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Missy Mosby Asserts she has never heard of Vetting Effort, Gets Sharp Rebuke from Friend


Councilwoman Missy Mosby
Councilwoman Missy Mosby

Mosby’s email to John Friend

>>> Missy Mosby 09/03/13 5:23 AM >>>

This is the first I am hearing of this and am concerned for not all Council Members are being included in these discussions. If this is what you need to allow us to vote on September 9th, then let’s move forward.

What’s your availability on Thursday to meet?

Hope you have a great day!

Missy Mosby
FC Tucker Emge Realtors

Councilman Friend’s Response


I have been working on this for well over a month. Requests have been given numerous times. This has been my due diligence efforts together with Dr. Adams, assisted at times with Connie (Robinson). Oh, by the way, your comment in the public about the only thing I have NOT received is tax returns, is outright BS…I have spoken with Stan Wheeler, remember our rep on the ERC (Evansville Redevelopment Commission) asking if this information was given or obtained by the ERC, and, of course, his answer was NO. So, as it always seems, this City appears to have habits of not vetting, evidenced by Browning, Woodruff, Earthcare, and to some degree Kunkle. Regardless of what this Mayor is proclaiming, the TIF will be stretched to near capacity with this deal. [I refer you to the budget]. As I recall, this same thing happened with Earthcare, remember the thing you voted for without proper information and when I asked this Mayor to hold for only two weeks, his reply “will it really matter” is what I received. So, I told him my answer, no information, no vote, simple.

This project is extremely important to this community and it is very expensive. We have gone from $8 million, 220 rooms and NO DEBT to 253 rooms with $44 million in debt obligation [my grandchildren for 25 years will be paying as a result of our decision] of additional debt, [FYI – The total debt of this City in 2000 was 135 million and now is $380 million before we vote on the largest utility hike in it’s history] no not 37.5, they forgot to tell the public about the Interest During Construction, bond council costs, underwriting, those sort of things, just an oversight I am sure.

So, if there is a delay on the vote, don’t get on my backside. They have had this demand for some time, and as it always seems, this council is blamed. My question is when are we going to start receiving from this administration, what by LAW we are entitled to receive, without having a million strings attached, remember the term DELIBERATIVE which seems to pop up from time to time. So, in conclusion, you have your way of due diligence and I have mine and if I don’t receive the data, well, where is the fire??

Have a great day!



  1. John–You are the problem. Sometimes referred to as the –pimple on the ass of progress. You got more information than you can read. All you are doing is trying to kill the project. Put it up for a vote Sept 9.

    As you say: Have a great day!

    • Come on man, if this goes to a vote next Monday it will fail. Do you want a hotel or not? Give John Friend his due and see what happens. If this vetting doesn’t happen it will cause regret and back biting for the next 25 years just like the Ford Center. You are sounding like a lover of Weaver and Mosby.

    • One more thing, if Missy Mosby is so effing out of touch that she was not aware that Friend was trying to gather some vetting information what imaginary world is she living in? Is Missy really that stupid? How do people like this get elected?

        • Missy would have to go to night school to gain enough intelligence to be stupid. She thinks vetting is taking one of her goofy dogs to the vet for a check up. Duh but fluffy is healthy why does he need to be vetted?

    • Pimple Gil, if the numbers can walk, then “progress” will move forward. If they can not walk and we move forward, then it will be forward to a financial train wreck. Wipe the pie off your fingers and deal with reality. That’s the problem. Have a great day!

      • Is it true–John Friend has conflict of interest and has said he will lose 30 % of his business if he votes for this project? Friend is overloaded with information. Friend is against the project and is pretending he does not have needed information to make a decision.

        • Changing the words again are you? What he said is that if he is stupid enough to vote yes without proper vetting he will lose business. It is probably true since people trust their finances to him. If you are so smart produce a list of what Friend has been given. For that matter produce a list of what Winnecke had to base his decision on. I bet it is a short list.

        • is it true – speaking of conflict of interest, what about robinson and the business she has with the city (outside of the city council)?

  2. Excellent job Councilman Friend on pointing out that we’ve gone from $8 mil at 220 to $44 mil for 253 rooms. I’ve been asking that question since the word go and none of the supporters seem to answer how this desparity in numbers can be so great if those condos/apts are indeed “free”.

    They’re sitting there going on and on about how conventions wouldn’t come to a 180 room hotel. Well fine, then do 220 at $8 mil again (but please keep the current design instead of that previous ugly design).

    And I still would like to know why all bids turned in for this project were not released. Are we really suppose to trust a mayor whose vetting procedures are terrible at best to pick the best deal? I don’t, and I would like to see what the other companies were offering.

  3. One wonders why tear down a hotel and parking garage, to build a hotel and parking garage…..

      • A tad of a cheap shot don’t you think since the garage was declared structurally unsound and the hotel was old, unprofitable, and the owners weren’t paying their real estate taxes?

        • Oh maybe, but Kish really did say the Haiti quake is where his epiphany to do a seismic test came from. Just trying to be funny.

          • Editor, we cool (actually, there is undoubtedly some unicorn reasoning in effect here)-not paying real estate taxes has no effect on structure, pigeon poo and vandalism do-look at the McCurdy. And the garage was never declared structurally unsound by any mouse NOT in the pocket-check out how many consultations our city’s finance’s have paid for and undergone….if you get an answer about numbers you don’t like, why-pay for MORE numbers, yeah, THAT’s the answer!
            Cheap shot? Not really-this whole massacre has made loads of money for lots of the wrong people. The price for the next hotel is like gas prices-one week it was 37.1 mil, NOW this week it’s 44 mil….”the hotel was old, unprofitable..” that would be MY clue to not flush another 44 mil into it-oh, and Sewers are boring, but EPA’s fines aren’t-we already KNOW we don’t have the money, we just don’t know how much we DO have.
            John Dunn bought cheap land downtown, and Trump’ed the city for 500% profit, extricating himself from an albatross-if THAT very savvy businessman didn’t want to put anything down there with HIS money, there’s another clue.
            Yikes, hotels, and tennis barns, and dog parks, Oh my!
            And Missy’s picture should NOT be put up every time she wakes up long enough to say she wasn’t told anything-she just wants it to APPEAR as though she was paying attention.
            We are not fooled by the phony indignation-I have a kid that pulls that one when he gets caught lying…
            And John Doe, quit insulting air-AND heads, sir!

  4. Since when did Mosby stop reading the CCO? I remember several months ago when Mosby was complaining about a poll on the CCO website. It was about her and the polling results not being from within her district, was the major complaint. So, now I am assuming that she does not read the CCO anymore?!? If so, she would know about the push and interest to vet the hotel?!? And if she has truly stopped reading the CCO, then maybe she will shut up about it?!? Maybe she would instead, allow people to have an opinion different from her?!?

    • Friend’s saga to try to get this info has been all over the CCO, both of the Facebook pages about the hotel and even was the subject of a CP editorial. To have no knowledge of this either implies early stages of dementia or just an old fashioned case of dumb ass. There is no excuse for her not knowing about this.

    • I’m guessing she doesn’t read the CCO. Obviously, math and reading aren’t her strong suits. She was probably alerted by someone that does/can read about the poll.

  5. Give Missy a break. She likely thought they had been saying “bet” and “betting” on the hotel project. Everyone knows that “vetting” is what happens at the animal hospital.

      • Maybe CCO MOLE # 13 is back getting information just like she did in the good old days.

        I hear that she use to be the #1 mole at the Civic Center and Joe is glad to have her back.

      • Read again, and try to comprehend waitamin’s question.

        The emails were transmitted between two council members. The emails did not pass thru the mayor’s office.

        Therefore, the “mole” is one of the two council members, not someone in the mayor’s office.

        • The entire distribution list was not published by the CCO. There were lots of people that got the emails. The CCO is the only place that published it.

          • Who distributed the emails (the original source) to CCO and others on “the entire distribution list?”

          • Well then I think everyone knows who not to transmit anything confidential to in writing. Which calls to question whether you can trust your spoken word to be repeated accurately as well.

  6. Who cares about the sources. All it matters the public has been informed about this issue.

    Next subject.

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