National Pro-Life Bridges Day


On Friday, June 28, pro-life volunteers from Right to Life of Southwest Indiana will hold large banners on the Vann Avenue pedestrian bridge over the Lloyd Expressway with the message that “Abortion Takes a Human Life”.  As part of the National Pro-Life Bridges Day, taking place in more than 50 cities throughout the United States, the group will hold their banners during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

“With all of the national controversy over abortion this year, we want to bring the conversation back to basics”, explained Mary Ellen Van Dyke, Executive Director of Right to Life of Southwest Indiana, who is organizing the banner display in Evansville on June 28.  “We keep hearing about special cases and rare circumstances, but the simple truth is that every single abortion takes a human life.  We want the people of southwest Indiana to think about that.”

This nationwide day of public outreach is being coordinated by the Chicago based Pro-Life Action League.  Evansville is one of 50 locations where National Pro-Life Bridges Day is being held.  Other cities include Tampa, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; St. Paul, Minnesota; San Antonio, Texas; Los Angeles, California and the suburbs of Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC.  Organizers expect to exceed the total of one million commuters reached during the inaugural Pro-Life Bridges Day last year.