Mayor Winnecke Included in “U.S. Mayor” Magazine


Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
Great news! Mayor Winnecke’s Clean Evansville Initiative is highlighted in the “Best Practices” section of the U.S. Conference of Mayors weekly newsletter. The newsletter is received by more than 1,300 mayors across the country in cities with populations greater than 30,000 ranging from Los Angeles, Chicago and New York to Indianapolis, Albuquerque and Owensboro. Attaches is a copy of the “Best Practices” page from the August 6 newsletter. It is the last page of the publication, which is a prominent spot in the hardcopy version of the newsletter.

Below is a link to download a PDF of the entire publication.

The August 6, 2012 edition of U.S.Mayor is now available at:

Inside you will find:
– Philadelphia Leadership Meeting: July 18-20 – Nutter, Conference of Mayors Leaders Develop “Building a Better America” 2012 Agenda
– Mayors React to Tragic Shootings in Aurora
– Nutter Stresses Jobs, Voting Rights at National Urban League
– Stanton, Sanders: Sequestration = 2.14 Million Job Cuts
– Berger, Becker Testify on EPA’s Integrated Water Plan
– Emanuel to Chair New USCM Infrastructure Task Force


  1. First of all, let me congratulate our Mayor he knows a dirty town when he sees one! But, Mr. Mayor we didn’t elect you into office to pick up trash, if so we would have voted you for “street sweeper.” What we want out of you is management and cost savings. We want you to tell those other lazy city employees to go to work, not do there work for them!

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