’t it Mayor McClintock’s husband, with his Chief of Staff’s head on his stick?

  7. Have a old service story about “sticks”. Something a young Eurasian lady explained to me once. She was referencing a sizing estimate of certain political bents per her priority in accompanied evening partnerships. From raw estimates, as observed, by some of those guys transportation choices, maybe that could be a hidden issue in the downtown Evansville political bents, as well.
    The young ladies communication skills were developing somewhat,
    However her wording went something like this, she said “I never go out with political man, they little like stick.”

    • I think I knew the same young woman and we were discussing if sex was fun or work. She said it had to be fun because if it was work only republicans would be doing it.

      • pov : I sincerely doubt its the same Lady, in her region of the planet ones entertainment by accompaniment has absolutely no balance of value due of Republicans or Democrats. Working is a given cultural for them, and sexual satisfaction is a technique.
        Who said anything about sex anyway? You see what you just did was a assume a regional prejudice, and blatantly biased one, as well. Unless your an politician separating one parties platform from another with a socially applied discriminatory bias, that point was muted a bit.

        One could also say some guys drive big trucks because of their smallish physical presentation. That’s a assumed prejudice also, even big guys need big trucks at times to actually get a working balance completed with efficient timing.
        I do get what your saying, however, I’m as guilty as the next with the observations of the Mark Anthony, Little Caesar, Napoléon Bonaparte types failing about awaiting a cast on their own Waterloo syndrome. Usually flaunting the presentation for some self driven dubious exploitation, of some sort.

        I have quietly observed the type, and, (exampled a prejudice myself) by simply thinking, wow, ok we get the point, although, while thinking, I’m truly sorry about your penis man.

  8. EBOLA is coming to a town near you sooner rather than later.

    I would venture to guess that she didn’t clean her shoes after going into that room. Perhaps she used paper foot covers but I’m not sure those work for this type of disease. Evidently she got sick and was not properly (fully 100%) protected and contracted EBOLA herself just by working close with the man who had the Ebola Virus.

    Maybe we should set up special EBOLA hospitals to care for EBOLA patients and give these fewer hospitals the equipment and protocols to property prevent this virus from contaminating the very people that they are trying to help. I’m not sure that most hospitals are prepared and equipped to deal with this. And I’ve had Nurse treating me that failed miserably to follow simple hospital protection protocols such as wearing gloves when working with patients and always washing their hands between each patient. And they walk on the same floors with dirty shoes tracking bacteria and god only knows what else from patient room to patient room and then into the hospital cafeterias or the break room. Did you ever take a close look at the bottom of a nurses shoe? They are Thilthy and can carry disease organisms throughout the hospital if not property cleaned when coming out of a room. They can clean the tile floors all they want but when you have so many people (dr, nurse, tech and visitors) going in and out of the hospital those shoes all are dragging bacteria and dirt into and out of the hospital ever hour. If you don’t believe me try taking off your shoes and walking down the halls in white socks and then looking at how dirty your white socks get in a few minutes. They will be full of lint and other dirt even if the floor had been cleaned earlier in the day. Those floors simply can’t be keep clean enough. Should everyone entering the hospital be required to put on clean rubber boots to keep the floors in the hospital clean? We that would not be practical in a regular hospital but it might be necessary in a special EBOLA treatment area of the hospital.

    • All of that is true. Combine that with an administration of amateur and we have an even greater problem. The protocol for max effort detection would not work because of liberals and their aversion to profiling. The economic effect of ebola could devastating. Immigration has become the merchant of votes for the democrats and death to all citizens. I’m sure Obama will downplay the dangers of ebola.

    • The world health organizations and strategic balance in the Medical sciences are all over Outbreak @Moveon.
      Our social economic environmental analytics consortium doesn’t overlook any information available in the constant communication on the diseases propagation. Be that an abstract, or an recorded actuality. Stay informed, use well thought out priorities while moving through the daily activities. The healthier one maintains their own immunities and medical awareness, the less chance one will required to visit or frequent a location where a infected patient might have sought treatment. Use the same balance with family and friends. Remember how western social networks upcoming holiday period increases the contacts and migration pathways.

      “The disease has no known prejudice or discriminatory qualities” in its infectious vector pathways. This can be transferred though human and animal contact, which leaves another whole discriminatory aspect not commonly presented.
      Doesn’t bode well for the old dog park ideation, strays and unleashed pet applications either. The civilized worlds medical infrastructure can effectively control its spread, however, as our consortium studies the Ebola outbreak we are beginning to conclude this is going to be a world wide lesson on mankind’s ability to adapt and apply some evolved measures. Socially. Those that provide the necessity of compassionate but correct balance in the medical prejudice required to contain the outbreaks with affective and balanced sustainability.
      Simply stay informed the CDC is full on active, due this. So their available briefings and measures in place are available to the public.
      If the condition arises they will take the appropriate steps to inform and protect the publics health as conditions warrant. Simply, be careful and treat this like any other viral or bacterial infectious pathway.
      Your best defense, is a steady defense, keep contact to a minimum, get a flu shot, use good nutritional balance, and always practice good hygiene and wash the hands. If someone appears to be infectious, even with a common cold just give it some space, and little commonsense precaution, that’s controlled prevention, as well.

      preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
      “English prejudice against foreigners”
      synonyms: preconceived idea, preconception, prejudgment
      “male prejudices about women”
      dislike, hostility, or unjust behavior deriving from unfounded opinions.
      “accusations of racial prejudice”
      synonyms: bigotry, bias, partisanship, partiality, intolerance, discrimination, unfairness, inequality; More
      harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgment.
      “prejudice resulting from delay in the institution of the proceedings”
      synonyms: detriment, harm, damage, injury, hurt, loss
      “without prejudice to the interests of others”
      verb: prejudice; 3rd person present: prejudices; past tense: prejudiced; past participle: prejudiced; gerund or present participle: prejudicing
      give rise to prejudice in (someone); make biased.
      “the statement might prejudice the jury”
      synonyms: bias, influence, sway, predispose, make biased, make partial, color
      “the article could prejudice the jury”
      cause harm to (a state of affairs).
      “delay is likely to prejudice the child’s welfare”
      synonyms: damage, be detrimental to, be prejudicial to, injure, harm, hurt, spoil, impair, undermine, hinder, compromise
      “this could prejudice his chances of victory”

  9. It was fun watching Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council on Fox News Sunday look foolish and insignificant during a debate on the merits of the Supreme Courts rejection of the State’s appealing same-sex bans.

    Even Fox News’ moderator was appalled by Perkins’ arguments for bigotry. THAT was eye-opening…Fox News calling out a bigot Christian.

    Was was highly weird, however, was noticing that the FRC Perkins’ frivolous and bigoted arguments were identical to the strange things Indiana Enoch often says about same-sex marriage here in the CCO comments section.

    Log on and see this if you have a chance……

  10. Is there any truth to the earlier CCO divorce case post (14C01-1408-DR-000269)? if so, it would impact my election vote? anyone?

  11. Looks like the analytics runs are indicating continuing moisture events across the United State’s for a couple of days. The upper northern jet has dropped again, as well. Bumpy weather for some ahead. keep and “eye” on those weathermen as things evolve. *************

    Random social political indicators from there in your metro seem to show some mainstream focus on the City council meeting . Many of the other reports seem positioned by coverage to poise city budget questions from the public. One mainstream media story even stages a “call for comments” from a city council member. You’ll want to watch the fluff with that, leave enough time for everything.

    Actually for those of you that are attuned and practice fall “gardening” one should know that even as the frost approaches the control of next years weed propagation starts in the fall before the unwanted fall foliage drops its seed base into the soil. ” Weed out” before that’s set for winter ground cover stabilization. Ground cover is important due erosion , properly staged annuals should be “used wisely” for the best and easiest tillage and spring planting for growth.
    Watch the non productive fluff left over from the summer, don’t let it reseed itself and propagate during next seasons growth spans.
    A little seasonal “gardening” advice to keep uncontrollable and unwanted weeds out of the garden, as those strip needed “nutrients” for the “productive plant base revenue”. One should be able to manage those “minor troublesome things” with a more frugal, however, well thought out and executed seasonally focused management plan. Helps “cut overall costs” now, and in the idled meantime you’ll spend less “time and funding” and produce more later. Even works in most successful “flower gardens”, also.
    ( Gardening 101)


    More on the Ebola Case in TX. A nurse who treated the first Ebola contaminated patient in the USA now has the Ebola virus disease and checked into the hospital when a low grade fever. She has been tested and it’s confirmed that she got the virus.

    Now the authorities are telling us that there was a breach in the Protocol and that’s basically saying that the Nurse mess up. What they don’t tell us is that maybe just maybe the people who developed the Protocol didn’t do that right. I would think that it’s the latter. Remember the nurse was the one risking her life and she had every reason to follow the Protocols that were given to her to protect her self. The people who developed the Protocols were not treating Ebola Patient now were they? They have nothing to lose and certainly all they might lose in their job. But they are not the ones being exposed to the Ebola Virus while trying to save a life.

    And if the Protocols are not right then how can we expect the nurse to do their work in safety? What if the Nurse all refuse to treat the next Ebola Case for fear of themselves getting the Ebola Virus??? I know that I would not want to be doing that work as the risks of getting sick are high now. Remember this is NOT the first time that the Ebola Virus has been contracted by Health Care Workers. There were some Doctors who got the Virus and were given experimental anti viral medicines and recovered. But those Dr were in Africa when they got the Virus. This nurse was in the USA when she got the virus from her patient.

    I hope you are still reading because I think that the protocol needs to include hazmat type suits that can be disinfected before the person wearing the suit removes it. And this should be done in the room where the patient is located and before they come out of the containment room where the Ebola Patient is staying. There needs to be a three chamber exit just like they use in working with Asbestos Removal Projects or other hazardous wastes. A room where the patient is staying needs to be under negative pressure to prevent airborn contamination from leaving the room. Any leaks in the containment area should result in clean air entering the rooms. All the bad air should be sucked out and filtered with HEPA filters using exhaust fans. And the people who enter the room should be required to clean their entire body before leaving that room. Which means a shower. Showing with the protective suit still on would wash any virus or body fluids clinging to the outside of the protective suit off the suit. The drains and water and decontamination fluids need to be captured and disposed of properly. They need to be Burned at very high temperature after the solids are filtered out of the water. The water can be decontaminated with Ozone gas or Chlorine or any other of a number of solution that can oxidize the virus particles and kill it. They nurse should be wearing rubber boots that can be cleaned of with bleach water and the water contained in a basin of some type.

    In other words the Protocols need to be fixed and improved or we will have more and more Ebola Patients.

    I had faith in the CDC and have used them in the past when I and others were dealing with another very contagious disease at a Major University in the tri state. So I’ve trusted them. But they need to step it up and makes sure that these hospitals that are treating these contagious diseases such as Ebola have the proper equipment and the better protocols to handle this potential out break of Ebola in the USA.

    This is serious if it gets out of hand.

    • I read what the Guy from Purdue University said. I took my Microbiology Class at Purdue when I was studying Pre Veterinary Medicine up there. And I also took my Genetics Class there. I studied Evolution at USI or ISUE back in the day too. These things can get out of hand and it’s natures way of population control when the animal populations get out of control. I learned that in my Wildlife Biology Class at Purdue University my Senior year.

      I’ve watched people that I knew die from a severe bacterial infection and there was nothing that the Doctors could do to stop the spread of the bacteria though their bodies. People swell up like a ballon when they get infected with an uncontrolled bacterial infection as the kidneys and other vital organs shut down and fluids build up in the body. It’s not a very pretty sight. But this Ebola Virus causes bleeding from the body and excessive stress with body fluids being expelled all over the place along with bleeding wounds all over the body.

      Hopefully we can come up with some form of antiviral medicine that help prevent this disease from spreading around the world.

      I’m going to try to keep a close eye on the news today to follow what’s going on in Dallas TX and elsewhere.

      Hopefully the nurse that flew after being exposed to Mr. Duncan’s body fluids didn’t give the Ebola Virus to anyone else she had close contact with after she developed the disease. It’s my understanding that one is not as contagious as they could be at first as it takes a few days for the virus population to multiply inside the body and for the person to become contagious to others. The sicker the patients get the more contagious they become as their bodies have much more of the virus in them. She was just starting to show signs of a fever this morning or last night so hopefully she didn’t spread the Ebola virus on that plane or else where. Why in the hell she was not quarantined and allow to go out flying around is beyond me. I learned that the CDC does not have the authority to command people to be in quarantine. They have to do that voluntarily. The local health dept. has more authority to quarantine people than the CDC. Maybe the laws need to be changed in order to better protect the rest of us from Ebola. This is where the US Congress needs to get on the ball and figure out how to help the President contain this Ebola Disease in the USA.

  13. Well it’s Wed and now a second health care worker, Nurse Amanda Vincent has been diagnosed with the Ebola Virus. This is the second nurse who treated and worked with Mr. Duncan at the hospital in Dallas TX. And this other nurse flew from Cleveland to Dallas on a plane right before she figured out that she was with fever and was tested. There were 30 something other passengers on the plane. How did she get to Cleveland OH from TX in the first place. She should have been quarantined and not allowed to travel for 21 days at least. This Hospital in TX is really not where I would chose to go if I were sick. They certainly are not prepared to treat EBOLA patients. But they probably are very few hospitals in the USA that are.

    Congress needs to start doing it’s job. The Surgeon General needs to be confirmed and the CDC and the other Federal health Agencies need to be fully funded. The GOP needs to stop being obstructionist and vote to give money to help stop the spread of this Ebola Disease. And they need to do it ASAP.

    Right now the nurse and doctors are at risk if the CDC can’t do it’s job fully and properly. The CDC needs to get hot on stopping this Ebola epidemic and it’s going to be an epidemic.

    Nurse from the Hospital where Mr. Duncan Died are talking and they are letting the cat out of the bag about how they were not given the proper protective equipment to protect them while they were charged with working with a highly Ebola Infected patient who was vomiting explosively and with diarrhea as well. These nurses were told to use hospital tape to cover exposed area of their bodies in order to treat the sick ebola patient Mr. Duncan.

    Now there are TWO Nurses who have contracted the Ebola Virus and have tested positive for the Ebola Virus after treating and working with the deceased Mr. Duncan at the Dallas Presbyterian Hosptial in Dalla TX.

    I figured that this would happen and I will go so far as to predict that it might even get worse. I hope now but man if they don’t get ahead of this virus the potential for it to kill more people is very real Lets’ all pray that our Government CDC and NIH can get this virus under control and stop it’s spread in the USA.

    To me the Ebola Virus is worse than ISIS or ISIL. Maybe we should have sent Mr. Duncan to Iraq/Syria? Don’t think that some one with Al Qaeda or ISIS has not thought about doing the same thing to the USA.

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