Meet a St. Mary’s Associate Who Gives Back:  Dawnelle Neighbors 

Dawnelle Neighbors

When you meet Dawnelle Neighbors for the first time,
you immediately notice her compassionate and welcoming presence that is a hallmark of the “St. Mary’s Experience.” As the Coordinator of Women’s Services for the St. Mary’s Wellness Center, she organizes the class offerings at the center, schedules appointments and greets visitors.

Classes at the Wellness Center include Ballroom Dancing, Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga, in addition to Massage Therapy and Reflexology. Dawnelle teaches classes on Drumming. There are different types of Drumming, including Meditation Drumming and Recreational Drumming. Dawnelle says, “The only rule to Drumming is that there are no rules!”


For 13 years, Dawnelle has also given back through the Foundation’s Annual Campaign for Excellence (FACE). She has been inspired to give, because she has witnessed how these donations have helped St. Mary’s Associates and patients who are facing financial challenges.
Dawnelle shares, “We had a young woman who needed physical therapy, but couldn’t afford to pay for treatment. She was able to receive treatment through our women’s therapy program because of the FACE Campaign.” 
It’s a pleasure to know that by contributing, I have been a part of helping others. I feel very blessed to be a part of St. Mary’s and the “St. Mary’s Experience.” I think that anyone who works in healthcare, whatever their position may be, has to view their role as a form of ministry. I don’t think of it as a job, I think of it as a ministry to help those in need.


“I feel that when I give, it’s taking care of our St. Mary’s Family and our community.”  


And Dawnelle is only one of the 1,200 Associates in the St. Mary’s Family who supports the FACE Campaign. Thank you to all of our Associates for your contributions to this important and impactful effort.