NBC Poll Shows that 75% of Those Polled Agree with Romney’s Statement about 47% of Voters


This video is priceless. Keep in mind this is NBC.



    • What are the odds of this fellow ever being asked again by any of the lamestream media to participate in a live broadcast segment?


  1. Could not agree more with Romney, he needs to keep on stating these facts and with passion.

  2. My wife and I both go to school full time.

    I work full time, she works part time.

    We fall under the 47% of Americans who do not pay federal income tax.

    For him to claim that he will not be able to convince us to take responsibility for ourselves is insulting.

    And for him to say that if he is elected president, it is not his job to represent us, is scary.

    • The power of propaganda is staggering.

      Apparently, 75% of those polled unquestionably believe Romney’s line of bull crap.

      Yes, there may be a percent or two of folk in Romney’s 47% that truly are slackers who take no personal responsibility for themselves and want everything handed to them by the government, paid for by the rest of us. But also in that 47% are other students such as you and your wife, combat troops and disabled veterans who fought for their entitlements, retired Medicare and Social Security recipients who bought their entitlements, working poor who hold down multiple low wage jobs, and unfortunate fellow humans on Medicaid due to disabilities.

      Ironically among Romney’s 47% slackers are his fellow hedge fund betters, and Swiss and Cayman Island bank account tax dodgers, who with the rest of us are counting down the 57 days to flushing the Romney-Ryan ticked down the electorial toilet.

          • My objection to Romney isn’t that the guy is “successful”. As a conservative myself I applaud success if it’s honestly gained, but Romney supported the bailouts. To me, that says everything about him that needs to be said. That and the fact that he was the progenitor of Obamacare as governor of Massachusetts are about as “real world” as it gets.

            He will continue the welfare/warfare state if elected. Crony capitalism, not honest, free market capitalism will continue to reign.

          • What I see is those numbers going down. Not as fast as we’d like, but trending down none-the-less.
            Sure, Romney is successful, but at the cost of the American worker and American companies. While at the head of Bain, he bought companies with a small amount of Bain’s money and huge amounts of borrowed money. Bain then charged the companies exorbitant management fees and stuck them with paying the loan that was used to buy them. The companies were often forced to reduce headcount and cut benefits to keep from going bankrupt. Bain won whether the company went under or not. They would take their money and run while the company sat in ruins and the workers went to the unemployment lines. You are right, he was/is successful, but he has never been a job creator. In fact, just the opposite. Thanks but no thanks.

          • Romney is entitled to his business successes regardless of how he skimmed them off the top of the capitalistic cess pool or where he hid them from taxation. I mean that’s how vultures exist.

            What I object to about Romney and a Romney presidency is that the man will say anything, change his stated philosophy on anything, lie and mislead simply to win whatever political race or fix he finds himself in. That and the fact that a government run solely by and for corporations has been tried and proven disasterous for the People.

            Everything a voter needs to know about Mitt Romney was revealed in that video clip where he completely insults and disregards half the American populace purely to extract more money from donors at a $50K-a-plate fundraiser … money his campaign will use to air more negative, divisive, and lying political ads.

          • In Response to Soon2B. I agree with you about Romney. If you replace the word Romney with Obama in your second paragraph it would be complete truth as well. They both will lie, cheat, and steal to win an election and they both prove it every day.

    • You know he wasn’t talking about you. I think you know exactly what he meant. I’m part of the 47% that currently pays tax and a princely sum at that. I haven’t always paid tax or very much. We ALL know that young military people pay little or no income tax, people in entry level jobs pay little or no tax, college students pay little or income tax. This is basically normal progression, I went through all 3 stages. I am personally knowledgeable of people who have cost thousands of tax dollars and have no intentions of ever working or paying tax. How in the world could a middleclass working person ever understand a person that gets paid to vote and has to be taught that a “D” is the letter to select. If you can’t produce an ID card you are outside of the scope of regular everyday citizens. WE all know that the 47% that is difficult for even the most liberal to deal with.

  3. There are no “jobs for life” and Mr. Obama is not going to guarantee you one either. If you believe that then welcome to Jonestown, grab a big glass and bottoms up.

    About the only thing that is guaranteed is that another 4 years of this President’s economic policies and it is all over for your children and grandchildren. And if this big ship starts taking on water in the coming storm, there will be a lot of smaller ships that will go under.


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