Open Forum Weekend Nov 1-2, 2014



  1. Dear Editor,

    Will we have picks (not endorsements) for Tuesday’s election?


    (aka, Laid Up in Newburgh)

  2. 2015 Budget:

    Friend documents the depletion of Cash over the past 3 years. Then the Council approves the Budget, which was thought to be $ 11 Million too high in Revenue estimate, after just demanding $ 5 Million in cuts ! If the Revenue shortfall happens, and we spend right on Budget . . . we have again depleted another $ 6 Million in cash reserves !

    These City Council folks don’t manage like regular businessmen ! If you are hemorrhaging cash, you don’t cure part of it in Year 1 (as Councilman O’Daniel opined) and the rest down the road. You’ve got to stem the tide ASAP. The fact that the politicos are more afraid of laying off people than about the problem (cash depletion) is telling . . .

    We need a whole new slate of these wannabe managers.

  3. I went to the City Council meeting yesterday afternoon, and 9 minutes later I knew I’d been duped.

    Friend’s $ 5 Million in reductions, I assumed, was from the point where Council had denied the draft budget (after already voting down Roberts Park and Shotspotter). To learn that only $ 400K was left to reduce, I knew it was all about politics and little about common sense. A packed house for a clusterfuck 9 minutes ??

    • civility: Yeah, I watched online, and for the first couple of minutes I had some software problems with the online viewer and streaming they use. By the time I got that resolved and got the video stream to play the vote was done for the finance committee. All I got to see was the main vote and the approval. I was shocked at what happened, and your comment on being “duped” is pretty much right on target. No comments from anyone on City Council, no discussion, no debate, nothing about the merit of the changed budget. I feel sorry for you and the others who took time out of their busy day to trudge down to the Civic Center to be part of the budget vote for 2015. You could have saved the time and gas it took to go to it. What a crock.

    • That sure looks like a honest assessment from afar. Don’t think your county is worth much for it either.

  4. Ferguson Missouri incident.What would YOU do today if you could? Arrest the officer? Would you arrest the officer to appease the protestors? Or arrest the officer to have a good old fashion trial? Or still wait for grand jury?
    Would you hug Rev Al Sharpton? Or tell him to leave and take the media with him?
    What would you do to better police relations with African-Americans?

    Is it racist to believe that if the officer is cleared by the grand jury that there will be riots?
    Is it racist to believe that any confrontation between a white police officer and an African-American will end in violence?

    Should African-American police officers only patrol African-American areas of the city?

    Would you have shown the video of the young man’s actions at the store to the media prior to the shooting or would not shown it at all.

    Recently an officer wearing a body cam arrested a woman for DUI. At the station the woman made a false accusations against the officer. The body cam showed that the woman was lying. Should she be charged with a crime for lying about the officer? Should the officer be able to sue the woman also?

    • Is it true that in the near future that police cars will need to be redesigned? I see the police will have to be more diverse on patrol? Each patrol car will need to carry a white, black, hispanic, muslim, oriental, and a “all others”? The “origin” of the suspect will need to be determined “before” the correct officer steps out of the squad car!

      The badge represent the people of the state, county, or the city/town. The person it is pinned on is a “human being” that has been trained in this field. When one is exposed to all the types of illegal and ATTITUDE “BS” from the general public, they become harden just as soldiers were in war. People need to take those chips off their shoulders of the origin of the person that has the badge attached. If they stop you, more then likely there was a good reason other then your origin!

      • No, we don’t need officers of all ethnic origins in every police cruiser. We need more GOOD PEOPLE with excellent training in every police cruiser. Those who have allowed themselves to be “hardened” or “burnt out” need to be rotated off the street and given a chance to recover. If they can’t protect the public properly after a break from patrolling, they need to go. The comparison of soldiers in a war is a really dangerous one. We don’t need soldiers in patrol cars. We need good police officers.
        As for the last two sentences of your post, it would be great if there was always a feeling of mutual respect between policemen and the public, but that isn’t always the case. We do, however PAY policemen to respect the public they serve. Your contention that there must be a reason other “then” (sic) race has been proven to be false. That is why Mayor DeBlasio stopped “Stop and frisk.”

        • I see we disagree but that is fine with me. When posting this morning, I was also thinking of myself in their shoes, expecting to “put up” with the “rude” public that they deal with. I would not be much different from the ones you complain about. Would you be as gracious to the public while dealing with the knives and guns that hoodlums could pull/use on you at any split second? I feel if you knew your life could be taken away from you in your line of duty, you would be as defensive as you complain about.

        • Respect goes both ways between the public and the officers. They do not bother me one bit. When you don’t put yourself in a compromise position with the law, there is no issue. In my younger days when traveling the bi-ways while under a condition to what “they” consider a DUI, my “attitude” was more in line with what I’m getting from sone posters here.

    • I would have had a Special Prosecutor appointed, who would not bring the “baggage” that the current one has. The officer should not have been allowed to testify before the grand jury. It is not up to anyone else to tell Al Sharpton or any other media person what to do.

      The beliefs you cite probably are racist, but there is also reason to believe that the officer will be cleared and it will spark demonstrations, which will eventually deteriorate into riots.

      Officers who are fair-minded and well-trained should be the only ones who patrol anywhere. A community with Ferguson’s racial makeup should have a much larger proportion of African-American officers.

      The video probably should not have been shown.

      The woman who lied absolutely should be charged with false reporting. I doubt that suing her would be worth the officer’s time and money, but if she has anything worth taking he should be able to sue her.

    • the gentle giant was a thug……..the gentle giant is no more………officer Wilson deserves an apology from the racist community organizer clown barry obola…………………………………

  5. Received my health insurance rate increase notice from Humana for 2015 yesterday,,,,,goes from $692 to $841 per month.

    Seems like a pretty serious jump in just one year, factor in my $3650 deductable and I’m right back where I was with Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association policy.

    Now bear in mind ICHIA was my pre-existing health insurance that nobody could get or afford and Obummer and the ACA was going to save the day for all us poor helpless serfs who couldn’t fend for ourselves.

    I can’t imagine what its going to take for some to wake up to the con that utopia doesn’t exist.

    • Both people that I know who had pre existing conditions are not happy with ACA. One with a minor pre existing condition saw a major increase in his insurance. One with multiple serious pre existing conditions saw a small increase but lost the doctor he had had for 16 years. Losing a primary long term care provider for someone with a serious condition is pretty sad. So basically the democrats damaged one of the best healthcare systems in the world so we could put 6 million people on welfare/Medicaid. Obama had a chance to leave a legacy of being a great president, but as he told Pelosi, you ruined my presidency with ACA. Pelosi and Reid should be condemned by the African American community for being racist as should other prominent democrats.

  6. Local accounting expert Tim Ethridge, who when he is not winning accounting awards around the country also finds time to edit the Courier & Press, weighed in on the Budget Drama this morning.

    Ethridge correctly asked why anyone would budget $ 63 Million for 2015 Property Tax Receipts, when 2014 will end up at best case $ 50 Million, 2013 was $ 47 Million and 2012 was $ 46 Million ? He answered his question by calling this ‘budget magic’ and none other than The Voice of Treason, Rusty Lloyd, weighed in to say something like ” this is a way to ensure that property tax caps won’t kick in if income does go up ” ? SAY WHAT ? Anyone who has the secret decoder ring please decipher the Sanskrit used by Mr. Treason.

    To his credit, Ethridge did label this budget as one that isn’t plausible , and cited Councilors O’Daniel and Adams as saying this was not a ‘balanced budget’, and that we will see more cash reserve depletion in 2014 and 2015. These guys are clueless. Have they made the IU Med School the hail-mary pass ?? They need to go back and balance the budget RIGHT NOW, not hope that more downtown trinkets delivers us from the garden of evil.

    • And add.

      Ford center operates out of a different budget and was fully funded? Where does this money come from/taken away?

      Winni acknowledged of about $1.5 million came from a previously “untouchable” except for capitol expenses, now can be used for operating funds??????

      • Ethridge’s bit about the Ford Center not being part of the equation is simply wrong. The bond principal and interest for that facility is paid by: 1) Riverboat; 2) Food & Beverage; and 3) TIF.

        The fact that the coming year’s payments were fully funded is good news; however, that assured funding takes away that $ 8.5 Million which could have been used for other purposes, such as the purchase of the police cars. Had Ford Center not been built, would not have had the budget drama for 2015 which Ethridge wrote about.

        To say that the Ford Center is not contributing to the cash drain for the City is wrong on the part of Ethridge and the C&P. We would have been a hell of a lot better off to fix up the old building, and live within our means. The Ford Center has brought zero new businesses to the City, and was grossly oversold to the public.

      • It saddens me to think of all the intelligent people who rolled over for Weinzapfel on the arena project. they knew at the time that the whole thing was being built on shifting sand and that it could put the city in serious financial jeopardy. Well guess what, here we are, and the worst is yet to come.

        • Good to see your input again Press, and it was yourself that was sold on the IU site on the USI campus, wasn’t it? That’s still not a bad Idea considering the present state of affairs.

    • I was encouraged to see that the. CP was able to recognize that the revenue projections are total nonsense. I am even more pleased that they called the film flam artists out for projecting revenue by 30% over reality. Evansville will bust the bank again next year and the deer in the headlights looks will continue while claiming to have a balanced budget. The financial ineptness is truly staggering.

    • It is good that Tim showed that he is still vaguely in touch with reality, which is a lot more than can be said for gibberish-speaking Russ. I can go along with a budget that does not balance this year, because the cuts required to do so would be so drastic. I’m afraid the overly-optimistic projection for revenue this year will make for another over-sized deficit that we will not be able to recover from, though.

    • Yup, the hail-mary yardage for the pass is increasing by the minute. The fix for the less valued utility infrastructures in your old downtown are taking on the look of a “offensive personal flag” for the additional tack on, those costs will see a steep increase, realistically.

      Oh. One other “minor” a couple of our testing model sites in your area just leveled the field further for your water and sewer utility operational revenues “opposition”. We just recently showed a consistency in reduction of metered water use at an range that covers the additional increased “mandate fix” charges for the biased against county ESWD customers by better than a 55% reduction. Absolutely no customer side usage adjustments needed. One can use the water supply system the same as you always did. The equipment is actually Controllable per % spans. One has even matched the modeling down in Northwest Texas at better than 73.7% reduced usage. All sites now have the Old Johnson controls meters you bought into and are installing, figure that might be the buried cause the ESWD might have hired on the forensics outfit. To ferret out where we put the prototypes. No matter, by the proposed modeling equipment purchase the stuffs all customer side by design.
      Innovation, and customer side balancing for climate migration and strategic clean water applications. ” You buy, you save.”*
      No metered or supply side changes whatsoever. The prototyping balances best use management for all customer usage. The system can (capability) monitor and record sewer discharges at service points, as well.
      Hopefully , when the testing is completed, and certain manufacturing vendors conditionals are approved ,this will be available through qualified plumbing contractors worldwide, shortly.

    • The IU Board of Trustees needs to re-think their decision on citing the Med School, in light of this city’s budgetary woes and the condition of infrastructure in the preferred area. If they don’t revisit this decision, it will surely be a “black eye” for the credibility of that august body.

      • Well, it appears by the plan they’ve conjured up for the IU siting, the facial will be the outlying areas revenue bases . Right square on the nose with a bucket full of infrastructure built downtown, on their dime. All the while, the present ownership bails out, or, repurchases other target properties with the buyout funding. Urban redevelopment for the suburban infrastructures pocket pick-outs. The Federal funds they are applying for the demos sported in the mainstream, ought to be whacked and unfunded until those people develop a realistic urban core redevelopment direction. Along with a action plan that addresses the peoples needs who are regulated to live within it daily. We’d hold the demo funds until a viable infrastructure fix was moving forward. After all what’s the purpose in the first place?

        The old toxic core gets its upgrade and resold as preferred special deals, you get the cost and the same archaic mid 20th century plugger logistics you have now.

        They’ll have another pickpocket deal down road in a different city or county section, and promise that fix, it’ll be another fail like the waste on the archaic and outdated Johnson controls stuff.
        Observations from afar almost qualify the prediction right now, sorry.

        Anyone who couldn’t see that coming is likely just one more reliable, but easy schmuck they play that game with. ” Everybody knows it.”

        past tense: conjured; past participle: conjured
        r/. 1. make (something) appear unexpectedly or seemingly from nowhere as if by magic.
        “Anne conjured up a most delicious homemade stew”
        synonyms: produce, make appear, materialize, summon
        “he conjured a cigarette out of the air”
        call (an image) to mind.
        “she had forgotten how to conjure up the image of her mother’s face”
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        r/. 2. archaic
        implore (someone) to do something.

  7. So instead of state by state exchanges what if we allowed everybody that falls through the crack of Medicare, Medicaid, and employer sponsored group plans, to get a plan from a NATIONAL pool, with all carriers allowed to sell plans across the country not just state by state? However, keep the federal regulations to prevent insurance carriers from gathering in one state with the least regulations. More people in the pool would mean lower prices, or lower rates of increase.

    Your 21% increase is less than the highest increase REQUESTED of 46% here in Indiana but more than the 9% average increase here in IN and more than the national 8% average increase.

    I fairly sure that large, higher than overall inflation,n health insurance premium increases existed long before the ACA, and overall rate increase have slowed during the time ACA has been in effect.

    • ‘I’m fairly sure that large, higher than overall inflation in health insurance premium increases existed long before the ACA, and overall rate increase have slowed during the time ACA has been in effect.’

      That has been the case with my health insurance. It cost more with fewer benefits in each of the 4 or5 years leading to the ACA being passed. It has stayed essentially the same the past couple of years and will be pretty much the same this coming year as it was last year.

      • Figures: As seen from a centrists take.

        What a difference 6 years makes:

        President Obama Took Office
        (January 2009) Today

        7,94 The Dow Jones Index 17,390
        7.8% Unemployment 5.9%
        -5.4% GDP Growth 4.6%
        9.8% Deficit GDP % 2.8%
        37.7 Consumer Confidence 94.5

          • Great news for Wall Street. Not so much for main street.
            Question. How could this happen under the had to have, must pass, Dodd-Frank banking “reform” designed to reign in those evil Wall Street bankers?
            Hint: follow the trail of the TRILLIONS of dollars dispensed by the
            Fed in the last 6 years.

          • I wonder where we could/would be if our obstructionist congress had voted for some targeted fiscal stimulus rather than the blunt instrument of monetary stimulus.

            Stock market averages jump significantly when Japan announced a fiscal stimulus plan…. Hmmmm there must be a LOT of closet Keynesians on Wall St and Main St.

        • I predict it will continue to rise and look good as long as the feds keep printing money, until?

          • As long as the pols spend/invest the borrowings on things that have a ROI greater than the cost of borrowing they can just keep on keepin on. However, you’re correct in your implicit concern that eventually diminishing returns will kick in.

  8. Please, please, please, for STUDENTS, parents, families, custodians, bus drivers, secretaries, para-professionals, principals, and teachers, VOTE FOR JAN STRICKLIN FOR SCHOOL BOARD.

    #92 on the ballot

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