Another Morning Cup Of Coffee “News” 


Another Morning Cup Of Coffee “News” 

AUGUST 6, 2022

By Dannie McIntire

A cup of coffee in hand this morning I perused the internet headlines for articles that many readers may have skimmed by or missed entirely.

An article titled “Researchers discover how to delay the decay of cells and tissue, restore function” caught my attention.

Apparently, researchers have recently discovered, through experimenting on pigs, that the decay of tissues after death can not only be halted but the tissue functions can even be restored.

First stopping the hearts of anesthetized pigs, after 60 minutes researchers restored circulation using specialized equipment, which corrected the damage to organs and veins which begins occurring after death.

The researchers hope this will allow keeping a body viable longer for organ transplants.

All good and well for mankind, but what really caught my attention was the researchers stated “During the entire experiment the pigs had no evidence of electrical activity in the brain”.

Now, this got me thinking about our congress and the possible ramifications of this medical breakthrough.

We already have many in congress that apparently show little or no brain activity. 

Without term limits, is it now conceivable that current congressional members such as Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell may one day simply be hooked up to such equipment and remain in office as neither one has displayed any brain activity as of late?

Another cup of coffee, back pursuing the internet for news of importance;

Now, the next article that piqued my interest was about Spam, the lunch meat.  At a Duane Reade’s store in New York City, cans of Spam are now being locked up in individual  anti- theft cases, once taken to the checkout, the cashier removes the can from the case. 

Now I like Spam myself, usually, we keep a can or two in our pantry.  Always looking for an investment, I wondered if due to inflation my wife and I now had a valuable commodity sitting in our pantry we might be able to sell for an unexpected windfall.

Reading further, the store’s price for a can of Spam was $3.99, while not quite a windfall, it was an eye-opening revelation on the state of our economy when a can of Spam has to be displayed in an anti-theft case. You can’t make this kind of stuff up.

Another cup of coffee, back to pursuing the internet for news.

Having just referenced the state of our nation’s economy, it appears the democrats in congress are ready to ride to our rescue, hoping to pass their “Inflation Reduction Act”.

 U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (democrat-Arizona), appeared to be a hold out on passage of this bill until her cohorts agreed to remove a provision that would have imposed new taxes on “carried interest”. With this provision now removed from the bill, hedge fund managers/investors will continue to pay a lower capital gains tax rate on much of their income, instead of the higher income tax rate paid by “normal wage-earners”.

It appears that “hedge fund” political contributions “do talk”.

Now, the bill also includes an additional $124 billion to the Internal Revenue Service for the enforcement and collection of taxes to generate additional revenue for the government. I’m thinking the above hedge fund managers and investors are safe from added tax scrutiny, but I’m betting the small business owner and the average taxpayer had better be prepared to “cough up” the additional revenue.

Now not everything in this bill causes me heartburn. The bill allows for our government to negotiate with drug manufacturers to lower the cost of prescription drugs covered under Medicare while putting a $2.000 cap on annual out-of-pocket drug expenses. 

Just saying, with the amount of money drug manufacturers donate to various political causes on both sides of the political spectrum, perhaps the word “negotiate” is more of a misnomer. 

 What else piqued my interest today?

Governor Abbott of Texas continues to be my hero. He just sent New York City their first busload of migrants apprehended in Texas crossing the border illegally. Since the Biden administration is doing little to stem illegal immigration, the Texas governor has been sending busloads to sanctuary cities. His ploy may be working, but the Biden administration recently “quietly announced” it had authorized US Customs and Border Protection to close gaps in a border wall in Arizona to “protect immigrants from drowning while trying to illegally cross the Colorado river”. 

Notice the terminology used in the announcement, President Biden is not attempting to stop illegal immigration, just protect them from drowning. Pro-legal immigration Democrats should be able to live with that “wording”.


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