Mayor Weinzapfel’s Vectren Contributions in 2010 were $12,250


Jonathon Weinzapfel

Many of our readers have expressed a desire to know exactly how much money that the Vectren Corporation has contributed to certain elected officials. In a first effort to answer their questions we have examined the 2010 disclosure document of the Weinzapfel for Mayor campaign.

As we all know Mayor Weinzapfel elected not to run for Mayor yet was in fundraising mode for all of 2010 before announcing his decision not to run in early 2011. Mayor Weinzapfel’s Vectren related campaign contributions just for the calendar year 2010 totaled $12,250 and included personal donations from Vectren officers Niel Ellerbrook, Carl Chapman, Robert Heidorn, Ellis Redd, and Mike Roeder. Mayor Weinzapfel received a $5000.00 donation from the Vectren Employees Federal Pac and another $4,300 from Vectren subsidiary the Energy Systems Group.

In an observation that is not related to Vectren’s contributions to the Weinzapfel for Mayor campaign it was noticed that London Witte that was recently selected by the Evansville Redevelopment Commission to lead the vetting effort of the two proposals to build and operate a downtown Convention Hotel contributed a whopping $8,500.00 to Mayor Weinzapfel before the need for vetting had been acknowledged by the ERC.


  1. Wouldn’t you love to know how much Vectren rate payers are charge to pay for the lobbyists who are hired to shepherd an average rate increase through the IURC?

    As for London Witte, obviously they never should have been hired. Their campaign contribution took them out of the running, from an ethical standpoint.


  2. Editor: Re: London Witte: the CCO article of August 18, 2011 stated that Hunden Strategic Partners of Chicago was doing the vetting for the hotel project. Are both firms, Hunden and London, doing the vetting ???

    • Yes. Our understanding is that London Witte is the lead and that Hunden is assisting them in special areas. Our source is the mouth of John Kish at the special ERC meeting a week ago Friday.

  3. I would imagine the Mayor will be a resident of Indy before all of the donations and under handed manuerving is disclosed! We received the title “little Chicago” back in the 40’s and it never left!

  4. After nearly eight years of the Whine-zapple regime it is blatantly obvious that Chicago-style “pay to play” rules determine the firms that the city chooses to deal with. After one million dollars in campaign donations given to the cruel totalitarian dictatorship that is the Democapic Party for the purpose of conducting business with the city of Evansville we have a viable alternative candidate who will hopefully run the city in a transparent and ethical manner.

    And as for Wienie-Boy moving to Indy, who honestly thinks that anyone up there will want to do business with him?

    • In regard to your “viable alternative candidate who will hopefully run the city in a transparent and ethical manner” and speaking to the issue of campaign donations influencing policy: Do you think the fact that Frank McDonald II’s $500.00 per plate dinner for Rick Davis at the Kennel Club will have any influence on Mr. Davis’s decisions if he is fortunate enough to be elected mayor? Do you think for example that Mr. Davis might consider farming out the water and sewer utility to EMC again, as Mayor McDonald did? Do you think the $500-a-plate dinner had anything to do with Frank rubbing JW’s nose in Davis’s jockstrap because Frank may have been EMC’s patron pol? I’m just wondering myself, and wonder what you might think.

      • While you’re pondering an answer, you might also wonder where the money went that was earmarked during EMC’s reign for lining the now collapsing sewer line in the neighborhood of Oregon Street and Governor Street.

      • Get a Life, there was no mention of any specific candidate, you apparently just have a need to attack,
        —-What you most fear,–a breath of Fresh Air in the Local Democrat Party.
        Your childishness posts play out here as Petty,–nothing else.

      • Clovis – I find it hilarious that you immediately assume that Dr. John was talking about Rick Davis. I’m pretty sure he’s a republican, and would therefore be in support of Lloyd Winnecke.

        However, you read the word “transparency” and immediately assumed it was NOT Lloyd Winnecke. Do you not have much faith in your own candidate? Or do you want more of the same?

          • :shrug: Sounds fine to me.

            Whatever candidate he was talking about (it was not clear from his post), you immediately assumed he was NOT talking about your candidate. Which is still hilarious 🙂

          • Bowhunter, do you have any problem with my message and information stated in those first two posts other than the fact that I assumed Dr. John’s kight on shining armor is Rick Davis?

          • Honestly I consider most of your post to be off-topic. I do agree with you that any politician is strongly effected by the source of their campaign funds.

            I’m no Davis cheerleader, he is far from an ideal candidate. But I do see him as a change to our current system, and Winnecke as more of the same.

            I’d be willing to bet that Vectren is also a contributor to LW’s campaign.

          • I agree that my comments did not follow the Vectren subject line of the story. My intent was to point out, in reply to Dr. John’s post, that every political snake oil wagon has a few drivers competing for the reigns, and you might want to know who’s weilding the strongest whip. Now that is on topic.

          • I’d consider Vectren to be the strongest whip. Which campaign do you think they are supporting?

      • The fracture of the local democratic party is now complete. The current JW regime central committee pro-Winnecke v the very old school Bitz, McDonald, Betty Knight, and Robinson for Davis. It will be very interesting no matter who wins Mayor as they will terminate all opposing appointments on boards and where ever else possible.

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