Newspapers, charities among organizations exempted from Do Not Call expansion


By Ally Marlowstatehouse_logo_final-graybackground-003-1        

INDIANAPOLIS – A House committee unanimously passed a bill Monday that would expand restrictions on telephone solicitation – after adding an amendment to exempt some types of organizations.

Senate Bill 349 would amend the Indiana “Do Not Call” law to include suppliers in consumer transactions and callers in commercial telephone solicitations. Monday’s amendment would exempt certain organizations with business partnerships – including newspapers, insurance companies and charities from this law

Rep. Todd Huston, R-Fishers, said that something needs to be done to control the overwhelming amount of telephone soliciting that is happening overseas and around the nation.

“It’s difficult to identify the caller because the tactics are becoming more complex,” Huston said.

He said law enforcement is having a hard time identifying where most of the calls are coming from, because they are generated in an overseas company and then directed back to an organization in the United States

Huston said that the bill would expand the liability of companies producing these calls and would make it illegal for a person to knowingly assist in an illegal call.

“This is not going to be a silver bullet, but just another enforcement tool,” said Huston.

The bill now moves to the full House for consideration.

Ally Marlow is a reporter for, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.


    • Press….

      I do that every day, it’s fun for awhile but gets old rather fast, it’s a shame all the wasted hours in a year I spend answering the phone at work dealing with shysters trying to fraud my business, but the worst is now google or folks trying to sell you ranking in a google search, once you have a web site that lists a contact phone number it opens you to a whole other world for crooks and conman, and it’s also the reason I no longer have a land line at home.


      • I would be interested to know what type of business you have Blanger. We too get some unbelievably annoying calls at the office. I have learned to take great joy in getting rid of them for good. Like you it is why we keep a low profile in some ways. It is sad that these people are not making better use of their time.

  1. Why in the world does it exempt insurance companies? Oh right. They have a huge lobby system.

    • I agree. Exemptions go against the very basic tenet that all people are equal. They are unconstitutional.

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