Mayor Winnecke Delivers 2013 State of the City at Rotary Meeting


lloyd winnecke

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke delivered his second annual State of the City speech to members of the Evansville Noon Rotary Club today at Casino Aztar Conference Center. The Mayor highlighted the accomplishments of the current city administration during his first year in office, gave a status report on new and continuing initiatives and shared his vision for the future of the City of Evansville.

“Last year at this time, our city was celebrating its 200th birthday, and it was clear that our city was poised for action,” said Mayor Winnecke. “Friends, I stand before you today with pride to report that the state of our city is robust and ready for the next 200 years.”

Mayor Winnecke used the opportunity to launch a new social media focus through the new official City of Evansville Twitter handle @EvansvilleINGov. The purpose of @EvansvilleINGov is to provide accurate, time sensitive information about Evansville city government directly to the public.

The Mayor also invites the public like his Facebook page “Lloyd Winnecke” and subscribe to the “Mayor Winnecke” YouTube channel to view video clips of news events hosted by the Mayor.

Mayor Winnecke’s 2013 State of the City Speech‏


  1. How about the state of the Controller’s Office? Are they reconciled? Why do they have to spend $1 million plus on accounting services if they were competent? Why does the Deputy Controller only have an associate’s in accounting? Why do they continue to pick on and think that they are better than the Board of Accounts? Is Rumplebeancounter still cooking the books and sleeping in his suit?

  2. And don’t forget … Winnecke let about a dozen or so of Weinzapfel’s flunkies stay on the city payroll so they can be vested in their pension (basically giving away our tax dollars to incompetent political hacks). They all had 8 years in and needed 10 for their pensions. First day in office Winnecke should have gotten rid of them. But he kept them on as a favor to Weinzapfel for getting rid of Davis. We taxpayers are taking it on the chin for political payback to the previous horrible mayor. Hopefully after this year he’ll finally get rid of the dead weight and replace them with competent people … But that doesn’t do anything for our taxpayer dollars going out the door due to political favors.

  3. How did we ever manage to have such good economic times in the sixties here in Evansville without Google, Facebook, smart phones, and personal computers with terabyte hard drives?

    I will like him on Facebook when he does something deserving of praise. Until then, he is just another media hound.


  4. Winnecke got elected by the dopes who saw an R behind his name as if that somehow matters for the mayoral race in Podunk Evansville.

  5. I’ll admit that I cast a ballot for Winnecke. I felt like as a Republican he would do the fiscally correct things and not waste money like the previous administrations. Unfortunately I am wrong and there is no doubt that this speech was lipstick on a pig. The fiscal condition of the city couldn’t be any worse than what it was. I thought I would never say this but I guess I’m going to have to: If the dems run somebody respectable I will vote for them.

    • See my post above. Party affiliation is different on the local level. It’s actually pretty irrelevant.

      • I completely agree. It’s the in-crowd against the perceived outcasts, and it’s been that way as long as I’ve been alive. Sad to say, I just don’t see it changing any time soon. Would be nice to get a candidate who is green behind the ears and isn’t connected to any of these inner circles.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks this speech was nothing but fluff to try to justify unpopular and unsuccessful public policies? This speech has left me wondering if Lloyd will ever get it. I’m now convinced he doesn’t.

  7. Now I will admit I wasn’t crazy about the mayor when he first got elected but now that I’ve gotten the chance to meet him and attend a few traveling city halls I have a new perspective on him. He really cares about this city and only wants what is best for it. And even if he is one that has a lot of high up connections his first concern is evansville. If you actually met him and saw that you would understand. He is the one calling the shots no one else holds the strings, he isn’t a political puppet.

  8. I have to disagree. Winnecke does not seem to have an original thought. He is following a plan to complete former mayor Weinzapfel’s agenda. He even covered for Weinzapfel by accepting receipt of Evansville city government when the city’s financial ledgers were illegally out of balance and unaudited per the requirements of Indiana statute.

    Weinzapfel told Winnecke what to do for 8 years, and I am convinced he is still receiving orders. At least with Weinzapfel we did not have to put up with all this personal social PR crap we are inundated with on a weekly basis.

    BTW, I see Missy Mosby has moved to F C Tucker in order to put a little respectable distance between her an Mayor Winnecke’s wife.


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