Open Forum Weekend February 21-22 2015



  1. There is a rumor going around that space aliens had a hand in starting the marina fire and strongly influenced both the C & P reporting of it, and the CCO’s ongoing investigation.

      • Dear Ghost…

        Obviously, Steve’s efforts in his promotion of his new organization “Focus on the Chicks” has not got of the ground since the only other member is Jonathan Wessel.

        • Don’t you mean “Weaver”? I heard Missy is trying to start a “Chicks Who Want to be Focused On” auxiliary to Steve’s organization.

    • Really? Because the rumor I heard is that it was arson for the purpose of insurance fraud and the mayor is complicit in the coverup. Rumors. That was a great album.

      • Yes, and Fleetwood Mac is just one more great act that won’t play the Ford Center.

      • Hopefully, should an insurance investigation become reality and it should the cell phone records of Mr. Garybill (allegedly the step-son of Mr. Lowe), Mr. Marver, the alleged houseboat owner, the so-called 1:30 am cleaners, and Mr. Scheafer over the past six weeks should be obtained.

        Calls to Vega should be instituted ….consultations with the Vega odds makers …. probabilities established to determine the odds that just when Ms Riecken announced her desired to seek the Mayoral position Mr. Graybill who by the way apparently does not live here levels allegations of unsafe conditions before the Safety Board concerning Inland Marina … coincidence? possibly, but here comes the odd-makers opinions …. investigators usually determine who benefitted the most from any event? Of course, according to Steve, maybe it was space aliens or maybe not….

        • Grateful, I think the safety violations were in the news before Ms. R announced her run.

        • Greatful,

          I like your thoughts . . . however, Mr. Lowe is/was a -D-. Gail Riecken is a -D-. Why would SIL undercut the top of the ticket ?

        • This is John Graybill. I am more than happy to share any of my information with any Authority upon their request.


    • Nice to see a goodly contingent of the Tin Foil Hatters made it into their computer chairs this weekend.

    So much snow, ice and bitter cold.
    But .. this time is necessary in order that Spring deliver its’ Magnificent Essence.
    This reader is striving to shake off the chill … and warm up to the better days … just ahead.
    Are we there yet? … No … just a little further. … LOL. …

    • Yes, it will not be long before we are cultivating the flowers and pruning the weeds. It always feels good to get rid of the weeds.

    • The trees look so pretty with the ice on the branches, but they’ll look downright beautiful to me when the leaves start to come out.

    • Attention morons: the fact that we still have winter does not disprove global warming theories. Thanks.

      • No one is trying to disprove the global warming. We have global warming, so what are we going to do about it? Not much. As we cut back India and China move forward and they don’t intend to stop. The democrats talk a lot about global warming but basically do nothing. I still see people driving around in huge vehicles occupied by 1 person. I know the democrat flat earthers don’t know this but the pollution in china effects us here. We can talk all we want about CSO, as we have for over 30 years and will talk about it for another 30 years and nothing will happen. Both parties have had their shot at it and both fail to see it as an immediate problem. Of course v will try bullet/drivel statement it to death. In the meantime we can drive small vehicles, recycle and monitor our utility use and that’s about it. Over population is part of the problem and if you’ll do your research there’s one segment of the population that is not reproducing at a sustainable rate and that is the population that is doing their part.

        • I agree with most of what you had posted. We can not put our economy, and our
          pocketbook in hock to be green when those third world countries, who are working
          for pennies on a dollar to supply our great “American minded” companies and their
          greed. Correct me if I’m wrong, I had seen/heard that the Rocky Mountains is a
          natural barrier that keeps China’s pollution on the West (Left) coast.

          Millions of gallons of jet fuel are burned 24/7 at 30,000-37,000 altitude all over
          the world. Where is that exhaust going? Nobody wants to talk about that!

        • Damn POV that actually makes sense. The problem is US. Human overpopulation is the root cause and you are right about that.

          • Bet ya he’s still anti abortion, anti birth control, and pro abstinence only education.

          • @Ghost, you would be wrong. I don’t care. I believe abortion is legalized murder but we live in a country of laws. If a person can handle abortion then let them do it. Birth control is great but I don’t think there’s enough of it for men, there needs to be a pill for men. Too many young men in this country are getting trapped into things they are not ready for. It would be pretty smarmy of me to be against birth control because I believe in it and practice it. I’m doing well and my children are doing better because I took it upon myself to limit my family to a size I could support and educate. Let me make this last statement perfectly clear, considering the number of years this country was solely controlled by men, there would be an abortion clinic on every corner if men had babies.

          • Ghost:
            You are probably right. How dare we limit the human population. I wonder if he is anti war though?

    • Looks like SBR’s got the axe grinding early today. Seems like the dry-out is causing a little extra bitterness.

      • I’ve heard it’s Brian Bennett, Cheryl Musgrave, SBR, Laura Blackburn, etc. You really have no idea who it is, do you? What makes it SBR this week?

          • Yours? Does this mean that you’re ready to admit your multiple screen names and that they talk to each other?

        • Wow! I’m flattered. I wish I had the tech skills and great wit those people have.

        • My best guess is that ET is some of Evansville’s brightest and best university students, following in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. They, too, saw the need to conceal their identities while spreading their ideas. I expect that they have the intelligence and education to be lured away from Evansville, unless they have family reasons to stay here. That’s what happens here, and it’s a big reason the town is dying.

  3. Watching a replay of the USA Ice Hockey Team beating the USR team in the 1980 Olympic games. That game replay brings back some great memories. When it’s cold outside there is not much to do. About this time of the year I always wish I had a four wheel drive truck.

    Today it’s suppose to warm up above Zero and rain. I hope it rains and we don’t get any more sleet and or freezing rain. The Ice is hanging on the tree limbs now and looks pretty. But add any more and the power lines start falling down off the power poles and things get dangerous.

    Spring should be here soon. It will probably arrive before the names of the three cleaning people are officially released by the local media and authorities. 🙂 Until then try to stay warm and safe.

  4. In other news, Hassenfeffer is today. Democrats and Republicans will meet in front of the media and laugh at one another’s jokes and pretend as if they give a shit.

  5. Evansville Water & Sewer Utility Audit for 2013, pg. 23:

    “Water and Wastewater cash and investment fund balances, including City funds, were not properly reconciled to bank balances. The difference between the reconciled bank balance reported by the Utilities and City combined and the fund ledger balance was $ 395,157 cash short at December 31, 2013″.

    ” Errors noted on the Utilities and City’s combined reconcilement included:

    1. One bank account was not included in the combined reconcilement;

    2. The wrong balances from some of the bank statements were used in the City’s reconcilement”.

    So, they are short $ 395,000 of Cash and they can’t reconcile the bank account. How can this level of incompetence or larceny, take your pick, not be an election issue ?

    • I really hope it is. I’d like to know how the pension funds for police and firefighters looks, too. I understand there has been some “borrowing” from them to help make ends meet, too. A vote for Winnecke is a vote for Russ Lloyd and Jenny Collins!

      • Don’t forget that it was Winnie the Poop who promoted Jenny and gave her a pay raise. Has she reconcilled the Water & Sewer Dept ck acct yet? The Rs & Ds alike must share the blame for this misfortune.

        • According to SBOA, no, she has NOT reconciled the accounts for 2013, and is $ 395,000 short on Cash (Cash unaccounted for). As someone above noted, pg. 23 of the Utilities audit.

          pressanykey: Is it true that the act of NOT reconciling is in fact illegal in Indiana ?

            302 West Washington Street
            Room E418
            INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 46204-2769



            January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013


            This report is all the justification one needs for terminating several department heads who are still drawing a salary paid for by local taxpayers.

          • Alright, everyone admits money is unaccounted for and they do not have a clue where it went.

            What is the next step? If this was a publicly traded fortune 500 company what would happen? If this was the insurance company insuring your life, your house, your children’s futures, what would happen?

            Is it time for the grand jury, hopefully under a different prosecutor, to take a look at this situation?

          • @ pressanykey,

            Excellent research on the Supplemental Report.

            This situation, where everyone knows that there is money missing in the City Controller’s office, reminds me of Fox News: since we know their reporting will be flagrantly biased in favor of extreme right wing, we don’t get excited when they misreport the truth.

      • Don’t forget that it was Winnie the Poop who promoted Jenny and gave her a pay raise. Has she reconcilled the Water & Sewer Dept ck acct yet? The Rs & Ds alike must share the blame fort this misfortune.

        I have been informed that this is a duplicate comment. It has been ten minutes since I pushed the Post Comment button but nothing has been to post it. YES, this is typical handling!

    • “Everyone knows” they can’t reconcile to save their lives..

      But look at page 6. The Utility lost $ 1,100,000 in 2013 (see ‘Change in Net Position’).

      Since when has the Water Dept. been losing money ? Wouldn’t this be the equivalent of Vectren (a monopoly) operating at a loss ?

      • Pg. 17: Look at the Note 4, Long-Term Liabilities. The combined Utility has $ 283,000,000 in long-term debt, all while they are losing money ? How do you think that will end up for the ratepayers ?

        In 2013, $ 105,000,000 of fresh Revenue Bonds debt. They are also engaging in the practice of ‘refunding’ debt, which all that does is kick the can down the road until the scoundrels are out of office (in this case, refunded a 1998 and a 2003 Bond Issue with a fresh 2013 Bond, yet lost $ 1,439,933 in the process of doing that ).

        P.S.: this is before Combined Sewer Overflow outlays. Grab ankles and say ‘thank you, may I have another’.

  6. @ Lime: are you crazy ? This audit represents REAL PROGRESS !

    In 2012, the City had to write-off $ 29 Million of non-existent Cash Balances. In 2013, the Utility has it down to a mere $ 395,000 ! They are learning, learning and growing, together ! Give them FOUR MORE YEARS, and I promise you it will be down to $ 100,000 a year of missing Cash write-offs !!!!

  7. List of high-altitude nuclear explosions

    ##Yucca 28 April 1958, 1.7 kt, 26.2 km
    ##Teak, 1 August 1958, 3.8 Mt, 76.8 km
    ##Orange, 12 August 1958, 3.8 Mt, 43 km

    United States USA – Argus – South Atlantic Ocean
    ##Argus I, 27 August 1958, 1.7 kt, 200 km
    ##Argus II, 30 August 1958, 1.7 kt, 240 km
    ##Argus III, 6 September 1958, 1.7 kt, 540 km (The highest known man made nuclear explosion)

    Soviet Union USSR – 1961 tests – Kapustin Yar
    ##Test #88, 6 September 1961, 10.5 kt, 22.7 km
    ##Test #115, 6 October 1961, 40 kt, 41.3 km
    ##Test #127, 27 October 1961, 1.2 kt, 150 km
    ##Test #128, 27 October 1961, 1.2. kt, 300 km

    United States USA – Dominic I – (Operation Fishbowl) – Johnston Atoll, Pacific Ocean
    ##Bluegill, 3 June 1962, failed
    ##Bluegill Prime, 25 July 1962, failed
    ##Bluegill Double Prime, 15 October 1962, failed
    ##Bluegill Triple Prime, 26 October 1962, 410 kt, 50 km
    ##Starfish, 20 June 1962, failed
    ##Starfish Prime, 9 July 1962, 1.4 Mt, 400 km (The largest man made nuclear explosion in outer space)
    ##Checkmate, 20 October 1962, 7 kt, 147 km
    ##Kingfish, 1 November 1962, 410 kt, 97 km

    Soviet Union USSR – Soviet Project K nuclear tests – Kapustin Yar
    ##Test #184, 22 October 1962, 300 kt, 290 km
    ##Test #187, 28 October 1962, 300 kt, 150 km
    ##Test #195, 1 November 1962, 300 kt, 59 km

    Does anyone think that this may have/still is contributing to climate change ?

  8. Bus_Stop, I trust you are kidding about progress on the Utilities audit ?

    The part that pissed me off, I even had a vision of the City Administration giving us the finger, was the last page of the Audit Opinion signed by our good friend Paul Joyce. Here goes :

    “Management has omitted Management’s Discussion and Analysis that accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America requires to be presented to supplement the financial statements. Such missing information, although not a part of the financial statements, is required by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board who considers it to be an essential part of financial reporting . . . . “.

    This is utter disregard for the citizens. Are the accounting people too busy with their cover up to even provide readers with the context of the numbers ? For an entity which had its 2013 Bonds rated as ‘negative trend’ by S & P, this seems an egregious act. I hope Gail Riecken absolutely POUNCES on this, and makes hay. I’m sure Friend will give her a few pointers.

  9. I would like to make this Vectren appreciation day. They have done a great job over the past week keeping the electricity and gas flowing. I know the democrats will be screaming because they expect everything to be free but as a conservative I’m willing to pay my way and part of yours. Plus 1 for Vectren. Isn’t that where Brad Ellsworth the sweetheart of the local democrat party works?

    • Vectren is doing a fine job on solar energy as well by pushing that
      SB 1320 at the state house. May be a “make or brake” for those solar
      customers. They will be required to pay a higher electric rate to offset
      their invested savings. While we are paying the second highest rate in
      the country, the solar customers will bypass the number one rate from
      the NYC area.

      Asked “California Joe” to give his input on this.
      A monthly fee of $10 for grid hook up would likely be fair.
      Based off of Vectren gas/electric distribution charges, I do not
      see less then a $25 a month from those cats!

      • Vectren should be defeated in their attempt to stiffly solar energy progress in this state.

    • Most are red or leaning red. All the proof you need that republican trickle down voodoo shit causes nothing but misery. Still pov the dumb ass is convinced otherwise despite the evidence.

      • I’m for freedom above all else. Indiana is the 3rd most free state in the union. I credit this to conservatives. The least free states have a long history of liberal control. If I work long enough and hard enough I’ll do well in this country. If I work long and hard democrats will take my stuff and give it away for the common good. Those are Hillary’s words. No way am I against tax, we need good roads, parks, sidewalks, traffic lights, efd, epd and all the common good stuff. I am against inviting millions of people into this country and putting them on food stamps, Medicaid, rent assist and getting up to $8000.00 earned income tax credit refund. Charity begins at home.

        • Where the hell did you find a ranking of how “free” each state is?? It sounds like a subjective crock of it that really ranks how far right each state is.

          • Do your own research. Unless it’s done by some socialist or liberal group you probably wouldn’t believe it. Freedom is not important to liberals, they readily give up personal freedom in exchange for a government handout. If we can keep conservatives in charge of this state for a few more years we will move to #1. RTW is a freedom not enjoyed by many states, the school choice voucher is another. Parents can now use the tax dollars set aside for their children to get an education of choice over the force fed garbage of public schools. The children of low income conservative parents can now get the same educational opportunities as the rich democrats that go to the private schools. Just look at what the democrats have done to Evansville, luckily our young folks are still free to leave and they are exercising that right. You always seem to be the worse at criticizing Winnecke but refuse to blame it on the democrats for getting him in office. You are very subjective in selecting who and what to criticize. At times it appears that your mind operates like hardened fecal matter caught in a whirlpool in the Ohio river and it’s anybody’s guess where it’ll surface.

          • RTW is in half of the states, (not many?)
            Many parents, both (D) & (R) put their kids thru on their own dime.
            Charter schools are “for profit” entity. State C&C smiles on this!
            Students can go to any school within the EVSC jurisdiction.
            Tony Bennett “IS BACK” consulting charter and voucher reform!
            “Rich Democrats”, makes as much sense as “Poor Republicans”.

            Base off of a Libertarian think tank at George Mason University
            Per “FOX NEWS” 4-4-13 has our state shaded in the 16-25th

          • They are just a “limited focus” group started 25 years ago.
            My reference was from a think tank of many sources!

      • Ghost is a liberal arts grad that promised to move away when he got a job. Surprisingly he hasn’t found a job. Blames all this on the GOP. Go figure.

        • There you go again, Joe, spouting your favorite lie. He has a job, and is doing the “conservative” thing, working and saving his money to escape this place.

  10. I noticed something today over at Evansville Transparency’s Facebook page. Brian E. Buxton has posted the names of two of the cleaning people but then later some of his post vanished. Luckily ET had a screen capture of Brian’s Comments showing him giving up the names of Brenda Harris and her son.

    So who is Brian E. Buxton and why would he give the names out on ET’s Facebook page? I’m not familiar with this guy. But there is also a photo of him (selfie) driving the Mayor in what appears to be a parade. So does he work for the Mayor? Why did he delete his comments on the ET Facebook page after putting them on the ET facebook page? Is that possible or did someone else remove them from the ET facebook page? I’m glad that a screen shot was preserved of the most important Brian E. Buxton post that day.

    • I believe he is proprietor of “Buxton Motorsports”. He’s a dealer in used cars and sport vehicles who isn’t open to the public and doesn’t customarily carry much of an inventory. It appears they have a large “detail shop” and detail high-end vehicles for their owners, as well. He’s a car and boat buff, apparently, who is a strong supporter of Evansville’s failed Mayor. The car connection and his politics explain the “selfie” he has begged ET to remove.

      • So, he washes the rich folks cars? Noble profession. Don’t anybody make fun of that. When my kid needs money I make him wash the car too. No free rides.

          • I expect he does. His business site says he employs a detailer, so he may not be “hands on” in that part of his business. I see that he has “toned down” his description of himself considerably on the site from what it was when he first threw out the names of Brenda Harris and Patrick Zachary, in the past few days. He still paints a picture of himself as a true “Renaissance man,” though.
            I doubt Marver could have accomplished everything he wanted done at a price he wanted to pay if he had hired professionals, but you get what you pay for.

          • I noticed that he’s friends with the John Graybill guy. The guy that’s been complaining about the Marina for a while and went to some city board to complain about the Marina.

    • The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet the Press” from Sunday Sept. 7th at 11:48:04 EST. The then Senator was asked about his stance on the American Flag.
      General Bill Gann’ (ret) asked OBama why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.
      The General stated to Obama that according to the United States , Title 36, Chapter 10, Section 171…
      During rendition of the Nation Anthem,–When the Flag is displayed, are expected to stand at attention facing the Flag with the right hand over the Heart, or at the very least to Stand and face it.

      Senator Obama replied,— “As I have said about the Flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides.”
      “There are a lot of people in the World to whom the American Flag is a symbol of Oppression.” “The Anthem
      itself conveys a war-like message, You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”
      Obama continued,–“The National Anthem should be “swapped” for something less parochial and something less bellicose.” I like the song ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing’ if that were our Anthem, then I might salute it.
      In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as redesign our Flag, to better
      offer our enemies Peace and Love. It is my intention if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance by our Mid Eastern Brethren. If we as a Nation of warring people, conduct ourselves like the Nations of Islam
      where Peace prevails–perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments..”
      “When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war, or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed
      upon the nations of Islam an unfair injustice, which is why My wife disrespects the Flag, and she and I have attended several Flag burning ceremonies in the past.”
      ” Of course Now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States, and I have to put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring change to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Nation’s First Black Family. Indeed Change is about to overwhelm the United States of America..”

      • Conservative always emphasize empty “patriotic” gestures and pithy bumper sticker slogans over intelligence, nuance, and skills.

        • Do you mean like “Yes We Can”, “we gotta spread the wealth”, or even “give Amurica a raise”? Those fit well on bumper stickers. Then there is the classic “2 chickens in every pot”. Both sides when grubbing for votes have a well oiled slogan machine.

            • I know the point you were trying to make. Your point was that republicans are inherently stupid creatures who speak in 3 word sentences. My point is that applies equally to democrats. The real difference seems to be that republicans seem to know they are dumb and even embrace their ignorance while democrats are afflicted with a superiority complex and unable to realize they are just as damn dumb as the republicans.

          • Liberals have not been happy since their beloved Soviet Union expired. Liberals have rode the backs of conservatives in this country for 70 years and are still not happy. Liberals think they have a monopoly on brains and can’t understand why they’re not rich. Let me give you a clue, you’ve got to work and take risk. You can’t steal 2nd base without taking your foot off first, for you to understand this in liberal terms, you can’t work, take risk and keep your EBT card and section 8 housing. The rich owe you nothing regardless of what Obama says.

        • +1!! Those things are easier for them to remember. Many of them appear to have major problems with their memories. They’re really suspicious of those who doubt that “exceptionalism” is built into the DNA of every American, too.

        • If you think that Our Flag and the 250yrs of sacrifice by men and women to preserve your freedom is not worth respect,—but Obama is?— Then there is nothing more to say to you,
          We know where you stand.

          • Oh yes the Flag, the precious, precious flag!! And how should we honor the sacrifices? By being mindless drones who nod their heads up and down in agreement with everything the MIC says like some trained seals.

            Let’s all stand for “the pledge” now. Wow how creepy.

            So now instead of having a debate about our crumbling infrastructure or massive wealth and income inequality, we’re having a “debate” about who loves America the most. Oh look Obama is standing at attention instead of having his hand over his heart.

            Wow man. That is really something.

        • I seriously doubt you can get past affirmative actions, where intelligence, nuance, and skills are important.

    • So, does this mean Bibi has replaced Vlad as the far right lunatic fringe’s “man crush”?

      • Either of their lovers would gladly put an icepick in their ear. They’ll demonize Vlad the Impaler as necessary or told, they are fickle. They like Bibi because he’s bellicose and will rain bombs down indiscriminately on whoever happens to be in the area. Makes them feel tough by proxie. Makes them feel like they are doing God’s work. They also like it that he’ll generously allow us to keep giving him money and using our country as a foil for his political objectives.

  11. Wow….last week, February 17, by a vote of 86 yea and 27 nay with 5 excused, the Indiana House of Reps voted to eliminate the common construction wage House Bill 1019 provision which required that all state funded construction projects must pay their construction workers the highest hourly rate in the particular area the project is performed including the benefits…counter part of the Federal Davis-Beacon Act…in review of who supported the bill was House Speaker Bosma and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Tim Brown…of the 27 who opposed the bill was our own Ms Riecken….

    This bill is the final nail in the trades coffin together with the Right to Work bill passed to sessions ago…of course this is all master-minded by Winnecke’s party…guess those sucker local union leaders (or lack thereof) have been drinking the Kool-Aid by giving their rank and files hard-earned money to Winnecke who in turn has forwarded part and parcel to his party buddies in Indy, namely Gov Pence and Company…What is even more amazing, they are supporting Winnecke for Mayor turing their backs on one of the only advocates for their cause, Gail Riecken … as it was once said, forgive them for they know NOT what they do…. so as it seems, while our hard working families struggle to meet their daily needs the union leadership will be enjoying the comforts in Winnecke World …. there are SUCKERS born each and everyday!!!

      • If business members(republicans) could think for themselves,
        they would not need the Chamber of Commerce and their lobbyist
        at all levels of government!

  12. When you kill the unions you kill the middle class. When the middle class dies the US is dead. I learned that in the 6 grade. The Republican patriots are killing the country.

    • Yes, and their victims are cheering them on. Co-opting those folks into voting against their best interests and then doing it again and again was their greatest coup.

      • That’s why they have to destroy public education. Ignorance is the friend of the right wing.

        • LKB…you have it all turned around as usual. Ever since the democrats created the Department of Education, test scores have been declining. All the while the amount of money spent per student has continued to rise. Something has caused the cost to skyrocket over the years and that something is the teachers union. And as far as your other comment goes, blind ignorance for the liberal way of life is your only friend in this world. Please follow through on your promises and move away.

          P.S. Take ghost with you. when you go. Your hatred and bile is not needed in our fair state.

    • Big money in politics enables them to fool half the public to vote themselves into slavery. The Republicans killed this country and I don’t know if we can turn it around.

      • Indiana Chamber of Commerce is behind this, as in most of the super majority legislative
        agenda! Don’t forget the meeting between election and first of year, when the State C of C
        spelled out to the Repubs what they wanted and expected!

      • The biggest political donors in this country are unions and they have the democrats in their hip pockets. You know it must really chap the rears of liberals, the intellectual giants of this country with their none saleable liberal arts and sociology degrees when they have to smooze with low life union members to get their votes. Treat those democrat union workers real nice then drive off in your little none American, none union made Volvo or other foreign car.

      • Why does it matter what sector that union member belongs?

        Real question would be, what is the number of republican
        state legislators that are in the State Chamber of Commerce
        hip pocket? answer is “ALL”

        • That’s a broad stroked brush you are using there . I am sure there are a few who aren’t in the hip pocket. Also if you do the research, I am sure there are many deems in there too.

      • My question was to Lookout. My point is the % of the work force and the “middle class” will be small i believe.

    • Unions are killing themselves. Union members don’t even support each other. To prove this point just look at the cars union workers drive. When they need a roof on their house do they hire union roofers, no they hire some cheap jackleg to do it. Union members didn’t support union grocery stores that used to be in this area and now they’re gone. This is a message to those union workers, keep on doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be gone. Unions have killed the middleclass in this country by doing sloppy work and causing our goods to go to the back of the shelf. The democrats must love unions because they keep working to bring more immigrants in to take your high paying low skill jobs. In a couple of years the management positions in local companies will be filled by someone who doesn’t speak English and your children will have to work for them. You can tell about the good old days when you were a member of the union and your children will have learned by the 6th grade that unions killed the risk takers that made this country great.

      • It depends very much on where you live. Evansville’s middle class wage is New York City’s poverty line. That is why wage laws should all be determined locally.

        • You’re conflating the right’s position on minimum wage and the local prevailing wage. Read “South of the Border’s” comment and THEN “plug in” the correct rightie stance.

    • The First Amendment gives you the right to say that, but I think most authorities would disagree with you.

      • And by “authoritive” she means herself, Ghost, Arstrongres and any other poster that agrees with her self styled superior intellect. They know all about any and every subject. Just ask them, they will tell you.

    • Arm has a good question. How do you define middle class. I don’t think you can do it with one set of numbers due to the cost of living factor. The dollars that make the Mid class in NY or Cali would be way high for the south.

      • “Muddy Waters” Nice pickout; Bandana. Heard’em play Forty days and forty nights, At the Mark plaza, Millwaulkee once way back, awesome.

        “McKinley Morganfield”
        “He is often considered the “father of modern Chicago blues”. Muddy Waters grew up on Stovall Plantation near Clarksdale, Mississippi and by age seventeen was playing the guitar at parties, emulating local blues artists Son House and Robert Johnson. He was recorded by Alan Lomax there for the Library of Congress in 1941. In 1943, he headed to Chicago with the hope of becoming a full-time professional musician, eventually recording, in 1946, for first Columbia and then Aristocrat Records, a newly formed label run by brothers Leonard and Phil Chess.” ( · Text under CC-BY-SA license)

        This You tube video with that song defines the regression of Evansville Indiana graphically.

        • Those graphics do pretty well describe E’ville after the coming pulse. Come to think of it, ‘Muddy Waters’ is a fairly apt name for it now.

          Hard to beat him for blues.

    • Graybill and Buxton take the cake and run with it. This election is going to be dirty.

  13. Did Bill O’Reily do the same thing and Brian Williams? Embellish their war time stories. I wonder if Faux Noise will give O’Reily his walking papers and put him out to pasture?

    • Move, I watched Mr. O’ Reilly the night he refuted those charges. He provided documentation from his employer (CBS) that showed the allegations by the left wingers as false. They will have to come up with something else.

      • 6 other people who were there working for CBS with O’Reiley at the time say other wise. Bill is a liar or has a wild imagination or both. At Least Brian Williams is man enough to admit when he makes a mistake. O’Reiley just lies again and double down. How can we trust a guy like that? I never did trust much of what O’Reily said and now other’s have a good reason to distrust him as well.

        • Fox seldom backs down on their lies. Their failure to admit their own errors is one of the reasons so many ignoramuses believe everything they hear there.

          • O’Reilly has made millions building liberal strawmen and knocking them down, and bilking the gullible. He’s a loathsome human.

        • Like any other liberal shill, Williams only admitted his mistake after being clued out on it by military personal. If they had not said a word, he would have continued to tell his false story. I know nothing about the O’Reilly story, so I will not comment, other than to tie what you say with a grain of salt, because I know of your and other posters leftist leanings, and I don’t trust you any further than I can trow you.

      • Do you have a link showing that documentation as I’d like to see it. Does it prove that he was in the faulkland Island during the war between Britain and Argentina? If not then I’m not interested in what Faux Noise said. They have Zero Credibility in this matter.

      • He certainly bears watching. O’Reilly has never pointed a loofah at a girl unless he meant to use it.

        • Even when he calls it a “falafel”. When I first heard about that, I lost my appetite for falafel for awhile.

          • It think that disgusting stunt cost that arrogant vinegar-drinker millions. He settled it with a confidentiality clause 2 weeks after Mackris filed it. She taped his ass, I’m sure not how he intended.
            âž– âž– âž– âž–
            ❝ Bill O’Reilly settled a sexual harassment lawsuit by his former producer last night, ending what he called a “brutal ordeal” without an apology.

            The Fox News talk show host also agreed to drop his extortion suit against Andrea Mackris and her attorney, Benedict Morelli, according to a statement by O’Reilly’s lawyer. The deal likely involves payment of millions of dollars to Mackris, since the two sides were discussing an offer of well over $2 million when negotiations broke down, say sources close to O’Reilly. Both parties agreed to keep the details confidential, according to the statement. ❞
            ~~ Washington Post, Oct. 29, 2004

  14. Interesting article in today’s C&P about the collapsed building on Heidelbach near Bosse Field; the former Budlock Refrigeration/Industrial Liquidators/Flea Mart building. This might explain why Jim Stallings closed his latest local enterprise, Liquidations Inc On Line, two weeks ago and skeedaddled off to Florida (again).

    Great track record: failed car dealership in Western Kentucky, Industrial Liquidators (Evansville), Flea Mart (Evansville), Liquidations Inc On Line (Fares Ave, Evansville), Liquidations Inc On Line (Tampa, FL), Liquidations Inc On Line (New York Ave, Evansville).

  15. When do we get to know the identities of the dirt bags that were harassing the publisher?

    • Ron will tell us when the time is right. I understand it takes a few days to trace down the information.

    • Hell in that town? Doubt that.

      verb (used with object)
      to be uncertain about; consider questionable or unlikely; hesitate to believe.

      noun r/2 ,
      a feeling of uncertainty about the truth, reality, or nature of something.
      a state of affairs such as to occasion uncertainty.
      Obsolete. fear; dread.

  16. The collective circle jerk is impressive to watch today! Liberal life preservers are sailing through the air with much more frequency. Wonder why that is?

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