Conservative Republican and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun released his fifth television advertisement, titled “Made In America”. The ad will run statewide on television.
In the ad, Braun lays the blame for the disappearance of Indiana manufacturing jobs at the feet of career politicians who have embraced bad economic policies that sent jobs overseas.
Made in America
“It used to be easy to buy made in America…but not anymore,” says Braun, who knows this fact firsthand as he’s grown his business, Meyer Distributing, and watched other Indiana companies send jobs elsewhere.
Unlike any of the career politicians in this race, Mike has confronted this challenge in his business as he watched bad policies force American companies and jobs overseas. Mike knows what it will take to get these jobs back.
“I’m Mike Braun. I approve this message because jobs won’t come back until the folks we elect have our back,” says Braun in closing the ad. “That’s exactly what I’ll do in Washington.”
You can watch the television ad by clicking here.