COMMENTARY: Vanderburgh County Commission Jeff Hatfield Serves Us Well



by CCO Staff

There are politicians and there are leaders. Politicians are known to be narcissistic, self-serving, authoritative, condescending, and less than trustworthy?

Leaders are open, trustworthy, humble, and principled.  They are also fair, and objective when it comes to making good public policy decisions.

Two years ago we made a rare political endorsement concerning the County Commission District 2 race.  We selected a newcomer to elected office, Jeff Hatfield in the Vanderburgh County Commission race. Mr. Hatfield won that race by the narrowest of margins.

During the last two (2) years Mr. Hatfield has earned the reputation of being a fair, objective, open, honest, and approachable political leader.  His business skills have also proven to be a major asset in making the right decisions for the common good of the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County.

Mr. Hatfield is very popular with the rank and file employees of the county.  He also gets along with the elected and appointed officials in the county and city alike.

Mr. Hatfield has made us proud that we endorsed him two years ago to be elected to the Vanderburgh County Commission. We are disappointed to hear that he has decided not to seek re-election to the Vanderburgh County Commission.  The good news is that he has another two years to make good public policy decisions for the masses.

He is a licensed commercial and residential contractor, Jeff is the owner and president of Core Contractors Inc. His duties and responsibilities include direct management of all employees, developing estimates, specifications, contract negotiations, and schedules. He is responsible for all customer contacts and relations as well. He has successfully owned and operated a small business for over thirty years. 

Outside of Core Contractors Inc, Jeff loves spending time with his family and actively participating in his community. He is also an active member of St. Anthony Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus.

A few of his past affiliations include serving as president of the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Board, president of the Southern Indiana Builders Association, and a Board member of the Indiana Builders Association.

He was born and raised in Evansville, where he graduated from Reitz Memorial Catholic High School and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Evansville.

FOOTNOTE:  In November 2018, Jeff Hatfield (D) was elected as Vanderburgh County Commissioner of District 2. We are hearing that several political movers and shakers are encouraging community leaders and recent County Council candidate Amy Black, former Vande Sheriff Eric Willaims, and former County Commissioner and School Board member Mike Duckworth to run for Mr. Hatfield County Commission seat when it becomes vacant,



  1. Democrat or Republican? Oh, that’s right, he’s flexible…either or, depending on wind direction. Typical Evansville/Vanderburgh politician. Melcher, Bassmeier, etc.


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