Mole #3 and the Mole Nation’s Predictions


Will Other Moles Get to Eat Mole #3’s Lunch?

The City County Observer sent out opportunities to participate in a contest to beat Mole #3 out of a lunch by beating Mole #3 in a contest to predict the winners in today’s contested primary elections. The most prolific members of the Mole Nation have taken up the challenge. Mole #3’s predictions along with the tally differences are below:


Republican Mayoral Candidate: Lloyd Winnecke is the unanimous prediction of all participants. The average margin of victory predicted is 65% – 35%

Republican at-large City Council: The group of Kramer, Mercer, and Swaim like Mr. Winnecke were also unanimously picked to win by Mole #3 and the Mole Nation.


Democrat Mayoral Candidate: Both candidates received votes but when the tally was complete Rick Davis wins the Mole Nation by 6 votes. Mole #3 predicts a 54% – 46% margin while other Rick Picking Moles has a narrower margin. Of note is the observation of the tallier of the votes is that the Republican Moles tended to choose Troy Tornatta while the Democrat Moles Picked Rick.

2nd Ward City Council: The contestants to eat Mole #3’s lunch put this contest as close as it gets. This contest ended in a Mole Stand-off with each candidate polling exactly half of the predictions. Mole #3 came out of his molehill to pick Patrick McBride by 1% – 2% margin in the biggest upset of the night. Once again Republican Moles tended to Team Troy picking Missy Mosby while Democrat Moles went with McBride.

3rd Ward City Council: Don Walker prevailed in this contest by a single vote and that vote was cast by Mole #3. A very close and fast closing Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley was second. Mole #3 even went so far as to predict that Walkers win over Riley will be by less than 50 votes.

6th Ward City Council: In a contest that mirrored the Democratic Mayoral race Al Lindsey was predicted to win by a 6 Mole margin. Every Mole including Mole #3 that picked Rick Davis also picked Mr. Lindsey, while the Republican Moles went stronger toward incumbent B. J. Watts. The margins of victory predicted were all comfortable with 6% (Mole #3) being that average prediction.

Democrat at-large City Council: The Mole Nation and Mole #3 picked the mix of Dr. H. Dan Adams, Conor O’Daniel, and Jonathan Weaver to survive the contest. While Adams and O’Daniel were unanimous picks the 3rd slot was closer with Weaver nosing out Steven Lowell Smith on name recognition.

There you have it. The Moles have spoken and everyone of them is salivating at the opportunity to knock Mole #3 off of its molehill and eat its lunch. Please brave the water and get out and cast an informed vote.


  1. “Of note is the observation of the tallier of the votes is that the Republican Moles tended to choose Troy Tornatta while the Democrat Moles Picked Rick”

    This is a perfect example of how screwed up Indiana’s election laws are. Republicans can go to the polls and vote Democratic to try to place the weaker candidate in the “finals” so their man will ultimately win. This is about as rigged as the vote on Rejection Threshold was.

    I knew there was a reason I hate politics and almost all politicians. Most politicians are inferior, execu-scum that couldn’t make it in the real world.

    • Tallier here. I assure you that these particular Republican Moles will not be ones that cross party lines to make mischief. I agree with you about the election laws and the rejection threshold.

    • Yawn! Don’t kid yourself…

      Republicans might have done that, had your Democratic field participated in an ounce of a robust, honest, public, “debate”. That might have actually revealed which candidate is weaker. (It’s not clear to me Tornatta is “weaker”.)

      But they largely sat on their hands, showing their indifference.

      Democrats are fully responsible for not publicly pushing back on the McNeely threats and the closet primary style in which the DNC has treated this election. Blaming Republicans for the result or the controlled process is insanity. (But in fairness, voting for a man on a promise of hope & change, or to build on an imaginary jobs program – could be insanity, too.)


      How about we should apply a rejection threshold to every election? You don’t get enough voter participation… guess what, you don’t get to issue bonds, create new programs, build new buildings, etc. You’d get to “serve”, but you’d just have to administer, not “lead” – because you haven’t proven a minimal leadership mandate.

      Leadership, without a mandate isn’t really leadership.

      • What in blue blazes does the DNC have to do with this remote, municipal election? Now that is really a stretch, even for you, E-Tax.

          • You’ve got to be kidding. LOL! That little dude that came in here wasn’t DNC. He only worked 2 elections before this one. Won one. Lost one. Big deal … NOT! Win or lose, he’s gone with the wind, my friend. Indy contributors? Pffft. Those are the regulars who contribute to both parties for obvious reasons. DNC doesn’t have time or money to put into an Evansville primary. Give me a break.

  2. Worked at the Polls today, there were many aknowledged Republicans and independants that praised Mr. Davis and took a Democrat Ballot to Vote. I would expect that if Davis wins the Democrat Primary , that they would again vote for Mr. Davis in November, rather than Winnecke the RINO. Neither Central Committee garnered much respect from those expressing themselves, and I found that an interesting undercurrent of opinion.

    • You mean there was campaigning going on INSIDE the polls, even at the table where voters received their ballots and in clear earshot of voters in the booths?!? Remember “Obama’s House?” And you say things have changed?

  3. No Campaigning! People would just start talking as they signed in to Vote, some apparently felt compelled to say WHY they came out to vote. No one was asked or told anything,– for want of a better way to say it, some people just run off at the mouth on their own.

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