Messer Wins Grassroots Conservatives Straw Poll

Luke Messer won a recent U.S. Senate straw poll conducted by the Grassroots Conservatives in Bloomington, Indiana.
Messer led all six primary candidates by an eight-point advantage in the Dec. 28th poll. Below are the results of the straw poll released by the Grassroots Conservatives this week:
  1. Luke Messer 18-1 = 17 pts
  2. Todd Rokita, 11-2 = 9 pts
  3. Andrew Horning, 2-2 = 0 pts
  4. Mark Hurt, 2-2 = 0 pts
  5. Andrew Takami, 0-2 = -2 pts
  6. Mike Braun, 1-7 = -6 pts
 “Grassroots Conservatives were impressed with Rep. Luke Messer’s answers to more than an hour of tough questions on national issues,” said Grassroots Conservatives leader Robert Hall.  “We liked that he sponsored a bill to get rid of a loophole that illegal immigrants use to receive tax credits. And he voted against the $1 trillion Omnibus spending bill in May 2017 that failed to cut domestic spending as proposed by the Trump administration. I feel he is a solid conservative and has the best chance to replace Joe Donnelly as U.S. Senator.”
The straw poll was conducted using a point system in which each YES vote was 1 point and each NO vote was -1 point.
Also in December, Messer led his primary opponents in an IndyPolitics poll on the Indiana U.S. Senate race.