Mayor’s Office & Johnson Controls Releases Latest Version of “Final” Agreement

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

EVANSVILLE, IN – The City of Evansville announced today that it has agreed to final terms with Johnson Controls (JCI) on the Smart City 2.0 Initiative.
Since the city signed the guaranteed savings contract in late 2011, the Winnecke Administration has worked collaboratively with JCI to make improvements and reduce the financial scope of the project by $11 million while creating 150 new jobs during the two year construction period of the contract.

Through continued negotiations, the city-owned fiber optic network will be removed, which represents an additional financial savings from the contract. “In recent weeks, the private sector has come forward with various communications options in lieu of the city installing and owning its own fiber optic network,” said Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke. “This project is an innovative way to solve problems that have been neglected for decades, plus we are putting local people to work.”

Smart City 2.0 is funded by a performance-based contract which uses a portion of the guaranteed savings to pay for the project itself – without rate increases. The project includes the replacement and automation of Evansville Water & Sewer Utilities (EWSU) water meters, improvements to water/wastewater treatment systems and harnessing renewable energy at those treatment plants.
The use of wireless meter reading technology will basically eliminate “estimated” readings of water meters and improve the utility’s ability to detect water leaks faster throughout the city. Currently, Utility customers don’t know their water usage until they receive their monthly water and sewer bill, which are several weeks after their meter is read. The technology will eventually allow Water Utility customers to view their water meter reading through the internet in an almost real time mode.

Another creative solution involves installing a Fats Oils and Grease System (FOG) that will convert FOG received from food establishments into methane to power a generator producing electricity used to reduce the waste treatment plant’s electricity expenses.

“This project means we can improve services and address aging utility infrastructure while at the same time potentially reducing the amount of the anticipated rate increase associated with the EPA Consent Decree,” said Evansville Water and Sewer Utility Director Allen Mounts.

The Administration intends to seek approval of a revised bond resolution by the Utility Board on June 11 and file a bond ordinance with City Council for 1st reading on June 24. At the July 8 meeting, the ordinance will be heard on 2nd and 3rd reading, including a presentation on the final contract and bond ordinance.


  1. Where’s the Beef ? Is this the entire report ? Where’s the ‘Final Agreement’ ? Also, if what you are calling the ‘City-owned Fiber-Optic Network’ is now gone, what is the technology which allows EWS to remotely read meters in the future ? Is it a bunch of pigeons with really keen eyesight ???

  2. Mr. Mark S. Moore of Baker & Daniels was, I believe, the first hired gun to pitch this project to the Evansville Redevelopment Commission. I was there for the presentation.

    Baker & Daniels has since morphed into Faegre Baker Daniels, the law firm for which Jonathan Weinzapfel now works.

    If this law firm is still connected in any way to this project, then it looks like Jonathan Weinzapfel will get his big payday after all.


  3. “…Another creative solution involves installing a Fats Oils and Grease System (FOG) that will convert FOG received from food establishments into methane to power a generator producing electricity used to reduce the waste treatment plant’s electricity expenses….” This is one big mistake and not a good use of taxpayers money.

    The City has no businesses getting into the electrical generation business—none. This type of thing is not the intended function of City government. If it is such a good thing–private industry would making the investment and you would see ” FOG” installations at every sewage treatment plant through out the Country. City government is in the fog on this one.

    • That FOG you refer to will make that blue smoke that the mayor keeps blowing up our ass very visible. What kind of a moron supports a mayor like this?

  4. Sounds like Derp has fallen for “FOG,” another “Earthcare” like “sack-o-magic-beans.”
    Just try to reliably generate electricity that will compete with or beat the local utility rates. …

    • Who said they had to beat it? All they have to do is save on the Vectren bill. That’s a savings even if it cost more. Geez Bubba, I thought you understood these things.

  5. As the World Turns, we go from the City Administration claiming they will override the City Council’s ‘NO’ vote to a Bond Issue (should that happen) , and get Johnson Controls to finance the project. Now, the City Administration goes back and starts tweaking the deal–after it has been approved by the State. What is up with that ?

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