Robb Waltner Named New University of Evansville Librarian

 Robb Waltner Named New University of Evansville Librarian

The University of Evansville has named Robb Waltner as the new university librarian. He will begin his new duties on June 1.

Waltner has 22 years of experience in academic libraries. He comes to UE from the University of North Florida, where he was head of acquisitions and collection development for that university’s Thomas G. Carpenter Library. Following the completion of his MA degree he spent four years as UE’s Periodicals Librarian.

He earned both his Master of Arts degree in library, media, and information science, and his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of South Florida.

“We are very happy that Robb has accepted the position of university librarian,” said UE president Thomas A. Kazee. “Robb has an impressive and extensive record of experience in academic libraries, and will foster a culture of innovation and collaborative interaction with faculty, staff, and students.”

At UE, Waltner will be providing leadership and working with five professional librarians and seven paraprofessionals to meet the information needs of the University community. The University’s newly renovated library serves the University faculty, nearly 2,500 students from 43 states and 51 countries, and the general public.

“The library at UE is an important campus intellectual and informational resource center,” said Michael Cullen, UE senior vice president for academic affairs. “Robb’s expertise, vision and leadership will be invaluable as we continue that tradition.”



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