McGladrey Final Invoice: Dated March 24, 2013

City of Evansville IT Assessment Mascot
City of Evansville IT Assessment Mascot

The City County Observer would like to make the McGladrey Invoice in the amount of $112,615.75 available for our readers to examine. We must point out that the so called draft report that has been withheld from the City Council and the public is dated April 8, 2013 which is consistent with an invoice dated March 24th that was stamped as recieved by the Controller’s office on April 1, 2013 (Fool’s Day).

Sources have advised us that the differences in the so called “draft” and the report issued last week are mainly in the language used to describe inefficiencies and shortcomings of the City of Evansville in the critical area of Information Technology. Neither document is flattering and both clearly show a path to acceptability that the City was not on, is not doing, and may not even be capable of implementing.

The real question is if the April 8th document that was billed for on March 24th as the “Delivery of Final Assessment and Executive Overview”, then why is that document being withheld on the basis of not being public information? The next question is will there be another bill for the sanitized version of the second installment of a “Final” study? Is it true that the CCO truly wonders why the City Council and the people of Evansville are only allowed to see the “sunshine and lollipops” version of this study which still in an indictment of incompetence for the City of Evansville’s management of IT and its capacity to even understand what it takes to implement this critical tool in an even acceptable manner.

Here is a link to the bill as submitted by McGladrey on March 24, 2013.



  1. Winnecke is covering up for Weinzapfel’s tomfoolery and crony deals like a child covers up for an abusive parent. Why?

  2. Great home work CCO.

    Any body read what the Courier is reporting about this issue?

    Only wish that the CCO was a daily printed paper instead an on-line daily.

    Thanks to the City Controller for providing the above invoice to elected officials.

    I bet the Mayor is madder then heck for him doing this.

    Thanks to “Sunshine” Russ Lloyd, Jr.

  3. Can wait to see the Mayors favorite “puppet” Tv Station Channel 25 will spin this report this evening on the 10 o’clock report.

    I’m sure his “puppet buddy” Brad Byrd will have a nice spin on this issue,

    Oh, who worked at Channel 25 with Brad for many years? Answer–the Mayor.

    Let the spin begin.

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