New Royalty Wraps Up at Metro Sports Center



Evansville Kings 2013-14’ Inaugural Season Ends 

By City County Observer Staff

Evansville Kings 2014 LogoSaturday, February 8th, 2014 saw the end of the Inaugural Season for the Evansville Kings Semi-Professional Indoor Soccer Team.  At Metro Sports Center, the crowd witnessed the last game of the season as the Kings concluded with a 0-6-2 record after what looked like a promising and bright future with a 3-0 Preseason.


‘The first year is always the toughest, especially being new to the Sports Marketing and Management side of things,’ said Scott Thomas Sieg, Founder and Team President of Evansville Kings.  ‘You name, it happened if it went against us.’


A number of players may not return due to graduation collegiately, retirement, work obligations among others. A roster that saw as many as 30 players were plagued with the injury bug, fatigue and bad weather.


Head Coach, General Manager and Interim Owner Josh Tucker stepped down from his role on all levels with the team.  He was a former player for the Evansville Crush as well, as Tucker is a strong presence and voice among the soccer community locally.


‘Josh [Tucker] put in so much for this team, more than I ever expected and I already had a tremendous amount of respect for what he is capable of,’ said Sieg.  ‘I of course wish Tucker the best.  All the same, this was a learning experience for a lot of us and I am not a quitter.  I am committed to fielding a winning product going into a second season.  I wish I was able to do more for him and this team.’


The offseason starts now for the Kings as they failed to qualify for Post-Season play in the Premier Arena Soccer League (PASL).  In the next few months, the organization will evaluate the team and staff moving forward in the hopes and goals for improvement, consistency and solidarity.  There are expectations of a revamping and rejuvenating for this team entering their first season with some of the highest potential ever seen in this area.


‘I owe a huge thank you to the players and coaches, sponsors, Metro Sports Center, the fans and the PASL for all making this happen,’ said Sieg.  ‘I feel short in the goals we had set for this season and accomplished other ones.  With a year under my belt and eager to do our homework to get better, I’m anxious and excited for a second run of royalty with a better result.  I am incredibly proud of the athletes and this community for responding to the call.  I hope everyone else is on board after a little time off and the proper plan in place.’