Notre Dame Sues ObamaCare


Yesterday, the University of Notre Dame filed a religious challenge to the U.S. health-care overhaul in Indiana federal court.

The complaint Notre Dame filed yesterday, alleging that the law’s requirement health plans cover birth control violates Roman Catholic teaching, is a re-filing of a lawsuit dismissed in December on procedural grounds.

The Notre Dame case is among 86 lawsuits attacking Obamacare on religious grounds, according to Erin Mersino, trial counsel at the Thomas More Law Center, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a Christian-based public interest law firm.

Forty-one of the cases involve primarily Catholic nonprofit groups such as Notre Dame and take issue with the birth control mandate, Mersino said. The other 46 were brought by for-profit entities whose owners argue the contraception provision violates their religious freedom, she said.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Nov. 26 agreed to hear two cases from the for-profit group involving the craft store chain Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. They, too, claim an exemption from covering employees’ birth control on religious grounds.


  1. Did Notre Dame’s lawyers not just read the decision from Liberty University?

    The Court made it clear they will not allow these religious exceptions.

    • Then what has happened to freedom of religion, which is guaranteed by our constitution? It can not work both ways. You can not require someone to give up their religious beliefs in order to purchase government insurance, when healthcare insurance is available from other sources that do not violate their beliefs.

      I know this president thinks he is above the law, but I can assure him he is NOT.


      • We get it, you hate Obamacare and love Jesus. The owners of Hobby Lobby do not have to give up their religious beliefs because someone in their company is getting birth control through their insurance.

      • It was a huge mistake on the part of the supreme court not to be able to see these suits coming when they decided that the president and congress could force Americans into purchasing only government approved health insurance.

        Now they have to defend that position, and it looks like there only answer is to dismiss the suits, thereby dismissing the first amendment to the United States Constitution.


        • The Court decided the ACA was a tax. As you probably know, the Constitution gives the federal government the power to tax.

      • You don’t think the Catholic church thinks they’re above the law? Sadly, they kind of are. We need to start taxing churches immediately. Obviously they can deduct money that legitimately goes toward charitable activities.

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