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Officer Involved Shooting Update 7801 Bussing Dr. (Evansville Regional Airport)


 On November 18th, at 12:22 a.m., Evansville Central Dispatch received a call from the Evansville Regional Airport for a disorderly subject inside the lobby. A second call to dispatch asked that officers “step it up” because the male had escalated his behavior, was threatening airport personnel, and had an approximate 4-inch knife. The male was also using the knife to tear up furniture. Members of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana State Police and the Evansville Police Department arrived on scene. They encountered the adult male suspect in the lobby area inside the airport and he was holding a knife. No one else was in the immediate area at that time. 

The suspect was later identified as 24-year-old Pierre Robson Barthelemy. A Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputy, who is a Negotiator and a CIT Officer, was one of the first to arrive. One of the first responding EPD Officers is also a CIT Officer. That Officer requested on the radio that they needed a less lethal option. 

Barthelemy stated he was upset about his status in Evansville and wanted to go back to his country. The Negotiator asked for Barthelemy’s ID. Barthelemy got out of his chair with knife in hand and threw his ID at law enforcement officials. They ordered him to stop and drop the knife. Barthelemy laughed at officers and told them to shoot him but did sit back down. The Negotiator explained that officers did not want to do that, and just wanted to help him. The Negotiator attempted to gain rapport with Barthelemy and tried to negotiate with him for nearly 15 minutes. 

During negotiations, numerous commands were given for him to drop the knife. Barthelemy continued to yell at the law enforcement officials to just shoot him. Barthelemy never dropped the knife and at one point, he put the tip of the knife to his head and made a stabbing motion. 

The situation escalated when Barthelemy yelled obscenities at the officers, abruptly jumped out of his seat, and moved towards officers with the knife in hand. 

In total, 14 law enforcement officials were on scene at that time. Between EPD, VCSO and ISP, less lethal tools were on scene at that time. Due to Barthelemy abruptly escalating the situation, lethal force and less lethal force were utilized at the same time. Three Evansville Police Officers fired their duty weapons. One Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Deputy and one Indiana State Police Trooper also fired their weapons. An EPD Officer deployed a Conducted Electrical Weapon (Taser), and two officers fired a less-lethal pepper ball launcher. 

Life-saving measures were quickly rendered to Barthelemy on scene prior to AMR arrival including an officer using a tourniquet. Barthelemy was transported by AMR to a local hospital for treatment. Currently, Barthelemy is still hospitalized and still receiving treatment. No officers or other civilians were injured during the incident. 

Per protocol, all three EPD Officers were taken to the hospital for blood draw and the EPD Peer Support Team was called in to assist the officers. All three officers have been placed on Administrative Leave during the investigation, which is also protocol. 

Although we do not know where Barthelemy was previously living, we do know that he arrived in Evansville on a Greyhound bus on November 8th. Officers had been dispatched to the bus station that day for a complaint against Barthelemy. The driver of the bus called 911 to report that Barthelemy had stolen her bag. When officers arrived at the bus station, Barthelemy was still on scene and was in possession of the bus driver’s bag. Barthelemy was arrested for Theft and taken to the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center that day. 

Barthelemy bonded out and was released from the VCCC on November 9th. Later that same day, around 11:00 p.m., employees from a local shelter for women and children called 911 because Barthelemy was trying to get into the shelter and refused to leave. When the officers arrived, Barthelemy was on the property and was told that he was barred from the property and needed to leave. 

Regarding the incident at the Evansville Regional Airport, Barthelemy is facing charges of Intimidation with a Deadly Weapon, Resisting Law Enforcement with a Deadly Weapon, Disorderly Conduct, and Criminal Mischief. There could potentially be other charges as well. Once Barthelemy is medically released, he will be arrested and taken to the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center. 


  1. I wish the news media would follow up on this man. First, did he work? What did he do for money? How much money did he have on him at the airport to buy a ticket? How did he bond out of jail on the theft charge? Did he bond himself out? did someone bond him out? How/When did he get into our country?
    Who paid for his bus ticket and where did he pick up the Greyhound at? Has he been arrested in another city?

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