Movie Premiere – “Forever Honor”


Evansville, IN October 22, 2014, Wednesday, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm the Freedom Heritage Museum is sponsoring the original short film “Forever Honor” to be shown for the first time. The public is invited to attend at the Showplace Cinemas East on Morgan Center Dr. (use the IMAX entrance). The suggested entrance/donation fee is $5 (all proceeds will go to the Freedom Heritage Museum). Reservations can be made at 812-759-8186. The theater holds 250 people. A second showing will follow immediately after the first to accommodate an overflow crowd.
The purpose of the Movie Premier is to thank all those that collaborated in making the 70th Anniversary D-Day Reenactment on 14 June 2014 at Dress Plaza. The D-Day Reenactment was the most talked about and successful program of the 2014 ShrinersFest Air Show. This one time event recreated D-Day by having 1.) Naval support: LST-325 and their Higgins boat, 2.) Air support: two P-47 Thunderbolts strafing (all made in Evansville!), and 3.) Ground support: American GIs landing on Dress Plaza to capture the Nazi positions. Reenactors from IN, KY, TN, MO, IL, and OH participated. The 70th Anniversary D-Day Reenactment was dedicated to the Greatest Generation who pulled together, endured rationing, and made the personal sacrifices to win WWII and protect our freedoms. Professional videographers and photographers were imbedded in the action to produce this short film. The “Forever Honor” Producer/Editor/Director is Steve Oglesby of Oglesby Digital.
In the same spirit of 70 years ago with the D-Day Normandy invasion being a collaboration of various Allies, our D-Day Reenactment on June 14, 2014 was a collaboration of the Freedom Heritage Museum, LST-325 (USS LST Ship Memorial), Hadi Shiners of Evansville, and City of Evansville. Representatives of these organizations will be on hand to meet the public, in addition to Allen Sanderson (P-47 combat pilot who flew on D-Day June 6th 1944), Brad Byrd (narrator of the event), members of the Greatest Generation, and notable local politicians.
All are invited to attend this Movie Premier to see what happens when we work together for our community and promote the mission of the Freedom Heritage Museum.
About the Freedom Heritage Museum
The Freedom Heritage Museum (FHM) is a not-for-profit museum located in Evansville, IN that is dedicated to providing all generations a glimpse into the role of Evansville’s manufacturing support during World War II. This is done through the preservation of artifacts produced in Evansville and the Tri-State and by the telling of the veterans’ and home front heroes’ stories. It is important to DISCOVER, LEARN, REMEMBER, HONOR the deeds of the Greatest Generation and how it impacted today’s world. To learn more about the Freedom Heritage Museum or to donate, visit



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