BREAKING NEWS : Musgrave Appointed to Redevelopment Commission


    The Evansville City Council just voted to appoint Cheryl Musgrave to the Evansville Redevelopment Commission. When asked by the City County Observer Musgrave simply stated that “I am happy to serve Evansville in this important role.”

    The vote was 7 – 2 in favor of appointment with only Council members Missy Mosby and Jonathan Weaver opposing Musgrave’s appointment.

    Ms. Musgrave is well qualified to serve on the Redevelopment Commission with past positions of the Vanderburgh County Assessor and as a County Commissioner. She was also appointed by Governor Mitch Daniels to serve as the Indiana Commissioner for Local Government Finance where oversaw the financing proposals of City and County governments all over Indiana.

    Musgrave, a Republican is a long term resident of the City of Evansville and is known for her no-nonsense pragmatism when it comes to due diligence in the spending of public money.

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    1. Interesting what’s going on in the City Council Meeting Tonight! What’s up with the veto override and the 20 million dollars voted on for HWC and the hotel?

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      • that’s cause she isn’t the mayor’s choice, she will likely be his opponent in the primary

      • laga:

        Now did I miss something, vote was 7 – 2 yet 3 republicans voted against… did I miss something in my math class ??

        • Probably, but it turned out that Dan McGiinn, the only “legitimate Republican” on CC voted for the best interests of the public and voted for Mrs. Musgrave. Only the owned toadies, Missy and Beave, voted the Mayor’s interests.

          • What are the odds Mosby and Weaver attend Winnecke’s re-election announcement?

            Damn near 100% I would say.

    2. Now this is a great move. 7-2 vote, this just sealed it for missy and weaver. This lady is smart and will do what’s best for Evansville.

      • OOPS! I just found myself agreeing with you. She is well-versed on matters of public finance and I suspect she can do the simple math that is required to see what the end of result of $650,000 monthly deficits will be.

    3. Missy’s primary opponent, Steve Davis, made more sense than all of them. We should have a firm commitment from Hizzoner not to go ahead with changes or a new developer without going to the council. As it is they could remodel the River House and they McCurdy tomorrow with the money, which might not be a bad idea. Probably have enough left over to do Mesker also.

      • Remodel those and have a trolley available to the Ford center during events. Done and done.

        • I have been saying that for a while. A restored McCurdy operating as a grand HOTEL again would be a true asset for our entire community, and would give visitors a wonderful experience. The adjacent River House could be utilized as a restored boutique type hotel, with it’s mid-century swank maintained. We now have well over 200 rooms to offer visitors with a very unique and positive impression.

          Now you would have three anchors to downtown…The Casino District, the Convention/Arena District and the Hotel District. Traffic would be moving between the three anchors and guess what happens next…..the middle begins filling in. Any idiot can see this is the standard blueprint how shopping malls have been developed for the last 60 years. Attract strong anchors and the rest takes care of itself.

      • Missy? hell a taupe value with a black turtle neck. Sure, lean on that blond to the bone weaved piece of it. Idiots wake up.

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    4. The City Council is to be congratulated on its appointment of Mrs. Musgrave to the ERC. She will be a good steward of public funds on the big-spending Commission. It is clear that the Republicans on Council were doing their master’s bidding. I think Missy and Weaver should just run as Republicans in this election. Missy won’t make it through the primary if she doesn’t switch parties.

          • Classic ” Mosbyism”: “Don’t help me out, help me IN!”. Missy needs to be helped OUT, and I think Steve Davis is the person to do it.

        • That may be true, but when in the hell are the voters going to stop this nonsense…the 60’s & 70’s have long passed us by..Red is Dead and so goes the Mosby’s

          • Wasn’t ‘Red is Dead’ a song by Curtis Mayfield in the 1970’s ? ” . . . cause Red is on the corner, and baby Red is Dead . . . “.

            • Answering my own question:

              Everybody’s misused him
              Ripped him up and abused him
              Another junkie plan
              Pushin’ dope for the man
              A terrible blow
              But that’s how it goes
              A freddies on the corner now
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              Remember freddies dead

    5. Tonights City Council was one for the record books. I have never seen Missy Mosby keep her mouth shut. It was apparent she isn’t capable of winning a debate against Steve Davis in any intellectual or fact based debate. Fine job Steve Davis! Not sure what was more impressive, your hard hitting speech or the fact you shut her up.

      • That was impressive. He speaks very well and is obviously comfortable doing that. I bet he’ll be able to say something other than “I want to talk to my constituents.”

    6. Musgrave on the ERC. Look for the ERC meetings to last a minimum of 4 hours.

      • Who cares how long their meetings are? They’re not getting paid. They need to have meetings that are long enough for them to think about the repercussions of their profligate spending. I’m glad Cheryl agreed to take the job, but her fellow Republicans are going to treat her like dirt.

    7. Cheryl would be a blessing for Evansville if she decides to run for mayor. I thought she had swore off further political running, but if she decides to run, the people who really care about the city had best rally around her.

      • What was also interesting is that the Mayor appointed Mike Shopmeyer to the ERC. Shopmeyer’s law firm specializes in union busting. Winnecke went from parading Big Bob through the union hall to appointing a union buster to the ERC in two weeks. Winnecke is crazed, desperate, and pitiful. He does not look good on you Evansville.

        • His erratic behavior could be partially attributed to bonding with the agave while in Arizona over the holidays. I think he realizes he’s in over his head and has screwed up big time. He flounders around, doing what they do when lost, doubling down.

          • I think he’s feeling pressure to deliver the pie-in-the-sky construction jobs he promised the unions and is downright frantic to produce those jobs his supporters were counting on.

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