Obama’s Lobbyist Problem


    Democrats cheered when Senator Barack Obama promised them that if he were elected President, no lobbyists would “work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years.”
    On his first day in office, President Obama propagandized this campaign deceit with a press conference broadcasting him signing an executive order to that effect.
    Back in the Oval Office, President Obama’s team devised a scheme to circumvent this “promise.” That scheme became “The Waiver.”
    Americans were promised that presumably unscrupulous, untrustworthy and despicable lobbyists would be banned from influencing policy under Obama.
    What most Americans don’t know is that Obama shrewdly broke his promise to them on just his third day in office by appointing William Lynn, a former lobbyist for Defense contractor Raytheon, to Deputy Secretary of Defense.
    This is not just some little government job. This is a major position.
    Obama justified this with a “waiver” that says, well, this guy is an exception. He’s really smart, so just this once, okay?
    Within one year in office, he appointed not only three Cabinet Secretaries and the Director of Intelligence who were all lobbyists, but over 30 lobbyists as political appointees.
    By the end of 2013, over 50 Obama appointees were former lobbyists.
    That’s quite a few waivers. Some didn’t even have waivers to get the job. Being a Democrat seems to help quite a bit.
    Have you noticed the silence from liberals on this extraordinary violation of trust they extended him?
    His reported preference for John Ashton as Secretary of Defense should be no surprise, as his employment record fits Obama’s mold for appointing high-dollar lobbyists to important cabinet positions.
    Remember, the disgraced Eric Holder was a lobbyist at Covington and Burling, whose client list includes legal, defense and civil servant organizations.
    Mr. Ashton has an impressive resume: bachelor’s degrees in physics from Yale, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, a Rhodes Scholar doctorate in theoretical physics at Oxford where he also taught physics. He’s worked on defense matters with Democrats and Republicans from Clinton to Bush.
    Mr. Ashton is certainly a qualified and bipartisan choice for Secretary of Defense, but his selection is another blatant Obama corruption of his promise to voters.
    If a Republican who made the same promise as Obama were in the White House, every mainstream news program, online news site and Sunday news show would be splattered with partisan outrage that this President just cannot keep such an important promise as keeping lobbyists out of the administration.
    The Washington Times writes:
    “Mr. Carter received almost as much money from defense consulting work as he did from Harvard University before he joined the Obama Administration in 2009…”
    According to the waiver, he ‘provided specific business advice’ on a weapons system called the Sensor Fused Weapon. The last year of Defense funding for the weapon system was in fiscal 2007.
    In 2011, a White House spokeswoman said Mr. Carter would be recused from two years from participating in matters involving Harvard because he resigned his tenured position there in 2011.”
    There is a photo from 2008 in which Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi promised “the most ethical” administration and Congress in history while standing at a podium in front of a gigantic poster that reads, “Honest Leadership. Open Government” that is now priceless as a laugh-out-loud, self-mocking satirical commentary on what has become one of the most corrupt and unethical presidencies in history.
    This Ashton incident is really just a small example of President Obama’s audacity of smoke and insincerity.
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    1. OK, I’m confused…”preference for John Ashton as Secretary of Defense”, are we talking about the actor in Beverly Hills Cop? The Washington TImes refers to “Mr. Carter”, and I’m guessing that means Ashton Carter, the highly educated former Deputy Secretary of Defense. Got to admit, would be nice to see someone who knows which end of a gun the bullet comes out of as Secretary of Defense.

      • Looks like Rick Jensen got his wires crossed,,,,bottom line is that our POTUS has a real problem with HONESTY.
        “Thou Shalt Not Lie”

    2. One just needs to take a deep breath and think! Washington DC is nothing but lobbyist, and no political division is immune to this group! The groups that the lobbyist represent are actuality running this country! We just vote for that empty suit that lobbyist take control of once they are up there. They “all lie” in that city!

      • Just like couple weeks back when next years state republican legislators had their Indiana State Chamber of Commerce marching orders given for this coming session?

        • What’s amazing to us, while observing the social economic situation in that locale, or the most written about on this particular social political blog, we do see and record the “marching orders” as issued.

          Comment; Thing is’ the script is sent out to the local chamber of commerce. Big fail there, the chamber should drive the orders to the top. After all, the money starts from the commerce availabilities participation for profitable operations. Apparently, in your region those aspects are backwards. The old downtowns board room has the chambers deposits’ however, who’s portfolio is driven up by that situation? Certainly not those who struggle with the poor archaic logistical infrastructure values the area has historically and continues by project to neglect for some certain specified, sectioned project favors.

          B.S. And that is “Backwards Situation.” After all, what is real logistical advantaged commerce really about?
          Chamber what you have in a barrel it shoots a load of EPA mandated combined sewer overflow clearly into the closest body of the North American fresh water supplies, almost immediately. Point to point from the “actual control drivers “, about 200 yards at the most, on a dry day.


          Chamber of Commerce. Test parameters. [ “Fails to meet specifications/ per definition, as observed, during, globally applied social economic analysis required, per required spans.
          Business commerce ranges applied, mean, recovered as compared to “normal.” ]

          “Fails to meet.”

          Comment: Your local bond ratings are beginning to show similar conclusions per S&P.

          • Note: We’ve just downloaded and completed an early forecast analysis of the next few months planetary environmental influx parameters. By solar planetary bodied system applied cosmic thermodynamic driven interactions. ( Cosmic geophysical law. ) (Ouwah…….)

            Right there, right now. Do think, I-69 tunnel, before bridge. That’s just Smart Future “Predictable”. (We’d prefer Interdynamic)

            Think Warrick upstream form the present dam a bit. Alcoa, can help with that, heck the Army Corps already owns the rest of the balance. So! Do You, as well. …. 😉
            Its the pathways way of the future, don’t fail it now, or it as usual local historical, by the poor leadership there, it will fail you. ( predictable)
            The paint is on the canvas with that people. ” Western Kentucky / Southern Indiana Art”. Its not going to change in any way to support you as this progresses. This can help you, however, with the proper guidance. Those who prepare Strategically will fare the best forward.
            The planets climate is in migration, that’s a scientific fact, what you blame that on is elementary, having the responsible preparations, in system, isn’t. Think about that.

            And mining engineers, as well as they’re union trained workforces that must support them are darn good at tunneling for progressive infrastructure, even maintaining those, as well. (Pretty much the same “Job!” operator requirements )
            Sport the global records on that, “we’ll …..”say no more”. Patriots.

    3. Lobbyists are go betweens for special interests and the semi-literate yokes who actually cast the bought votes on their behalf. They are simply conduits for bribery although most would not admit to such in mixed company. They regularly negate whole blocs of votes with the wave of a Manila envelope. This is nothing new, although it might actually be a revelaton to the failed columnist Rick Jensen. They remain, like cockroaches, forever. They span administrations and decades, loyal only to their masters. They are the personification of a purchased legislature.

    4. nothing new here………………….barry the manchurian president is nothing less nothing more than a media created pathological liar…………..only the gruber goobers continue to defend barry the fiend…….

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