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    • Press, A lot of words but it doesn’t give much detail about how it will work. Will it just duplicate other services ?

    • One can only surmise that the creation of an “OFFICE OF FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT” was in responses to a pressing need in the country.

      Does this mean that the people who would avail themselves of the services of this Office of Financial Empowerment were suffering some form of discrimination under the current system? Did these individuals not have the same access to information on consumer credit and financial investing as the the majority of citizens in the country?

      Has there really been deliberate and active discrimination by financial institutions to take advantage of, or under serve a particular segment of the United States economy?

      Or is the establishment of the OFFICE OF FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT just the latest propaganda coup by the left, who are always seeking new opportunities to be viewed as the savior of those people who find themselves in the lower socioeconomic class at one time or another in their life?

      • Is the need to establish these “offices” throughout the United States just another stinging indictment on our failed public education systems?

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      • The goal of these offices is to deal with helping to educate low income people of all groups on how to keep from falling into the traps of payday loans, rent-to-own, and buy-here-pay purchases. I would think those on the right who aren’t engaged in such nasty business would hail this goal. Of course, I realize a good many of you resent anything that may help the poor keep from getting poorer, because that is how your worshipped rich get richer.
        Women and low-wage workers are the people who will benefit the most from the existence of these offices, but that is not because of being a part of any particular racial group. Bigotry is an ugly, ugly thing.

    • CFPB has been a net positive return to taxpayers in every year of its existence.

        • CFPB Strategic Goals:

          GOAL 1
          Prevent financial harm to consumers while promoting good practices that benefit them.

          GOAL 2
          Empower consumers to live better financial lives.

          GOAL 3
          Inform the public, policy makers, and the CFPB’s own policy-making with data-driven analysis of consumer finance markets and consumer behavior.

          GOAL 4
          Advance the CFPB’s performance by maximizing resource productivity and enhancing impact.

          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

          I particularly like #3. As if private industry does not already perform ” analysis of consumer finance markets and consumer behavior” to a degree where these so called public policy makers would be buried under data they had no hope of comprehending.

          They would be better served looking up the definition of the word usury.

          noun \ˈyü-zhə-rē, ˈyüzh-rē\

          : the practice of lending money and requiring the borrower to pay a high amount of interest

  1. Anyone else notice yesterdays news where the President wants to do some “surge spending”. The deficit spending level has shown some improvement lately and he can’t get his hands on the money fast enough. Shame he doesn’t want to address some of the debt we carry.

    • Yes of course. Another useless Socialist program to solve the basic problems of life that a high school education, and little common sense can solve, or allow you to avoid in the first place. Things such as getting some form of further education after high school, not doing payday loans, how about not getting pregnant before marriage, that’s always a good one, and so forth. And also to teach the lazy, drug infested, and incompetent, not to mention the ILLEGALS, how to sign up for the free handouts, and benefits, from the working people of America.

      All these programs are either paid for by the American tax payer or soon will be. Then the workers at these places will massively multiply, be organized, become government workers, and belong to a useless, greedy, blood sucking, union. They will vote enmasse for the hand that will give them our tax dollars for free – the Democrat party. Its just another Transfer of wealth program to take from the workers of America to the non-workers of America and the newly minted Illegals, producing more Democrat voters. Nothing, as usual to help the maligned American middle class at all. You know, the people who go to work everyday, start businesses, and pay the taxes to keep this country running.

      Oh but we must get one right away! Lets see now, where can we put it? How about right in between a Liquor store and a gun shop with check cashing, in a poverty area. Anywhere in inner city Evansville will do. Tell the gun shop owner to stock up on lots of ammunition so that when they get them U. S. checks, they can buy their ammo to have their daily shoot outs and to rob and murder us regular American citizens.

      Are there any “lower Income San Franciscans” in the first place? You have to be pretty dang rich to abide in the town of sexual deviantcy.

      • Man JOHN, you do your best to show the world you are the lowest form of white, pretend-Christian, paranoid bigot. Tell us more about the “the jews getting screwed” please.

        You are entertaining though. (Yes, I’m voting for Jeb Bush, and I’m another one of your commie loving, socialist Chamber of Commerce business guys…..)

      • Well Said John, nothing like a good dose of reality to rile up the far left progressives,,,,it’s one of the things they truly despise.

        • COUNTRYBOY….

          JOHN doesn’t see the real world. JOHN thinks the real world is what he sees on his VHS tape of Red Dawn. He has “wolverine” painted across his forehead under his bandana. Periodically, he rears his head from the bunker to hiss at the commies who are outside….

      • Ahhh Yes the “socialist” free stuff blather. BTW Obama won the over $250k in income in 2008.

        Ohh and idiot John redistribution of wealth/income is NOT socialism no matter how many times you ignorant RWer’s urp that u.

        • Brains:

          You ignorant slut !!

          “… redistribution of wealth/income is NOT socialism no matter how many times you ignorant RWer’s urp that u.”

          I ask, then what is it ?

          Sorry, when they handed out the Brains, you passed…

          • All taxes are one form of wealth redistribution.

            BTW did you ever notice that you always have to constantly spoon feed conservatives information like they were five years old? Uncurious ignorant jagbags that they are.

            Instead of spewing your ignorance on this board why don’t both of your clowns enroll in a couple of basic economic course at the local jr college?

            Take 10 seconds out of your sorry ass lives and look it up!!!!!

            Socialism is the ownership of the means of production (ie property, plant and equipment) by the state. Do you see anything about wealth redistribution in that definition? The state may not actually run the plant, they may hire someone to do that. They won’t decide how many widgets to make or who to market them too. They don’t decide the price either. If the state did decide those things then you’re looking at communism.

            BTW capitalism, socialism, communism are all just tools in the economists toolbox.
            Nobody seems to mind our communistic libraries.

            What if you hired a carpenter to build you a deck and the carpenter took one of the slats and put it between two saw horses and the proceed to try and break the slat in two by pounding it with a hammer? Or tried to nail a board with his circular saw!

            You would think the guy you hired was an idiot correct?

            Well that’s what you clowns look and sound like!!!!!!!!!!

            • So there is no confusion on the issue let’s go to the full definition.

              Full Definition of SOCIALISM

              1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

              2a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
              b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

              3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

  2. In case you happened to miss this in the Courier & Pravda or on the network news, Obama’s State Department recently invited the Muslim Brotherhood to meetings in the United States. After these meetings the Muslim Brotherhood declared jihad against the Egyptian Government that is fighting AGAINST radical Islamic terrorism. Thanks Obama, and whose side are you really on?




  3. Johnson Controls water meters:

    1) Does anyone know current status ?

    2) What happened to the rub re: homeowners having to repair pipes in the pit on their dime ?

    • I’ve been wondering about that, too. The whole thing seems to have gone very, very quiet, and that isn’t usually a good thing.

    • Batman, Subscribe to the local paper and you would have coverage of those things. You also might save a local persons job.

      • Bull. and that local paper your sporting isn’t worth hanging in a backwoods outhouse. What load of it.

        • LKB, Name calling, very unbecoming. I think it was last week there was an article about a plan where the homeowner’ potential expense of line breakage would be reduced or eliminated.

          • You mean people shouldn’t name call?

            2700 pages
            Affirmative Action
            Apology tour
            Bankrupt the country
            Beer Summit
            Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi
            Big Government
            Birth Certificate
            Black Panthers
            Chicago Thug
            Death Panels
            Death Spiral
            Empty Suit
            Fast ‘N Furious
            Flag Pin
            Food Stamp President
            Government takeover
            Hordes of Illegals
            Imperial Presidency
            Jerimiah Wright
            Job Killer
            King Obama
            Latte Salute
            Leading from behind
            Liberal filth/scum
            Liberal underclass
            Mom Jeans
            Nanny State
            No Hopey
            Palling around with terrorists
            Race baiter
            Read the bill
            Reverse Racist
            Union Thug
            Welfare Mom
            Wishy washy
            You lie!

          • ah but name calling is so much fun when it gets your goat. Ain’t that right Cowgirl?

          • This is a very peculiar list. In what universe is it name calling to use the words, “2700 pages”?

          • Move on. Cowgirl doesn’t bother me. I think the name calling says something about the person doing it. I can visualize you on the third grade playground with your hand up to your mouth, giggling while you call someone a name.

          • Move On. I don’t believe i called anyone an idiot. Prof. Gruber called some people idiots. If i did i apologize.

    • Last I heard the private company they hired had 400 services they could not handle an wanted the water dept to fix. I never saw the contract so I do not know how much they get per meter to install. But the water dept installers were expected to get at least 20 a day. That was a one man crew. At one time we had three people doing that job. The private crews I have seen look like they are three man crews going down the street. Getting every meter on the block.

  4. Nicotine addiction in the US has taken a turn to another delivery system other than than the Tobacco based cigarette . The Nicotine vaporizers are now available everywhere, sold to any age, and the sellers have reaped($), an addiction up-swing in the youth of the Country. The New system results are rather familiar, quite like the old “Pusher” Schemes and Ads of the Cigarette Mfgs. of not long ago. The State Legislature must NOW move as quickly as it did on the threat posed by the “Designer Drugs/Spice” sold as synthetic MJ,
    —and prohibit the Sale of this addictive drug to Minors.

  5. Read where John Friend, the mayor and controller are at odds again on the moving around of funds to various depts. to cover checks. The controller always blames the property tax caps for the shortfalls. In 2008 Indiana raised the sales tax from 6% to 7% to help offset those caps. I would be curious to know how much Evansville and Vanderburgh County’s portion of that sales tax they receive every year. You never hear that mentioned.

    • This could get really interesting. They will need 6 city council members to override the Mayor’s veto as he has said he would veto this legislation if it’s enacted. It appears that the finger nails and claws are coming out. Get your pop corn and a front row seat as this movie is about to start soon.

      • The six Democrats on City Council over-rode his veto of the ordinance about board appointments. Only McGinn and the two McClintock toadies voted the Mayor’s way.

    • If Friend really cared about the City’s fiscal position, he would not have rolled over and allowed the changed audit opinion for the State Board of Accoutns Audit for 2012, and its attendant $ 29 Million unexplained write-off of cash Fund Balances. Also would not have uttered ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’ to deflect why he wouldn’t pursue the matter.

      That having been said, Friend wants to expose the corruption in the Controller’s Office for political reasons. That’s OK, if this gives his candidate Ms. Riecken plenty of cannon fodder (it will), more power to him. Friend’s newfound courage is a good argument for one-term City Councilmen. When they stop caring about reelection, they tend to do the right thing.

      • Friend is Exhibit A for one-term limit

        SBR is Exhibit B for one-term limit

        Weaver & Mosby are Exhibit C !

    • C & P front page lengthy article Sunday re: the Fund Transfers issue..

      Article says there are forty ( 40 !) funds which are all rolling into one bank account. Little wonder the mental midgets at City Hall can’t reconcile the books. If I understand this right, they overdraft on the Books for one Fund (say, General Fund), and then transfer money from another Fund on the Books to erase the negative balance. They don’t overdraft at the Bank (i.e., checks don’t bounce) merely because the Slush of 40 Funds is enough, in the aggregate, to cover the expenditures; or as the article states, the City is receiving short-term advances against future property tax receipts, so the Bank honors a check that would otherwise ‘bounce’, and settles up later when Property Taxes received.

      Friend is right. The City Ordinance should be beefed up , so that EACH FUND can only have one bank account. Period/end of sentence. If you are going to Budget by Fund, there ought to be one bank account. No interim loans between funds. The City should NEVER go negative on the Books for any Fund. This is called ‘fiscal management’, and Winnecke and Lloyd will have to google this term to find out the meaning. As it is currently set up, 40 Funds in one Bank Account is an embezzler’s wet dream . . . City Council needs to nip this one in the bud. When each Fund has to stand on its own . . . you’ll find out where the Budgeted Revenue was a dream . . . and you might just instill some restraint on spending when there is NO DOUGH in the single bank account you want to tap.

      • This is the problem. No fiscal responsibility and no over sight either from the State. Funny how both are GOP.

        • As long as Pence is there the SBOA will give the Poop cover. Just like they did last time. If you want more dishonesty and magical bookkeeping, vote for that little clown again.

          • It’s going to be amusing watching the die-hard Rethuglicans trying to find a reason to vote for him.

          • Winnecke = Republican is all they’ll need. As mindlessly partisan a bunch as you could find anywhere. They’ll grunt and snort ‘Urbana’, “LST Dock’ and whatever else, never realizing how weak it sounds. Not knowing much about anything they’ll be glad to tell you exactly what Gail Riecken will do and what she thinks. Despite their self-serving disclaimers and attempts to wear the Libertarian label when it suits them, they are Republicans and they’ll vote for the Republican candidate. There’s never been a more flawed entry from any party that I can remember. Neither Reverend Nixon or Mademoiselle Durham took much, Nixon some bad furniture and Durham some small money. The city sits by watching this accidental mayor get bolder the deeper he digs. Shameful.

      • ” so the Bank honors a check that would otherwise ‘bounce’, and settles up later when Property Taxes received.” (Green_Light)

        * * * * * * * * * * * *

        Does the BANK do this out of the kindness of their heart, or is there a fee or premium added at the time of “settle up”? I would not think the share holders in the BANK would look favorably on loaning money out for 6 months with no interest in return. After all, tax warrants are available from the State. Why wouldn’t Russ avail himself of the tax warrant route if the city was running short on revenue?

        Of course, constantly seeking tax warrants is a sign that your outgo is exceeding your income, which makes a good case that you are OVER SPENDING, and cuts are in order!

        It is time to stop this farce that lamely passes for “financial reporting” in Evansville City government. The fiasco between the Indiana State Board of Accounts and the City of Evansville concerning the financial audit findings was nothing short of criminal. The whole mess should have blown wide open at that point in time! How everyone involved could just wash their hands of any responsibility in the matter causes one to question what sort of country we are living in nowadays. Where are the prosecutors? Where are the grand juries?

        I have serious doubts that anyone out there knows the true financial picture of Evansville City government. If they do, they damn sure are not talking!

        • John Friend has a handle on this, and he is very outright when discussing it. He would be glad to discuss it if you ask, or even if you do not ask.

    • The City Administration LIED AGAIN in the C & P article re: the fund transfers.

      “But Winnecke and his aides, who say no over drafting has occurred . . . ” . Hello ? If you drive your Fund Balance negative you’ve over drafted. I happen to know that Friend is correct when he says ” state law decrees that any fund that goes negative, you cannot write another check on it until that fund gets positive”. That is referring to Book Balances, not Bank Balances. Read the SBOA Audits, they comment on Overdrafts each year (but are toothless to do any enforcement).

      I am in favor of the Ordinance, as bolstered by the earlier poster re: one bank account per Fund. The City Administration is a secretive society about OUR public funds, a good time to shine some light on this further .

      • ” Read the SBOA Audits, they comment on Overdrafts each year (but are toothless to do any enforcement).” (Bus_Stop)

        * * * * * * * * * *

        What agency IS responsible for “enforcement”?

      • 2013 SBOA Audit, pg. 17, Note 7:

        Cash Balance Deficits
        The financial statement contains some funds with deficits in cash. Two of the funds (Community Dev Block Grant fund and Emergency Shelter Grant fund) are a result of those funds being set up for reimbursable grants. The reimbursements for expenditures made by the City were not received by December 31, 2013. The Accounts Receivable Clearing fund has a cash balance deficit due to the nature of the fund. The Parking fund, Golf Course fund, and Sports Non-Reverting fund spent more than they received.

  6. I thought the exchange of funds between accounts was illegal, hence the one big pot method of bookkeeping. Don’t try to post on the c/p the story doesn’t come up in search, must have been “misplaced”. The city council needs to do something to increase transparency or there will be an uprising.

    • If only right wing Christian extremists and tea party heroes Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols would have had an accident in that Ryder truck similar to that a lot of innocent children would still be alive today. Extremists are cut from the same cloth. Some kill in the name off Muhammed, some in the name of Christ. Ain’t religion great?

  7. John Friend/Russ Lloyd standoff re: city fund transfers:

    I am new to the City, a colleague told me of this site. A few observations from a ‘newbie’ to this soil:

    It seems like everything I read about the finances of this City have a whiff of corruption or slant about them. I.e., Mr. Friend is citing an overdraft position, and ‘Winnecke and his aides say no over drafting has occurred ‘. Would be nice for C & P–or this paper–to print the October 2014 statement Friend cites (this shouldn’t be a matter of debate: the City either did/or did not overdraft General Fund at October 2014). Also, why 50 transfers a week–what is being shell-game hidden ? Blaming Friend’s ordinance as trying to score political points ? Even if true, is that a reason for the Council not to roll up their sleeves to investigate 50 transfers a week ? Controller needing to one-up Friend by saying that prior to this administration, in May 2011, the General Fund had a negative balance of $ 19.1 Million, more than the $ 17 Million Friend referred to. Finally, the tipping point for me: “the ordinance fails to account for the need for the finance department to move swiftly to take advantage of investment rates and opportunities”. That is an invented reason for objecting to this oversight. In my view, Mr. Friend’s sweeping statement ” they don’t want any accountability, they don’t want any transparency, and they want to keep everybody in the freakin’ dark” is the correct description of events.

  8. Anyone notice all the unions starting to go on strike? Whats coming up? The Presidential elections! The Democrat Party has put out the call for money and the Unions are answering the call at the expense of their members. The election cycle of the unions raping American Business on behalf of the Democratic Party has started again.

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