OPEN FORUM National – APRIL 4 , 2015

Editors Note:
READ THE FOLLOWING COMMENTARY AND DECIDE IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH OPINION OF REGULAR CCO POSTER JOE BIDEN.  Todays ‘OPEN FORUM” starts off with a food for thought by our seemly conservative poster JOE BIDEN.  Hope you will have fun with taking on JOE BIDEN posted remarks about his favorite subject, the President of the United States.
If JOE BIDEN post doesn’t get your attention please feel free to post your own subject for open discussion.  Remember, please keep your remarks civil!
IS IT TRUE THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA IS ON A RECKLESS POLICY MISSION TO THE DETRIMENT OF AMERICA AND ITS ALLIES? When George W. Bush left office, Libya was a halfway ally, which had dropped its nuclear weapons program at the insistence of the Bush administration.
That was a victory for sanity over extreme danger – i.e., the risk that nukes would fall into the hands of suicide-glorifying gangs like al-Qaeda and ISIS.
Today, Obama has overthrown Gaddafi for no particular reason, causing tens of thousands of deaths and a raging civil war in Libya.
When George W. Bush left office, Egypt was still a stable country at peace with its neighbors.  So were Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen.  Even Iraq and Afghanistan were taking precarious steps toward stability.
After six years of Obamanismo, Egypt is at civil war with the Muslim Brotherhood and with ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorists in the Sinai Desert.  Egypt has blown up a reported sixty smuggling tunnels to Hamas in Gaza, because Hamas is the terrorist group spun off by the Brotherhood.  Obama has consistently supported the MooBros in the battle against Egyptian stability.
Now Syria is being torn apart between Iran-supported Shi’ites and Saudi-supported Sunnis, notably the Al Nusrah murder gang, now part of ISIS.  ISIS itself exploded into power after Obama told Americans during the election that al-Qaeda is “decimated.”  Al-Qaeda is alive, all right, and now its big brother ISIS is laying claim to parts of Iraq and Syria to set up a caliphate – a Muslim sharia empire”.

“When George W. left office, the most threatened and yet the most modern nation in the Middle East, Israel, was feeling reasonably safe.  So were Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni powers like Egypt.

Today they are all frightened to death by Obama’s obsessive surrender to Iranian nukes.
All over the Middle East, people see the United States as an enemy rather than a friend.  The only exception is the two anarchic forces Obama has supported over and over again: the Iranian war priests, the mullahs, and their fanatical troops; and on the Sunni side, the Muslim Brotherhood, which has a dozen known loyalists in high positions in this administration.”

“We see the Chicago way with Iran as well. In the midst of negotiations, Iran’s supreme leader chants the tired mantra “Death to America.” The Iranian military builds a mockup of a U.S. carrier to practice attacks on it. The Obama position proves more lenient than that of either the U.N. or our European partners, which is not an easy thing to do. Yet Obama doubles down and continues full bore to squeeze out any kind of agreement he can — even if that means it might be merely oral, not written, and a bastardized treaty somehow designed to avoid Senate scrutiny. The point is not that all this is outrageous, but rather that it is deliberately outrageous, again begging the question, “So what are you going to do about it?” Obama’s Chicago sense appeals to the lowest common denominator: The more brazenly he is making a point, the more he thinks he will earn a certain admiration from his base, a sense of some sort that he is capable of anything and that progressive morality trumps antiquated laws.

“Just hours after the announcement of what the United States characterized as a historic agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, the country’s leading negotiator lashed out at the Obama administration for lying about the details of a tentative framework.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif accused the Obama administration of misleading the American people and Congress in a fact sheet it released following the culmination of negotiations with the Islamic Republic.  Zarif bragged in an earlier press conference with reporters that the United States had tentatively agreed to let it continue the enrichment of uranium, the key component in a nuclear bomb, as well as key nuclear research.  Zarif additionally said Iran would have all nuclear-related sanctions lifted once a final deal is signed and that the country would not be forced to shut down any of its currently operating nuclear installations.”
“It is impossible to overstate the potential catastrophe of the emerging deal. If the terms reported by the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and others become final, it would mean the United States and leading UN powers give their blessing for the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism to have the ultimate weapon, effectively rewarding Iran for decades of criminal behavior and acts of war against America, Israel and others.
The deal also would launch a new round of nuclear proliferation among Arab states, with Saudi Arabia long promising to get a bomb if Iran does. Others fearful of Iran’s dominance are sure to follow, escalating the tit-for-tat patterns in the region into a nuclear nightmare.
In addition, an unbound Iranian nuclear industry and spreading enrichment technology make it likely that one or more of the Islamic terror groups, including Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Islamic State, is likely to get the bomb. And there is no doubt they would use it.
In short, the unfolding nuclear landscape presents the whole of mankind with unprecedented peril.
The terms of the developing agreement, as explained to reporters by negotiators, vindicates concerns that Obama would surrender to Iranian demands while claiming otherwise. He caved in with a deal that envisions a decade-long phase-out of restrictions, allowing Obama to say that there will be no bomb on his watch.
In reality, that is meaningless. The American stamp of approval for a nuclear Iran instantly reshapes geopolitical strategies.
“Roll out a map of the Middle East these days, close your eyes, and place a finger down on any spot. You’re likely to land on some area of turmoil encouraged by the Obama Administration’s blunders. So we’re relieved to be able to praise President Obama this week for moving to repair relations with Egypt.
On Tuesday Mr. Obama lifted an arms freeze he had imposed after the military overthrew the government run by the Muslim Brotherhood two years ago. The move freed the delivery of F-16 fighters, Abrams tanks and Harpoon missiles. The White House also let it be known that Mr. Obama had assured Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi that he’ll no longer block the $1.3 billion in annual military aid that Congress has authorized.
Ending the embargo will help to improve ties with an ally who has contributed to stability in a region roiled by Shiite and Sunni Muslim extremists. The U.S. arms blockade was merely pushing Mr. Sisi and the generals toward closer ties with Russia or China, which would be only too happy to replace the U.S. as arms supplier.
The former general is certainly no liberal, which has the usual American suspects calling for his excommunication from U.S. relations. (These are the same American liberals who see wondrous reform potential in Iran’s mullahs.) Mr. Sisi has cracked down brutally on the Muslim Brotherhood and put former President Mohammed Morsi in prison.
Yet Mr. Sisi also spared Egypt from the slow-rolling Islamic coup that Mr. Morsi was seeking to impose. An Islamist terror campaign continues in the Sinai Peninsula and sometimes in Egypt’s cities. He has stopped Muslim assaults on Egypt’s Coptic Christians. He is welcoming foreign investment and seems to understand that Egypt needs much faster economic growth to provide jobs for its millions of young people.
Mr. Sisi has also helped Israel control the flow of arms from Iran into Gaza from the Sinai. He has helped to fight Islamic State in Libya, and he has been a rare Muslim leader willing to tell Islamic clerics that the religion needs reform that disavows murder in the name of Allah.
According to a recent Center for Immigration Studies report, America between 2010 and 2013 imported more people from Muslim countries than Central America and Mexico combined. And now, with the president’s executive amnesty, the welcome mat is bigger than ever.
That’s a major shift in immigration flows — and one that poses a major national security threat.
If just a fraction of these nearly 300,000 new Muslim immigrants follow in the footsteps of the Franco-Algerian brothers who just terrorized Paris, we could be facing chronic terror. The main homeland threat from groups like the Islamic State comes through our immigration system. If they also use our loose policies as a vehicle for jihad, we will face the same crisis as France and the rest of Eurabia.
If enough trained jihadist fighters get into the country, they could band together and launch regular car bombings and tactical assaults, effectively orchestrating insurgencies in our cities, including the capital.
It’s not far-fetched. Just 19 foreign Muslims killed some 3,000 Americans and crippled the economy within just two years of entering the U.S.
Fifteen of them were Saudi nationals. Yet Obama welcomed 43,878 more Saudis from 2010 to 2013, mostly young men here on a student visa deal Obama cut with the Saudi king. At least 88,894 Saudis now live here.  If some never show up on college campuses or they overstay their visas, it doesn’t matter. Obama is no longer enforcing deportations.  And if they qualify for amnesty, many can now get the kind of documentation — including Social Security cards, driver’s licenses and work permits — that the 9/11 Commission warned against. Would-be foreign terrorists are freer than ever to conduct surveillance, coordinate operations, receive funding, go to flight school, obtain weapons and materials, and execute attacks.
Over the 2010-2013 period, Obama let in an additional 41,094 from war-torn Iraq and 38,644 from Egypt. Meanwhile, he’s cut Israeli immigration by 817.  While America ushers in Islamic immigrants, Europe is pulling up the welcome mat.
In recent months, both France and Britain have proposed imposing curbs on immigration out of fear of importing more terrorists. The bills will likely pass in the wake of the Paris massacre.  Thanks to mass immigration from North Africa, France’s Muslim population has swelled to 6.5 million, or 10% of its population. More than 1,000 French Muslims have joined IS. A recent poll found that 27% of French Muslims ages 18-24 support the Islamic State.  Growing pockets of radicalism are spreading in towns throughout France. There are no-go zones for police, not just in Paris but all over the country. Authorities say that they’ve lost control of the situation. Muslim attacks on police and synagogues are now regular events.
The problem has been that many of these Muslim immigrants refuse to integrate into Western society. And now some are killing their hosts.  Why are we letting foreign Muslims flood our shores when most of Europe now regrets liberalizing immigration from Muslim countries? We are just setting ourselves up for the same internal security crisis.

President Obama, in my opinion, has wholly failed as Commander-in-Chief to act in the best interests of the United States.  The only question is whether Obama failed out of incompetency or clear purpose.  Putting all this together, clear purpose can be the only answer.  Obama declassified information on the Israeli nuclear program while simultaneously working to ensure the Iranian nuclear program is protected from bombing by any of our former allies like Israel, Egypt or even the Saudis.  Obama tries to force Israel to accept a permanent Palestinian State when Hamas routinely attacks Israel from Gaza,  while Obama ignores the Iranian promises to wipe Israeli off the map and Mullah’s chants of “Death to America”.   The Iranians then accuse Obama about lying to the American people about the Iranian concessions.  It’s sad when the Iranians have more credibility than Obama and John Kerry.  Obama was until Tuesday punishing Egyptian President Sisi for rooting out the radical Egyptian Brotherhood by freezing US military aid.  Egypt and Jordan had been bravely and effectively fighting against ISIS barbarism, until the ISIS problem became so severe that Obama was forced to help our former ally.  Egypt and Israel had even worked together against the radical Hamas terrorists.    It is striking that secular and elected governments of Israel and Egypt draw Obama’s ire, while the radical Islamic Iranian Mullahs and radical Islamic Egyptian Brotherhood are to be coddled and nurtured toward a patch of secular and elected government.  With all this global strife, Obama greatly expands immigration into the US from countries rife with radical Islamic terrorists.  Obama gifted Al Qaeda with 5 of their most dangerous military leaders from Gitmo, in exchange for a known US deserter and then Obama holds a press conference at the White House where the deserter’s father thanks Allah and they walk away arm in arm.  Strange days indeed.  Our next Presidential election will be perhaps the most critical election ever for the United States.  Will we continue on a intentionally reckless pass to allow the seeds of radical Islam to grow both worldwide and in the United States?  Or will we elect a leader with the courage to tirelessly work for protecting the national security of the United States and allies worldwide?  If you really care about this Country and want the best for your children and future generations, the choice is clear.  Vote for a real conservative.  It’s the only hope we have.  It really is.


  1. Read a few sentences then quit. The Joe Biden poster is a crackpot not worth my time.

    • Thanks Joe Biden for a very compelling overview of undisputable facts. History.

    • +1 I stopped reading after the Obama killed Kaddafi for no particular reason. How can anyone reason with Joebiden when he says or reposts meaningless drivel like that. I don’t read that drivel just as I don’t listen to Russ Limbaugh or Sean Hannity on the right wing radio stations or watch faux noise on TV. I really don’t believe anything that comes out of a TV station owned by Rupert Murdock a Tory like English Bastard that has no problem telling lies after lies on his Faux Noise TV Channel.

      Editor it’s no fun having to correct all these lies that are told from the Extreme Right wingers on talk radio and right wing extreme tv stations let alone have to read that BS in here every day

      But at they say controversy sells news paper ads. So I understand that you have to play to both sides.

      Now let the other Right Wing looney tunes come on in and attack the messenger. Today is Saturday and the sun is shinning and I have better things to do the rest of the day than to read and response to the right wing nuts in here.

      Today is the first games of the final four Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament and this evening that’s what I’m going to be watching on TV. So you RWN have fun in here today. But I’d bet that Quark can handle all you RWN all by himself if he so desires. All he has to do is sprinkle a little truth on the subjects you bring up. I’m told that sunshine kills fungus.

      • moveon, President Obama himself admitted the mistake in Lybia:

        “If he could do it all over again, President Barack Obama might have done some things differently in Libya.”

        “The Obama regime launched a congressionally unapproved bombing campaign to terminate the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. But once Gaddafi was killed, Obama lost interest. And when Ambassador Chris Stevens was tortured and killed, along with three other Americans, on September 11, 2012, the benign neglect of Libya turned into an outright cover-up. To this day, the administration denies the serious security mistakes that lead to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.”

      • Move, In reference to your description of Mr Murdock (?). Please see the editor’s comments about being civil.

        • I talked with him and he said to stop stalking me. You get the picture cowboy.

          PS: this morning when I got up it looked like it would be a nice sunny warm day at first. But it’s still pretty chilly out there today so I put my outdoor plans off until tomorrow. Which is why I’m back in here again.

          I did find a cool picture of the F-111 Aardvark that President Regan ordered to try to kill Col Kaddafi of Libya. So I get the most cherish GOP President was as bad as the GOP mistakenly thinks that current President Obama is when he killed Kaddafi of Libya! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

          And Cowboy you just need to shut up kiddo. Every time you open your mouth BS comes out even when you talk in the form of leading questions that make implications that are not provable with the true facts. In other words you stink.

          • Move, Well i guess that is about as civil as you can get. If the editor okayed you calling Mr. Murdock that name you must be his special (?).

          • Cowboy you really are something else. And that not in a good way. Can you ever just do anything other than BITCH in here or ask stupid and misleading questions. You are not anyone’s keeper in here so get use to the fact that you don’t control these forums. You will just have to live with that fact.

        • Mr. Murdock is a extremist in many ways and all you have to do is talk to him to see how extreme he is. We should not allow foreigners to own TV stations in the USA. They should never be allowed to control the hearts and minds of the American populace. I’d just as soon not see some rich foreign telling us what to think or do or say in the USA. I stand by what I said about Murdock and his stupid biased Fox Noise Channel. It’s a fact that O’Reilly lied to try to impresses his bosses at CBS and embellished news stories many times. But Fox Noise has no integrity or the/he Murdock would have fired Bill O’Reilly years ago.

          • Move, George Soros and his Move On. org group has your mind and heart. You sound like you are quoting from their writings. By the way, he isn’t from the U.S. either.

  2. Prefer local political coverage vs. debate over Presidents.

    Evansville has a lot of problems, we need a lot of coverage.

    • “Evansville has a lot of problems, we need a lot of coverage.”

      Looks like that’s a easily seen problem, even from afar we’d have to agree.
      You have a multitude of issues the mainstream media won’t report on, or will do their best to suppress the truth about some subjects. The audits fiasco is one that really comes to mind.

    • With what is happening on the national/international stage, our problems here are peepee in the ocean.

      • Mega D, spot on. Sure we have local problems including the decaying historic McCurdy Hotel and the closure of Mesker Amphitheater for lack of basic maintenance, but the intentional damage this President is doing to the United States is incalculable. Hopefully, it is not irreversible. Pray that it is not irreversible.

        • What is so ironic is these people trash Winnecke about spending and give Obama a pass on his countless missteps and lies.

          Nixon had fewer than 18 minutes of missing tape. Hillary scrubbed her hard drive clean and that’s nothing. Situation ethics

        • What damage. He is doing good unlike your favored President Bush who did considerable damage to the USA’s reputation as a nation of good. Right now the entire middle east still hates the USA due to the actions that Bush/Cheney took when they were in office. What Obama is doing now is undoing the damage that Bush/Cheney did. That’s pretty obvious to most people unless they only watch Faux Noise TV channel and are clueless to what’s really happening in the world.

          BTW. Regan tried to kill Col Kaddafi and only killed Kaddafi’s daughter instead. JoeBiden did you vote for Ronald Regan?

          • Now our reputation is that we,re milquetoast. They still hate us and now they dont even respect us.

          • Some of the Muslims hate people like you Mega. If they could watch people like you they would learn that not all Americans are like you or think like you. War mongering is more of less a GOP trait. I guess those GOP war mongers own stock in the Military Industrial Complexes big winners in the Defense Industry.

  3. Biden provided much information which an opponent reading more than a few sentences could refute… or not.

    • IE: If I had some extra free time I’d do some research and find out why we took out Col Kaddafi. I’m pretty sure that there was a valid reason for doing that. As just from my own personal memory I do remember US President Regan sending in some aircraft that were assigned the task of taking out Col Kaddafi when Reagan was in the White House. Maybe you can ask his wife Nancy what the ‘STARS’ told her to tell her husband to do with Kaddafi. Nancy Reagan, wife of President Ronald Reagan 1980 to 1988, was well know to have gypsies come in and read her palms to predict the future and to use the astrological signs of the heavens to tell her what to think. Ha Ha. What a goof. And it’s well know that her husband did what ever Nancy told him to do. You know the old saying. Behind every successful man there is a good woman in the background. But I guess we can’t always believe what we hear no can we?

  4. What about the 3.6 million the Mayor is now counting twice to build a lower quality hotel?

    • The public is too stupid to care. Nothing will actually sink in until we are totally broke.

        • Evansville. USA too if we keep voting to allow republicans continue their endless war spending and crony military spending.

          • And, of course, the ever expanding dependent class. The CIC is not republican Ghost. He decides on military actions.

          • Crony corporate welfare dwarfs the pennies we spend feeding some hungry kids. You’re fine with welfare if it goes to rich white guys whose boots you like to lick.

          • Ghost, I’d agree with you but then we would both be wrong. If only it were as simple as feeding a few hungry kid but when 43% of our population is on the dole in some fashion…and I don’t mean SS or Medicare – those benefits were earned thru PAYROLL deductions.

            Ill admit I was concerned to learn GE pays no taxes but Imhoff and Obama are buds. They shared quite a laugh over the “not so shovel ready jobs”.

  5. Did I type in the city-county-“country” observer this morning?

    Should had this so called “open forum” been more suited for this past Wednesday?

    IIT that many of us does glance at JB post, but when the word “Obama” pops up it is on to the next post?
    IIT that national/ world wide politics on this countries executive branch is normally subjective based on what political party one leans to, or lick their boots of? Not saying what Obama has done is right or wrong, but there is a “check and balance” government system in place that the “republican” congress can intervene. The Supreme Court is the third branch in place as needed.

    I see no mention of the “capitalist for profit” business using world wide “third world” countries slave labor
    rates and their youth. The capitalist are in cahoots with many “questionable” countries that do not follow our
    ways/laws of the land. When the “business “trump card” is used, it becomes ok then!

    This country has had the luxury of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans as a natural barrier, as well as our good friends Canada to the north to isolate us from the world. Mexico is another story. Here in the USA we have been around for just a short couple hundred years. In the JB bs. rants, this Mideast area has had thousands of years of turmoil, and it will never be civil as our own area! These people have had a chip on their shoulders
    for centuries, and likely justifiable, as the republicans hatred for Obama being the president for two elected terms. The bar of “ethics” was very low when the current president was sweep into office after those previous
    eight years of tenure!

    I view the executive office basically as a puppet position. It is the “behind the curtain” people of the upper crust who are actually leading the direction the figurehead takes.

  6. CCO. Why would you think anyone would want to “take on” Joe Biden’s truthful remarks? Several Joe detractors have commented with a collective “we don’t want to know”, hardly ” taking on” Joe and his facts.

  7. Could it be true that there will be more “open forum” in the future with a posters compelling redundant topic?

    • I think they played the ignorant religious right for a fiddle is what I think. Did you contribute cash to these buffoons? Stories where people do something extreme and get crowd funded are extremely common and they knew that. They’re counting the cash rolling in from fools like you. What pizza place caters weddings? Hah!

      • I am basking in my success this morning! When I first proposed a cell of Organizing for Idiocy in Evansville, the Maximum National leadership said it would never work. Idiocy, of course, is an abundant resource in heavily Democratic towns, but…they said the hatred and rage we need wasn’t here, only the garden-variety envy and resentment found in the typical progressive loafer or benefits community member whose food stamp card was a day late in being topped up.

        But–I had FAITH (a little inside liberal joke there)! The shrieking hatred against Republicans, Christians, and surprisingly, Jews, that I have encountered within Evansville’s progressive community has been wonderful to experience. There is no doubt that when the camps open, and we begin the great work of re-educating the reactionary political and religious elements of America, Evansville’s progressive community will be a prime source of guards and …executives (a little hard-left revolutionary joke there!).

        Sheer hatred is not enough, however. The ability for complete self-delusion and the ability to suspend rationality entirely is one of the rarest talents. Take for example the idea that the owners of Memories Pizza deliberately tricked a young liberal reporter into walking into their business and asking whether they would cater a gay wedding, knowing that their “no” response would provoke an avalanche of hatred and violent threats from liberals that in turn would generate sympathy leading to nearly a million dollars in donations. It is true that anyone with the brainpower of an earthworm would recognize the absurdity of such an idea. Even I thought the Maximum Leadership of OFI was mistaken in floating such a preposterous claim through our usual media operatives. Yet, our lower-level OFI activists all over the country not only swallowed the story, but they added even more nonsense to it! I am so proud that some of our own local OFI community has shed its critical faculties completely and is regurgitating this wholly ridiculous idea!

        J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
        Maximum co-coordinator
        Organizing for Idiocy
        Evansville Cell

          • Oh, yeah, Mr. Right-Winger… just you wait until OFI’s top junior activists publish their expose on some of the right-wing Republicans talking about running for president:

            Scott Walker once short-sheeted a progressive kid at summer camp…and lied when he said he paid $1 for a sweater at Kohls. He actually paid $1.05 when the sales tax is included.

            Ted Cruz is a …white Hispanic. If he had a son, none of President Obama’s imaginary sons would be safe under Ted Cruz. Also, intensive research has shown that Marco Rubio is also a white Hispanic.

            Rand Paul once forced a patient to use an eye chart with the big E pointed in the wrong direction.

            Mike Pence has concealed the fact that he was once a pizza delivery boy and idled his car for two minutes outside the residence of any customers he suspected were gay so that their pizza would be cold.

      • Ghost, when will you and your deep blue friends going to learn that you try to push good God loving people around the American people will push back. The verdict is in, the American people spoke with their wallets, and the vicious wolf pack that tried to destroy this family were driven away. O’Connor thanks you and praises God for turning what was planned for he destruction into a greater blessing than she could have imagined. That’s how God works.

      • Speaking of which, I just heard about another convicted murderer sueing for a state paid sex change operation. Does that sound reasonable to you Ghost? Maybe you and other lefties can take up collection. Oh,I almost forgot; you are only generous with other people’s money.

    • Perhaps they were hungry?
      Already went through their daily allotment of Little Red Riding Hoods?

  8. 9:00 am and just saw a bunch of political candidates are out rehabbing a park as I drove by. So many different candidates working together to better Evansville. I see Mosby shirts,Weaver Shirts, Windhorst shirts, Davis & Hart shirts oh wait none of those,must still be in bed and coming later. I guess. Glad to see work on our parks

    • Funny how they always show up right before election day comes. Where are they the other four years?

      • Laura Windhorst has modernized the City Clerk’s office. Also, she is the first City Clerk to direct that committee minutes be transcribed.

  9. How about a shout out to our E-ville Purple Aces ? They won their post season tourney by playing some outstanding ball. Best of all, the last few games were at home at the beautiful Ford center.

    • Let see. UE chose to go to a Division 1 rating after they did so well at the Division II level. Now they hardly ever make it into the Men’s College NCAA Basketball Tournament. They could have played at the Ford Center and showed the entire world that they were really a good ball club at our own Ford Center which held the Champion Ship game for the NCAA Division II men’s basketball games. But no they pull on their Big Boy pants and missed the Division 1 level Tournament.

      There is no mention of the NIT National Invitational Tournament for other Division I basketball teams that didn’t get an invite to the Big Boy’s Basketball Tournament.

      And where did the CIT come from? Heck I’ve never heard much about this basketball tournament. Is that held in the back yard where some one hung a basket up on the side of an old building?

      I guess that Marty can go PIG out now that his team finaly was able to get some recognition.

      Congratulations to the Evansville Aces men’s Basketball team for winning a tournament that I’ve never heard about before. Good job.

      Next year I hear there are having a tournament for men’s basketball teams that could not get an invite to the NCAA or the NIT tournaments. It’s going to be held at the guy at the Boy’s club.

      • Moveon I agree they’ve included way too many teams in the “post season” and the CBI and CIT are joke tournaments. That being said, going back to D2 is not that answer.

      • Move, When i posted the thing about the Aces i wondered if one of the local antis/whiners would bad mouth them. You didn’t surprise.

  10. Sorry No Comment on Mr Biden comment.
    I am here to talk about the Drunk Driver who crashed head on into the vehicle with the three Rietz High School students. One of the students has died. The other two are looking at a long road to recovery. The Drunk Driver was arrested on a warrant and released 30 minutes later. There were several comments on the other websites about the drunk driver only spending 30 minutes in the jail. The commenters were also upset that the Indiana Law changed on how long (if convicted) the sentence would be for this crime.

    I wish like everyone else that this “accident” did not occur. The stories I have read does not state where the drunk driver was drinking at or a friends home. I also wonder how many other drivers witness this drunk driver out and did nothing. It seems that everyone has a cell phone and no one called 911 to report this to law enforcement.

    I feel sorry for the pain that has been inflected on the victim,their families and friends. But I would like to see the community come together and pull out all of the stops to deter or stop this from happening again.

    If you see a drunk driver or some one intoxicated walking to their vehicle call 911 and give them the infromation they need to stop them.

    Okay I am done. Please continue complaining about the mayor and the president.

  11. Speaking of the president did anyone else notice the President’s latest change in immigration policy ? After he opened the border an invited the S. Americans up we had a lot of tear filled liberal stories about how tough it was on them to make the trip. His plan all along was for them to become anchors for their relatives left behind. Now its time to bring relatives and friends up and we taxpayers get to pick them up in their towns and fly them free of charge. This also allows them to access our welfare system quicker.

    • Illegals don’t get welfare. Sorry to burst your fox news bubble. The big money republican donors make money off the sweat of cheap $2/hr Mexican labor so of course they want to keep our status quo. Have them here working anyway but just not paying taxes.

      • Ghost, Illegals do get welfare just not as overt as this group. These people are treated different. They are helped to sign up for medical, housing and food stamps among other things. All the low income off the books jobs were filled long ago. The ones we bring in lately go straight to the dole. As far as working off the books i don’ think it is a political party doing it. It is all kinds of people.

      • Oh but the do including a tax return even without paying taxes. Lots of Americans get that too. Look it up. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

        • You’re talking about identity theft. That’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I also love how you morons act like food stamps started in 2009. The real increase in their use took place under Bush and really just since globalization ramped up in general. The benefits per person have actually decreased under Obama, but don’t bother with that I guess. There are simply more people that qualify for them in the Bush depression.

          • Ghost, Didn’t see where anyone said the stamps started under #44. Believe it was the 60’s when they went with that program wasn’t it ?

      • Please do not allow your eagerness to say “Fox News” overcome your political correctness. The proper term is not illegals, but “undocumented persons,” or “benefits community members,” or “future Democrats.” Also, as you yourself know quite well, it is not difficult to obtain food stamps and many other benefits, especially if you are willing to lie and have the help of a progressive government worker who is willing to bend the rules or maybe a lot. I am afraid that posts like yours might discourage undocumented future Democrats from taking their rightful place in the dole line.

        J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
        Maximum co-coordinator
        Organizing for Idiocy
        Evansville Cell

        • Never had a dime in public assistance. Not even student loans or grants. Guess again.

          • ADD delusions of reference to your list of issues. No one is saying that you are on the dole. You just wholeheartedly support a government that keeps able bodied people there and recruits more. It’s called a built-in voting block

          • That’s what he was implying, MD. Keep in mind, in the twisted mind of a right wing nut, everyone who disagrees with you is gay, smokes pot all day, is fully dependent on welfare, able bodied, and never had a job.

          • Our lessons in Clintonese are a success!

            As my fellow Maximum co-coordinator in Evansville, S. Buffy “Comrade Tania” Smithers-Dithers likes to say, “I never took a dime in public assistance. Just don’t ask about $215,734.79.”

            J. Coddington “Comrade Hugo” Fetlock IV
            Maximum co-coordinator
            Organizing for Idiocy
            Evansville Cell

          • No Ghost, we are well aware that there are multitudes of bleeding hearts who really think they are doing people a favor by not expecting anything from them – besides their votes. It is like parents who never allow adult children to grow up and face responsibility, thereby thwarting their growth and making them dependent. Their dignity is essentially stripped as is their pride.

      • My next door neighbor bought the house from the previous neighbors’ and was rehabbing it so as to use it as a rental property. So he contracted with a company to put a new roof on the house. All the workers on the roofing crew were of Mexican origin. There were about 6 of these short little Mexican working on the roofing crew. They worked hard and not one of them spoke a word of English. The roof was done in one day’s shift. The L Bolt Company’s Lead Roofer or Foreman was on scene driving his Black Hummer and parked in the road at the intersection of my road and the adjoining road. I managed to take some photo’s of his Hummer illegally parked in the roadway. He was walking toward the house when another car full of people drove by the house and must have exchanged words with the L Bolt Company Roofing Foreman ( He is a big strong obnoxious white man). The Foreman made a motion with his hands and body as it he was stroking a giant elephant sexual organ or something to that effect. It was totally gross and done right there in the middle of the roadway in brought daylight for anyone in the area to witness. I wish I had my camera set to video as I would have taken the video and showed it to the owners of the house and the Company Owner of L Bolt Roofing. I personally won’t allow the roofing company to employ Mexican’s to do work on my roof. I recently had a new roof put on and would not allow the company to send their Mexican crew to work on my roof. I deplore those that hire these illegal immigrants who get a job in this country without a green card and are at the mercy of the owners. These immigrants have no recourse when they are exploited by the Relatively more rich business owners. The immigrants would go to jail of they complained to the owners. The owners probably threaten them with ICE if they don’t work as slaves and complain to anyone. And the immigrants are desperate living in this country without any USA birth Certificates or Green Card showing that there are here legally. Those that sneak into the USA by crossing the US/Mexican boarder at night should be sent back home and only allowed into the USA if they go through the legal process of entering the USA just like our forefathers did when they immigrated to the USA from Europe. And shame on the Business men who profit from this illegal labor force. IMHO.

        On top of all the above the guys from L Bolt Company did damage to my property as they were leaving for the day. I have photos of the damage and photo’s of their vehicles which I already turned over to law enforcement. I called the company but got no return call. I ended up spending $50 to buy a new cheaper mail box post and a new mail box. I did the work myself saving me a lot of money. I would have had to pay someone for a few hours labor if I had hired someone else to repair the damaged 4″x4″ post that has been in that location since 1987.

        • Here lies the problem. Guys like MD might think white men still should be allowed to own slaves? That’s a whole new discussion.

  12. right on right on Joe…………..barry hussein is without a doubt is a Manchurian president…………not only does barry hussein not enforce our borders while 93 million Americans are not in the work force and living in poverty barry hussein wants to take away the right of Americans to keep and bear arms……………yes Joe only takers deadbeats and commies can still defend this pathological lying total disgrace of a president barry husein obama………………….oh by the way under barry America is now over $18000000000000 in debt………………………just sayin…………….

    • You do know that what you just said is libelous. No way in H is Obama a Manchurian President. Only in your and Faux Noise’s Dreams would that be a true statement. You have just proven yourself to be a LIAR. And in no way shape of form has President Obama talked about taking away my guns. In fact the Federal Government has approved all my gun purchases in the past. Never once did I feel like I was denied the ability to buy a handgun or a rifle or even a shotgun in the past. And the American Debt has been reduced after Obama came to office. Which is why the American Economy is doing much better now that Obama is our President. The stock market is up and the economy is much better now than under President Bush.

      And even Iran is falling in line and stopping their development of an atomic bomb now that President Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry has finished his negotiations with Iran’s leaders. You really need to stop watching Faux Noise TV station and listen to the Main Stream New.

      • I forgot to mention along with takers………deadbeats……..commies……to defend the manchurian president barry would be the ignorant moron……………………..without a doubt…..

  13. There will be a full rebuttal to the drivel posted by JoeBedumb. But it does take time to do so properly. I prefer to use facts from reputable sources, and try to make the reply with an eye in investigative journalism, which is antithetical to the page-load of crap the CCO editorial staff decided to allow.

    On that note, it makes me wonder about this lack of common sense and downright ignorance by the new CCO “editors”. Are they simply looking for volunteers for right-wing thuggery and hatred, or is this a paid effort? If they paid, I sure hope it is not by the word.

    I find it to be hypocrisy of the highest order that this page of self-aggrandized right-wing tea-bagging crap is missing something. For every other “guest” post or “news release” from someone with clear political purposes, the so-called CCO “editors” always post their silly disclaimer of “posted by the City County observer without opinion or bias”.

    So, since that usual disclaimer is missing, are we safe in knowing that this tea-baggers political pablum is endorsed by the CCO and the new editors?

    I mean, since we can already see the level of journalistic integrity in allowing some right-wing nut to write an over 2,200+ word (and over 14,000+ characters) hack job under an anonymous name. While I agree to anonymous comments based on certain 1st Amendment principles (which I can back up), I find it an insult to loyal readers to allow an anonymous author to spew out silliness with pretty much zero attribution or proof (other than right-wing nut sites) .

    The journalistic integrity of the CCO has pretty much reached zero after a stunt like this. Just proves what I have said for years, this site is nothing more than a blog, and has no resemblance to a site with journalistic ethics.

    • Hey CEP; Remember, please keep your remarks civil!
      And don’t be invoking rule #5 of the evil dirtbag handbook. 🙂

          • Right out of the liberal playbook. When you cannot compete in the discourse, call names and cast aspersions.

          • ha ha They stole that playbook right from under the GOP’s noise. Turnabout is fair play in politics. You reap what you sow young GOP whipper snapper.

          • And that’s not libelous? The trouble with our republican politicians is they are too nice; they don’t go for the jugular when they have an opportunity, I.e. Romney not bringing up Benghazzi in the third debate.

          • Romney lost as soon as it got leaked that he called the elderly, disabled, and unerpaid veterans all lazy. A real slap in the face from a chicken hawk silver spoon child.

          • Mega it’s a lie non the less. I bet you still think that Donald Trump is right when he claims that Obama was not born in the USA when it’s clear that he was born in Hawaii and that is part of the USA. Hawaii is the 50th State in the Union. But I’m sure you don’t believe the truth when it does not suit your biased ways.

          • If Romney had brought up Bengazi it would have made him look even dumber than he already showed himself to be. Which is why he LOST the last Presidental Election dispite all the money his GOP friends threw into the mix to try to win the election for him.

            That’s two wins for Obama and ZERO wins for the Presidency for the GOP in the last two Presidential Elections. In baseball you only get two strikes and you are out. When Hillary defeats the next GOP Presidential Candidate what will you whine about then?

      • The rules for civility that were so sternly laid down by the new editor do not apply to progressive posters, only to right-wingers such as yourself. It is true that this is a double standard–and I LOVE IT!!

        When I first moved to Evansville late in 2010 to be a community organizer for OFI, the Courier and Press’ boards were still active. There was on that board a very progressive woman calling herself “Classy Politics in Evansville.” She very frequently posted abusive personal comments about other posters and reacted with extreme outrage when any criticism was directed at her. Her posts were often taken down, and this led to even angrier posts from her. I always thought it was unfair that so usefully angry a progressive poster was having the same kind of standard applied to her as one would expect to be applied to a conservative right-wing Republican.

        • J. why are You so angry today? Your story seems to reek of frustration. Do you think you are the only one in here that can act like Tim Ethridge and get by with it. Did someone not butter your toast this morning? Talking about a right wing nut papers editorial actions In that rag called the Evansville Courier does not mean a thing to people in this forum. Ethridge is a know right wing nut and has turned a newpaper into his own GOP tool. So saying that a ego sensitive GOP paper editor banned a progressive poster on his forum is like saying that Romney threw out Jimmy Carter’s grandson from his closed door GOP political fun raising event simply because the grandson wore a anti Romney T shirt which was Blue instead of Red in color. 🙂 More meaningless drivel from the Right Wing Nut Extremist. Who’s the angry one now? J?

    • Bring on your “rebuttal”, classy. Should be interesting.
      BTW. What is it that makes all you tolerant dems want to silence and banish those you don’t agree with?

  14. According to JoeBiden the Sky is falling the sky is falling and we are all going to die. Boy what a joke.

    • Life as we know it will change soon and it will have nothing to do with the climate

      • You and I will be dead before we in IN feel the true effects of Global Warming. We live up on the high ground so we don’t have to worry about the rising ocean levels. All we will see and feel is more high winds and more rain and thunderstorms with increased temperatures in the earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Those that live along the coast will eventually have to leave those area and seek higher ground but that may not happen for a long while. But then again the folks in New York City have already felt the wrath of Mother Nature and Global Warming.

        Do you DENI that the Earth is getting warming on the average? If you do then you are wrong and a fool. All the great and respected weather scientist have confirmed that the earth on a whole is getting hotter average yearly temperatures. That fact is undisputable.

      • He’s referring to the rapture. Careful you don’t get bitten by those snakes you’re handling there MD.

          • Iran, another in a long list of countries we’ve made worse. Most courtesy of the GOP war machine.

          • Really Ghost? You are going to lay the colossal mess that is Iran in 2015 at the feet of the GOP? You truly are a democrat and I mean that in the worst possible way…never accepting responsibility but rather blaming everything on someon

      • Mega D, your post nailed it. Should be a bumper sticker and on T-shirts. Very strange days indeed when the liberal lefts hatred for American conservatives is greater than their fear of the radical Islamic terrorists that want to kill them also.

      • I didn’t know MSNBC was still on the air. Is ole Chris still getting tingles up his leg when he sees Pres. Obama ?

        • It’s just barely on the air. Low ratings getting lower. No national liberal talk radio program can make it either. Lack of substance. Also, liberals won’t put their money where their mouths are..

          • Wisconsin Defeats KY by 7 points and moves on to play Duke Monday night. KY is going home and this ended their winning steak.

            Looks like the Indiana Hoosier will still be the last team to go undefeated and win the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament (1976).

    • moveon, your ranting posts speak volumes, it appears as if maybe subconsciously you might actually see the writing on the wall and the fact that you will have to crawl back under the rock from which you came in the not to distant future. Sorry about that. 🙂

      • 1Countryboy:

        Hey that’s your rock not mine! 🙂 I would not want to leave you homeless by taking that rock that you live under. GOP trolls need their rocks.

      • Let’s see how the GOP controlled Congress reacts to this Historic Event. Will they vote for a Peaceful Resolution to the Iranian Nuclear Solution or will the want to vote to be the WAR MONGERS that they seem to appear to be to the world and the rest of America. Americans are tired of the GOP inspired hate the Muslim wars. I’m tired of their “THE MUSLIMS ARE GOING TO GET YOU” BS.

        • Oh so Gore was wrong about that 10 year window?

          Ill bet the people in Boston don’t think Islamic terrorism is BS.

        • Right now all Repulicans are concerned about is havng the ability to have a vote at all. Whether or not Congress will play a role in accepting or rejecting any deal depends on Democrats joining with Republicans to move the legislation through the Senate. Looks to me like Dems have a choice….either demand to have a say in negotiations or hand their power over to the executive. You do know that Obama’s deal will end up leading to an arms race, right?

  15. This is the last time I will visit this site. It has degenerated very quickly and the only people who post here are those whose posts I do not read. I am sorry for those who have paid for advertising on here. They have wasted their money and are putting themselves in a bad light. Good-bye Ron. Don’t know where I will get news and insight now. Certainly not the CP. Maybe Evansville has no insight at all.

  16. I have seen the light ! This thread suddenly jumped out at me. The CCO comments section has now achieved full fledged “Dirty Cat Litter Box” status.

    It has morphed into a travesty and an insult to the tried and true method of communication known as Socratic Dialogue.

    What I exuberantly considered a shining light on the hill is now a cesspool.

    In a battle of wits, 99% of participants here are undeniably disarmed.

    Have an interesting life. This collective of dumb asses is no longer a distraction in my life.

      • “Luther, Thank you.”

        Good God follower, you’d think he just got done giving the sermon at your pet rock’s funeral or something.

        Luther is outta here according to him.


        Don’t believe it….

  17. Wisconsin Defeats KY by 7 points and moves on to play Duke Monday night. KY is going home and this ended their winning steak.

    Looks like the Indiana Hoosier will still be the last team to go undefeated and win the men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament (1976).

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