Mayor Winnecke’s Statement on Hotel Vetting and Delay of Vote

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke

Final Questions to be Answered on Downtown Convention Hotel Project

“Our administration and Evansville City Council leadership have agreed to Council engaging Crowe Horwath, LLP to answer final questions from Council related to the Downtown Convention Hotel Project. We are confident Crowe Horwath will complete this work expeditiously. As a result, City Council will not consider the hotel project at its Sept. 9 meeting. Council leadership has agreed to call a special meeting at its earliest convenience, after receiving and reviewing the report.”

Lloyd Winnecke, Mayor City of Evansville


  1. The proper vetting of the hotel project is an absolute must before the taxpayers are committed to give away $37.5 million dollars . Not wishing to throw cold water on the vetting, but remember the McGladrey report? How many times was it edited before it was shown to the public? Have we ever received the un-edited version? Is this scenario going to be repeated? Who gets the first un-edited report? Can the taxpayers really believe what is reported? The handling of the McGladrey has cast a dark shadow on any “independent” study.

    • Good point. Winnecke has proven that he and his goons can’t be trusted with a study. Crowe Horvath should issue their report to the news and present to the City Council on the same day. No one gets an advance copy. Trying to control the message and spin it is not working.

    • Wayne has disappeared. He needs to go vote in the Courier’s poll on whether or not delaying the vote is a good thing. Right now 60% think delay and Vet is the right decision. So much for that 10 to 1 support claim. The claims that everyone is for this are going to be smacked flat in the next two weeks.

  2. I think we should encourage the mayor for agreeing to do extra vetting. Yes, he did it only because he wasn’t sure that he would get enough votes for it to pass, but still, we are all supposed to be on the same side. If you jump on him for doing the wrong thing, and then jump on him for doing the right thing (even if it is for the wrong reason), then what is the incentive for him to do the right thing the next time. We should all contact the mayors office and thank him for going through with a better vetting practice so that next time hopefully he will do it from the start.

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